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Does the use of the solarium melanoma

January 31, 2018 14:21

In the new study, the authors refute the arguments recently presented in a number of publications, including two reports from the EU and the World Health Organization (WHO). Studies conducted Reichrath et al. It has recently been published in two articles in the journal Anticancer Research.

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Can artificial UV radiation to cause malignant melanoma in people? In the light of the observed increase in the frequency of cancer of the skin disease, this issue continues to be seen in numerous studies. An international team of researchers, coordinated by a dermatologist Homburg Jörg Reyhrat, conducted a thorough search of scientific databases MEDLINE and ISI Web of Science for relevant studies and subjected the results of a systematic meta-analysis. Despite the fact that the team found an association with an increased risk of melanoma compared to "ever" and "never," but they found significant deficiencies in scientific research, which have been included in their meta-analysis. Many of the previously published results are based on observational studies with poor quality data that do not support a causal link. "When you evaluate a subgroup of study participants, it is clear that other factors may play a role," - explains Professor Reyhrat. "For example, the use of tanning may well be a marker for" Sun fans "which, exposing themselves to excessive levels of natural solar radiation in fire have a higher risk of melanoma."

In his second article, the authors present a critical assessment of the two reports recently published by the EU and WHO. These reports concluded that UV radiation in tanning salons is responsible for a significant fraction of basal cell carcinoma, cutaneous squamouscell carcinomaand melanoma. In addition, these reports indicate that a large percentage of melanomas detected in patients under the age of thirty years, due to exposure to the sun. According to these reports, there is no safe limit for exposure to UV radiation. Professor Jörg Reyhrat and his colleagues see something quite different: "The views of the two committees, these reports are based on an assessment of the existing scientific literature, which is incomplete, unbalanced and uncritical", - says Reyhrat. Data from these reports is not enough confirmed data. Professor Reyhrat very clearly says in this regard: "The current state of scientific knowledge in this area leads to the conclusion that moderate use of tanning leads to an increased riskof malignant melanoma . "

Source: ScienceDaily News


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