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Medical service «Unims»

Our company - the medical service «Unims» (United International medical service ) is the official representative ( view the certificate ) network "clinic Assuta " link that connects doctor and patient. In the market of medical tourism services, we are working more than 10 years, since 2004, and we are professionals in their field.

Our company offers the organization of diagnosis and treatment in Israel for foreign patients. Over the years, has accumulated considerable practical experience, extensive professional contacts, developed a system of selection of the best doctors and medical centers profiling. We can provide a very high level of organization of treatment in the shortest possible time, flexible pricing, individual approach, operative solution of any difficulties arising.View certificate

«Unims» LTD is a member of the Israel Association of Medical Tourism companies (professional association - To view the certificate, click on the image on the right. Company director, Yevgeny Vasilyev, a part of the Board of the Association's office.

In addition to the network Assuta hospitals, we are cooperating on a contractual basis with six medical centers in the country:

  • Asaf ha Rofé, out by Shiba, Ichilov, Rabin - public hospitals.
  • Herzliya Medical Center, Ramat Aviv - private clinics.

Medical service «Unims» is an independent private provider without being tied to any particular specialist or clinic.

Basic services and stages of our company:

  1. Once the patient goes through a request form or by phone, include an evaluation of medical problems at the possibility of assisting in Israel.
  2. If you were provided just the necessary documentation - all results of inspections in hard copy, for one hour sent a preliminary program of diagnostics and treatment. medical service advisors are turning to specialized professionals, going to a consultation, where an individual plan is developed. Based on it calculates the cost of treatment. As a result, the patient receives a medical program, including a list of procedures, a summary of selected physicians, the general cost of the treatment and its duration.
  3. After obtaining the consent of the patient's medical service professionals involved in the planning and preparation of the treatment process: book flights, make out documents, pick and book a house (it can be a hotel or an apartment near the clinic), order the queue and decide other organizational matters.
  4. Upon arrival in Israel at the airport meets the patient's medical consultant, who coordinates the entire process of diagnosis and treatment, accompanied at all stages, provides transport services from the residence to the clinic and back, translates documents and communicating with physicians, helping to solve everyday problems.
  5. In Israel, it is diagnosed, in which the diagnosis of the disease is confirmed or refuted, then approved the final and optimal treatment program, then it will be fully co-ordinated process of the organization.
  6. If force majeure (ill doctor, broken medical equipment), medical service professionals to quickly resolve any difficulties.
  7. necessary medicines can be purchased in Israel. Before leaving for the airport return 17% VAT.
  8. Are any additional services. These include the clock care, a variety of leisure options, VIP-services, transport services (private aviaambulans, care of patients in wheelchairs), expert assessment of the proposed course, legal assistance for the protection of patients' rights.

Coordinators «Unims» when working with a client are on call 24 hours a day, at any time of the day and night seven days a week.

The advantages of our company compared to international tourism departments at hospitals in Israel:

  1. Individual approach - taking into account all the wishes of the customer in the planning and organization of treatment in Israel.
  2. High speed organizing various diagnostic and therapeutic procedures - takes 3-4 days diagnosis of any type of cancer compared to independent treatment in hospital - up to 2-3 weeks.
  3. Flexible rates. Cooperating with 7 medical centers, we can offer various options, when the cost will depend on the hospital, the doctor's qualifications (category, academic degree, title), and other factors. We offer the same prices, as well as medical tourism departments at hospitals, but with an extended range of non-medical services. Every patient runs a personal coordinator, provided assistance not just in the organization, and is taken to perform - the organization of the flight, selection and booking of accommodation, registration of necessary documents, a transfer from the medical center to the place of residence and back, the decision everyday issues. And most importantly, we give professional advice in choosing doctors and hospitals profiling.
  4. Quick solution to the difficulties arising in the process of diagnosis and treatment. Attracted resources from other medical centers.
  5. Quick and high-quality organization of treatment in public clinics in Israel. Foreigners are served with local people in a single line, hence the bureaucratic problems - delays and expectations of medical procedures, additional inspections, payment of extra days in Israel, an increase of anxiety and emotions.

As a result, the high level of treatment = individual and professional approach to the organization, short, comfortable, flexible pricing, quick solution to the potential difficulties.

Advantages of MS «Unims» compared with medical tourism companies (brokerage firms):

  1. Experience 11 years. Knowledge of the nuances of the Israeli health care system and the tourist service, well-honed system of selection of the best doctors and hospitals. The presence of extensive professional contacts.
  2. Membership in the Association of Israeli medical tourism companies, the professional community. This organization includes leading representatives of the industry. Staying in its ranks testifies to the professionalism of the company, on the observance of ethical standards and standards of the Ministry of Health of the country, about the responsibility for the result and the quality of the organization of diagnosis and treatment in Israel, a good reputation.
  3. The presence of direct cooperation with the 7-th state (Ichilov, Rabin out by Shiba, Asaf ha Rofé) and private (Assuta, Tel Aviv, Herzliya Medical Center) clinics in Israel. It provides extensive diagnosis and treatment options.

whether guarantees are provided?

Directly in the medical field do not give guarantees, has a high reputation of Israeli medicine. Also, doctors of Israel, especially the best, very value their reputation, so when taken for medical treatment, do everything possible to achieve a positive result.

For our part, we provide the organization of treatment in the shortest possible time with the best professionals to suit individual requirements. Guaranteed integrity, transparency and professionalism in the decision-making process and the recommendations that are provided to customers. In planning each action gives priority to the needs of the patient.


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