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External Defibrillators save lives in fitness centers

28 August 2017 14:06

According to a study presented at the Congress in Barcelona, ​​automated external defibrillators save lives in health clubs and fitness centers. 18-year study showed that in the centers equipped with defibrillators, survival rates reached 93%.

"The sudden death due to heart problems, which annually affects more than 300 000 people, is a major cause of death in Europe, - says Diego Penela, a cardiologist at the hospital Guglielmo da Saliseto, Piacenza, Italy. - The chance of survival decreases by the minute, when defibrillation is not carried out. "

Defibrillators can be used by staff medical emergency and ordinary people in the vicinity. Heart failure is more common in fitness centers due to stress during exercise. It is estimated that the risk of arrhythmias in athletes are three times higher.

The "Life" evaluated the impact of the purchase of defibrillators sports centers on survival from sudden cardiac arrest. The study included 252 sports centers in the region of Piacenza in Italy. Data on the occurrence and outcome of cardiac arrest in the centers going for 18 years. Resuscitation and survival rates were compared between the fitness center, equipped and unequipped defibrillators.

A total of 207 (82%) have purchased defibrillators sports center during the study period, while 45 (18%) did not. Using the device in place is significantly reduced the time of the first exposure from 7.3 to 3.3 minutes. The survival rate was 93% for patients who received defibrillation in place, compared to 9% without the use of the device. "The results show that the presence of defibrillators save lives. Of the 15 patients who had a cardiac arrest in the centers with these devices, 14 survived (93%). In other fitness centers from 11 people survived only one (9%), "- says Dr. Penela.

"We also found that the faster the defibrillator was used, the higher the probability of survival. In addition, the probability of survival was higher when using a defibrillator employee or visitor center, without waiting for an ambulance, "- said Dr. Danielle Ashieri, project manager.

The researchers concluded that defibrillators provide survival from cardiac arrest associated with physical activity. It is a safe tool, even if it is used by untrained citizens. Project participants recommend fitness centers purchase equipment and conduct training on their use.



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