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Diagnosis in Israel

Timely delivered, the correct diagnosis opens up the possibility of effective treatment of diseases, including those that previously did not respond to therapy. The Israeli medical centers to cope with a serious illness such as colorectal cancer, cancer of the stomach and cervix, acute lymphoblastic leukemia. According to the level of Israeli medicine is recognized as one of the best.

A leading private clinic Assuta offers unlimited technological possibilities, highly qualified specialists, offering the diagnostic services.

Every year there is carried out over half a million different types of diagnostics.

  • As a commercial organization, constantly buy modern diagnostic equipment.
  • These patients are treated in the most difficult situations, as the clinic can provide the services of the best doctors in the country. Many of them are parallel to head offices and departments of the public and public health centers. In the process of specialized diagnostic in Israel attracted narrow specialists in a particular violation. The patient in the Assuta have a unique opportunity to choose the treating physician.
  • For each patient an individual approach, which takes into account the overall health status, sex, age, risk factors, and so forth.

Those. for accurate diagnosis will be selected only the necessary diagnostic procedures.

Known fact that the initial stage of the disease cured more easily than later and complicated. The possibilities of modern diagnosis at Israeli hospitals is extremely extensive. They can detect the disease before the appearance of first symptoms, as well as by genetic analysis to predict the probability of its occurrence.

A survey in Israel - a clinical, laboratory hardware and genetic research. It can take place on an outpatient basis or with hospitalization.

Among the innovations in diagnostics note:

  • The use of capsule endoscopy «Pillcam» during the examination of the small intestine.
  • Using techniques Akti Fibro test and Fibro-Max-test for the diagnosis of cirrhosis and hepatitis and others.

The Internet offers the user many reviews of patients who have been tested in Israel. They testify to the excellent results of the work, professionalism and human relations.

Medical checkups in Israel

A lot of people staying in the country for the passage of a comprehensive survey - check up. During the meeting carried out assessment of the general state of health, diagnosed the existing violations, and is made up of health interventions.

The spectrum of such procedures in Israel is quite broad. It can be a rapid diagnosis for one day or a comprehensive screening for 2-3 days using a variety of medical technology innovation. Inexpensive software and premium packages, programs for women and men after 40 years. Among the diagnostic options note: endocrinology, gynecology, urology, hematology, oncology, cardiology, orthopedic.

Survey cost in Israelis six - nine thousand dollars. It represents an extensive survey, carried out checks for the presence of the body's most common diseases, determinants of health forecast for the next few years.

Often the cost of diagnosis in Assuta is lower compared with other medical institutions in the country. Private Hospital has the ability to cut prices, the price list directly from the state to support and maintain a competitive edge. In this case, given the high quality of care and services.

The Assuta can undergo a program of preventive rapid diagnosis within seventy-two hours. Through this survey reveal the disease in the early stages when there is a higher probability of complete cure. This prevents the development of severe consequences and reduce treatment costs.

Cancer screening in Israel

The accuracy and precision are critical factors in the diagnosis in oncology. Israeli doctors detect the disease at precancerous and early stages, which results in virtually 100% success.

Diagnosis of cancer in Assuta is a priority. There have successfully used such medical imaging techniques such as MRI, CT, PET, PET-CT, X-ray, ultrasound and others. They prefer due to the highest precision, the possibility to immediately get the result and painless.

PET-CT can detect the cancer at stage 0 of the process of origin of the disease. The Assuta this type of diagnosis in Israel can go on a unique technology company from Philips (Philips): it allows you to reduce the amount of radiation on the third of the ordinary, to reduce the duration of the procedure and to take pictures with a maximum resolution.

During one session have the opportunity to learn about the state of the whole body MRI procedure is carried out large-scale diagnostics of all organs and tissues. Most often it is accessed to find a secondary malignant lesions if necessary.

Timely diagnosis in Israel and consultation with highly qualified doctors will allow improve the overall quality of life. Passage of the survey can be successfully combined with a holiday on the Mediterranean coast.

Upon request, the patient is given detailed information.

Advantages of diagnostics in Israel, Assuta

The survey is conducted with an urgent appeal for one day. This applies to patients whose lives are in great danger. When every minute counts and wait for the results of the survey do not have time for a long time, Assuta Hospital recommends the best doctor on the profile of the patient. He studies the results immediately make recommendations. These capabilities are only at private medical institutions. In the public hospital patient goes to the doctor to whom it was isolated in accordance with the load distributed between doctors. Even got to him, he will have to stand in queues to complex diagnostic screenings, as the equipment of public centers than private is less advantageous position.

A careful examination diagnosis is carried out for 1-2 days. When it comes to cancer, the process will take up to 4 working days. This is due to the fact that the rapid diagnosis in this case is not enough, need sophisticated genetic testing, molecular screening. The Assuta, however, even these complex studies are carried out as quickly as possible. The clinic is equipped with the latest technology, it includes new hardware that eliminates queues and increases the capacity of medical institutions in the passage of complex procedures. In this comprehensive survey of the available money is worth quite comparable with the prices of the leading private Russian clinics. Referring to Assuta, you will receive the following benefits:

  • high-speed service;
  • impeccable service;
  • admission to any date, day of the week, including weekends;
  • examination and treatment in Israel, under the supervision of the best doctors, the experts selected by you.

The clinic has extensive contacts with the luminaries of world-class medical industry, so can invite advise, treat and operate on the basis of any of its expert.

What diagnosis is carried out at Assuta?

The presence of modern laboratory complex allows to carry out complex diagnostic tests that help you identify the various diseases, to track the dynamics of their development. The clinic is run:

  1. Diagnosis of molecular biomarkers - a measurement of indicators of normal biological processes, pathogenic changes and pharmacological responses to a therapeutic intervention. Tests are used for many purposes, including for disease diagnosis and prognosis evaluation of response to treatment. Perform specific biomarkers or biological properties of a molecule as measured in blood.
  2. Diagnosis of tumor markers - Identification of tumor cells produced by cancer agents or substances produced by the body in response to oncology. These substances are found in the blood, feces, urine, tumor tissue or fluid. Most markers - are proteins. Determined over 20 types. Identify the problem, you can use tests, biopsies.
  3. Genetic screening - screening for the identification of genes responsible for a particular phenotype of an organism. This gives information about the function of genes, molecular-level events. The analysis of chromosomes, proteins and metabolites for the detection of hereditary diseases associated with mutations phenotypes, karyotypes, human genotypes.

Performed visualizing diagnostic by which doctors can obtain three-dimensional images inside the human body, especially to identify the skeletal and muscular systems track the movement of blood velocity in both vessels. It is unrealistic to list all the possible Israeli medicine, which are available in a single article.

Assuta has a single electronic archive, so that the patient can visit any branch of the hospital, to go out there examination, treatment or rehabilitation. The history of your health is reflected in the database, if you have already served in one of the departments. This allows you to reduce the time to clarify the circumstances of the case, because the doctor urgently receives the necessary information.

Electron microscopy in the diagnosis of Israel

A survey in IsraelUltrastructural studies introduced a new dimension in diagnostic pathology. Israeli medicine makes full use of this product in your practice. Development trends in the clinic Assuta, where close coordination between pathologists and clinicians.

The study applied to various substances, including biological materials. The value of this method with nothing comparable when it comes to the identification of renal diseases, liver, nervous system, gastrointestinal tract cancer and tumors. In these cases, to be screened in Israel, means to put the correct diagnosis, to identify forecast assign effective treatment. Another important aspect is to identify viral particles in biological material.

Ultrastructural study - the only way to establish the presence of viral infection. Therefore, the use of electron microscopy becomes a vital part of modern diagnostic arsenal. Many scientists oppose the method of immunohistochemistry, but Assuta sure that both technologies must go hand in hand. Ultrastructural study provides results where conventional methods are powerless. A immunohistochemistry complements the information confirming or denying it.

Review of the treatment in the Assuta

"I am 46 years, I have two children and beloved husband. We went to Israel with my sister, it was surveyed in a feminine way. A month before that, I began to disturb pains in the stomach, disturbed urination, hot flashes. I think it's climax, but I decided also to be checked. conducted a rapid diagnosis, in which the results sent for further tests. the result showed bladder cancer stage I. Very grateful to doctors Assuta for having discovered pathology, spent treatment (the doctor I recommended the clinic), helped to recover. Today I healthy and fully u happy. Antonina, Tyumen. "

If you or your loved ones need diagnosis of the organism in Israel, call immediately.

It is not necessary to delay the time to look for other options, as Assuta has everything you need for an accurate, timely and thorough diagnosis.

Here you can choose a doctor by name, regalia, the cost of services.

All this will contribute to the speedy recovery of the patient, return it to a normal life.


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