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Is it always good robotic radical prostatectomy

Men, the past treatment of prostate cancer who underwent radical prostatectomy , May be equally prone to suffering from erectile dysfunction and urinary incontinence robotic surgery, as well as other operations, according to the study.

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The researchers examined data on men with localized prostate cancer who underwent radical prostatectomy. These included 1310 men who had a minimally invasive procedure using robots 427 which had other minimally invasive surgery of prostate cancer, and 422 who have had surgery to cut through the abdominal wall.

When the researchers examined the men in 18 months after the surgical treatment of prostate cancer, there were no significant differences between groups in how often patients have reported problems with sexual function, urinary incontinence or stool.

Type of transaction does not affect the quality of life, the researchers report in the January 18, British Journal of Cancer.

The results show that men should not make a decision on surgery based solely on whether the procedure to be performed with the use of robots, said the study's author.

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Many men with early stage prostate cancer may not need treatment right away or ever, because these tumors grow slowly, to cause symptoms or be fatal. Sometimes treatment may be associated with impotence and incontinence.

In the absence of symptoms or tests that indicate that tumors grow quickly, doctors may advise men to postpone the immediate treatment of prostate cancer and instead be screened regularly to assess whether cancer is dangerous enough to warrant intervention.

When men choose the treatment they may receive radiation or surgery. According to another recent study by a growing number of men prefer the operation with high-tech robots.

Previous research has linked robotic surgery with low blood loss and a small hospital stay than other operations with the prostate.

Surgical options include surgery through the "keyhole", controlled by the surgeon or a robot, which includes the creation of a small number of holes in the stomach, which allow the input chamber and tools. Another option is to open surgery through the abdominal wall.

After each of these surgical options 27% -30% of men in the study reported urinary incontinence, 12% reported painful urination, and 11% -12% reported problems in the gut.

About 21% to 25% of men reported sexual dysfunction. The authors note that the degree of sexual dysfunction in men who had robotic surgery, was slightly lower compared to the other, but not enough to make a clinical difference.

The study was not a controlled experiment designed to prove whether or not prostate surgery can influence the risk of aftereffects. It is not studied how well the different options work on the main objectives of the operation - the treatment of cancer.

Despite this, the results show that robotic surgery can not always be the best choice.

This article illustrates that, despite numerous calls for robotic surgery, the results discussed here are not much different. This raises the question whether it is necessary to use more complex and expensive technology to perform these operations.

For many men, especially of relatively healthy patients with cancer that has not spread beyond the prostate gland, surgery may not be needed, said Dr. Calypso Halkida, a scientist who was not involved in the study.

"New is not always better - Halkida said." The fact that stimulates the proliferation of technology in health care, does not always improve the results ".

Source: Medscape News


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