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Do people always exaggerate the fear of death

July 7, 2017 12:14

07/07/2017 12:06

A new study shows that exaggerated fear of death, and that death is described as peaceful, "unexpectedly positive" experience.

According to study author Kurt Gray of the University of North Carolina's death - one of the themes, which avoid talking. Scientists have discovered that the abstract concept of death can be worse than the reality.

To address this question, researchers examined the blogs of people who are terminally ill with canceror amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. In the end, they analyzed 25 patients blogs and 2600 messages. Then we study the authors selected 50 healthy men and asked them to imagine that they have terminal cancer and write a "post" blog. Real and "sham" posts have been studied by independent appraisers.

The study showed that the posts of dying patients were more positive than the posts of people who imagined impending death. Published in Psychological Science results are not surprising.

"People can not predict how they will feel in the future Most of the things we fear, not so terrible as they seem,." - says James Madduks, senior researcher.

However, other results of the study more surprising. In a separate experiment involved 150 people who represented that they were prisoners with a death sentence. Then they made "final word."

The researchers compared these statements with the last words of prisoners executed in Texas since 1982. Again, people are actually facing death, there were more positive, the results showed. "It is striking how positive were prisoners - said Gray -. They have made statements about the love and even optimistic about the future."

He noted that religious beliefs, of course, are important, as well as "social interaction". That is, people who face death alone will feel differently than men, surrounded by family and friends.

According to Madduksa, a person's character is also important. "Some people are inherently more pessimistic and prone to depression, - he explained -. It affects the psychological state before death."

"If you realize that death is not so terrible for the dying man, then, maybe, you know it is easier to let go of a person, when the time comes", - concluded Madduks.



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