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Video capsule to diagnose bowel disease

Groundbreaking study of the digestive system, conducted via video capsules, allows accurate diagnosis of Crohn's disease.

Crohn's disease - a chronic inflammatory bowel disease, which can include all the organs of the digestive system, from the mouth to the anus. Usually affects the small intestine and colon.

Often appears in the context of stress and depression during exams, recruitment, pregnancy and so on. D. Stress also causes a recurrence of the disease.

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Crohn's disease, especially in the absence of proper treatment, can lead to complications, such as narrowing of the bowel, adhesions and fistula, which often require surgery.

Crohn's disease symptoms include:

  • nausea;
  • abdominal pain;
  • weight loss;
  • bleeding in the stool;
  • growth retardation;
  • delay puberty.

Over time, the possible lack of nutrients, since the essential vitamins and minerals are absorbed mainly in the small intestine.

How is the test?

The test is carried out Assuta by swallowing the capsule size with vitamin tablet containing a tiny camera, a light source, battery and transmitter. The battery has a smooth finish that makes it easy to swallow, so the procedure is not unpleasant and does not require anesthesia.

The capsule passes through the digestive system and is outputted therefrom for 8-12 hours, by making 2 to 35 images per second at a high resolution depending on the speed of its motion in the intestine. With the information obtained in most cases you can get up to date, complete and accurate picture of the disease.

After swallowing the patient goes to the receiver, which is attached to the screen. The receiver receives the image, resulting tablets, and displays patient instructions. Thus, the patient is closely monitored.

Professor Rami Elyakim, an expert in gastroenterology from Assuta, explains: "The innovative tablet checks the entire digestive system and can provide real-time information on the state of the mucous membrane of the small intestine and colon Unlike other such capsules which are similar. , this tablet is intended for the diagnosis of Crohn's disease.

Checking is a non-invasive, does not require sedation and has a small risk of damage. Also, unlike other test image, it does not involve radiation. Therefore, patients may undergo several tests for life, it is important to assess the extent and severity of disease in new patients, and to study the effect of treating patients under supervision.

How long capsule is in the gut?

This tablet is different from the existing tablets for diagnosing colon, that which is in the body after swallowing, as long as the battery is not over, it has a bandwidth of twelve to fourteen hours, and it is actually the path from the mouth to the anus.

How to prepare for this test?

Preparation for this test is performed using laxatives, such as those used in preparation for colonoscopy. Preparing to swallowing pills is actually very similar to preparing for a regular colonoscopy. After swallowing the patient receives an additional portion of laxative that helps promote the capsule out of the body.

How long to wait for results?

The test results are known immediately.


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