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laparoscopic ovariectomy

Laparoscopic oophorectomy in IsraelOvariectomy laparoscopic - surgical procedure, the which is included in the integrated circuit of treatment in Israel hormone-dependent breast cancer. Estrogens - hormones produced by the ovaries, stimulate growth of malignant breast tumors. The purpose of the operation - to lower their blood levels, by surgical removal, thereby to prevent relapse of malignant breast tumors.

Laparoscopic oophorectomy also holds Israeli gynecologists with apoplexy ovary and benign tumors of the ovary.

Before treatment, patients in the gynecology Israel pass a comprehensive study:

  • Determination of blood oncogenic markers
  • Ultrasound examination using transabdominal and transvaginal probes
  • MRI
  • computed tomography
  • Hysteroscopy.

Laparoscopic ovariectomy is performed in the clinic Assuta in benign ovarian processes. Open ovariectomy is shown in ovarian cancer and uterine cancer.

Laparoscopic oophorectomy performed under general anesthesia and epidural anesthesia. In the navel trocar performed small incision through which the abdominal cavity is injected carbon dioxide. Anterior abdominal wall domed raised, providing a good view of the surgical field. The gas pressure constantly maintained during the operation. Several punctures performed for the introduction of the optical system and laparoscopic instruments. The image of the internal organs and the course of the operation is transmitted to the monitor. After revision of the pelvic organs and dissection of adhesions uterine manipulator is inserted. Ovary displayed in the abdominal cavity, a bunch of ovarian superimposed terminal. Ligament is coagulated and cut. Ovary laparoscope is placed in a container and removed. Operating sutured wounds. Extracted surgical instruments and optical system. On cuts of the abdominal wall closed with stitches. Ovarian tissue compulsorily examined for cancer cells. In the postoperative period as a prophylactic measure is assigned to a short course of antibiotics, analgesics - indicated.

The advantages of laparoscopic treatment in Israel - a quick recovery after surgery, minimal risk of complications, good cosmetic effect.


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