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Gold-titanium joint arthroplasty in furor

April 17, 2017 17:34


endoprosthesisA team of scientists from Rice University Hospital (William March Rice University) led by Emilia Morosan after much experimental research has developed a metal alloy to create artificial articular joints of the prosthesis and operations. In the creation of an innovative product used in gold and titanium. The alloy has strength values ​​which are four times the characteristics of pure titanium. The high degree of compatibility with living tissues of the body allows you to not worry about the risk of rejection of the implant implanted.

In medical practice, the preferred material for the prosthesis is titanium. It is used when creating the knee and hip joints. Among its positive characteristics of resistance to third-party agents and domestic impact of external mechanical damage, non-toxic base. Despite these figures, the replacement of implants made of titanium is recommended every 10 years. The new alloy pretend to greater durability and less wear on the body. The authors call the invention Beta-Ti3Au, which is in three parts from titanium and one of gold.

Solid foundation ensures a long service life, which expands the prospects for the use of the product in arthroplasty. In addition to medical indications alloy is recommended for use in drilling, creation of sports goods luxury class. There is a possibility of application of the alloy in the 3-D design, when the equipment profile outputs preprogrammed result of the sampling. Initially carried articular compound scanning, the production layout based on polystyrene, followed by production of a metal prosthesis. In medicine, the introduction of a gold-titanium alloy is planned to be carried out in those sectors where used pure titanium in the form of plates, implants, dentures.


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