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For human intuition corresponds to the "motor" of the brain

April 28, 2017 15:45


brain engineIn addition to knowledge of intuition exists when a person previously predicted event or events predicted. The ability to subconsciously feel the coming fulfillment does not depend on knowledge of the school curriculum or read literature. Private researchers at Johns Hopkins University (The Hopkins University) identified a "physical drive" of the brain - the source of life's intuition. The plot of the cortex responsible for planning actions. The ultimate example of the practice - playing in the bouncer, the child expects the flight path of the ball and attempting to dodge the flying projectile.

Jason Fisher argues that a person spends in the heads of the thousands of calculations in order to avoid danger and survive. Previously, to install part of the brain responsible for these processes, scientists could not. Together with a group of Massachusetts Institute of Technology researchers conducted a series of experiments, which helped to establish the accuracy of the location department.

In the first experiment, subjects were asked to imagine that the tower collapses blocks. They had to determine which blocks will fall. Brain activity was recorded by scientists. The second experiment was proposed to predict the movement of dots on the screen. In both cases, the pulses were recorded in the "brain engine" responsible for planning actions.

The resulting information can be used in the creation of robotic technology that can make their own decisions during complex operations. For example, in surgery using robotic da Vinci for laparoskopipecheskih interventions. Hardware controls doctor through joysticks and video channel. Who knows, maybe in the foreseeable future of cancer treatment will be carried out with new equipment, which can independently excise the tumor based on the available data. Another example of a possible application of scientific research - treatment apraxia (impaired targeted action) when a malfunction eliminated "physical engine" of the brain may be adjusted skilful actions neurosurgeons.



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