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Maternal age, race and weight affect the levels of hormones during pregnancy

February 5, 2019 14:11

According to a study Rattgerskogo University, the concentration of hormones in the early stages of fetal development, which may affect the child's development and increase the risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer in the mother over the years, depending on age, body mass index and maternal race, instead of its lifestyle.

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The results of the work of scientists published in the journal «Maternal and Child Health Journal».

The researchers studied the concentration of estrogen and testosterone levels in 548 healthy women in their first trimester of pregnancy, as well as their way of life, to better understand what factors affect the level of sex hormones during fetal development.

Previous studies have shown that excessive exposure to estrogen, androgen and testosterone, which are sex hormones, can affect the risk of developing reproductive system tumors, polycystic ovary syndrome, endometriosis and prostate cancer, and semen quality in the unborn child.

Member of the new study were women in early pregnancy. They filled out questionnaires, which indicated information about yourself, such as alcohol or tobacco, stress factors in your life, demographics, etc. They also collected blood samples to measure hormone.

Most of the women were white, married, well-educated. The average age of participants was 31 years. Less than 5% consumed alcohol, and less than 8% smoked. The researchers found that older mothers and women who have given birth before, the levels of estrogen and testosterone were lower. They also found that the more severe the participants had lower levels of estrogen and testosterone high, compared with lean participants. The scientists also confirmed the results of previous studies - the level of testosterone in African-American women was higher than that of the representatives of the other races. This difference may help to understand the differences in health status in cancer of the reproductive system and other hormone-diseases.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, in black and white women with breast cancer occurs at approximately the same frequency, but mortality among black women above.

The study showed no difference in the concentration of maternal hormones, depending on the sex of the fetus, stressful events during pregnancy, as well as smoking and alcohol consumption.

"Characterization of the level of sex hormones during pregnancy may provide important information about the future risk of cancer in the mother, as the high level of the hormone estrogen, has been shown to increase the risk of malignant tumors of breast and ovarian cancer," - the researchers reported.



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