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laparoscopic tuboplastika

Laparoscopic tuboplastika in IsraelInflammation of the uterine appendages, genital infections, surgical intervention on the pelvic organs, endometriosis, uterine adhesions contribute to the formation and disruption of the Fallopian tubes.

Obstruction of the fallopian tubes is one of the main causes of ectopic pregnancy and infertility in women.

Diagnostic value in obstruction of the fallopian tubes are: hysterosalpingography (radiopaque study of the fallopian tubes), pelvic ultrasound, salpingoscopy, diagnostic laparoscopy .

In Israel clinics one of the methods of treatment of female infertility is salpingoplastika (tuboplastika). The purpose of the operation - restoring patency of the fallopian tubes.

The clinic Assuta indications for laparoscopic tuboplastike are:

  • Adhesions in the pelvis and the fallopian tubes;
  • Pelvic endometriosis with lesions of the fallopian tubes;
  • Female infertility;
  • Intrauterine pregnancy.

Salpingoplastika Laparoscopic (tubosplastika) in clinic Assuta runs under epidural anesthesia or general anesthesia. On the anterior abdominal wall trocars stilettos performed punctures. Through one of the trocars into the abdominal cavity of the blown carbon dioxide to create an operational space. The required gas pressure is maintained throughout the operation. The second trocar provides access laparoscopic optics into the abdominal cavity. The remaining trocars are introduced already by visual observation, which reduces the risk of intraoperative bleeding. Through these trocars are introduced surgical tools: scissors, graspery, hooks, coagulating instruments. All the actions of the surgeon optical system transmits to the monitor.

Recovery tube patency in Israel clinics possible method salpingolysis - release the fimbriae of the fallopian tube, and kinking of adhesions.

When conducting terminal salpingoplastiki in ampullary portion of the fallopian tube creates round or cross-shaped hole. With complete occlusion of the fallopian tube part, the changed adhesive process, is cut off.

When obstruction of the fallopian tubes in the middle section is made salpinogo-salpingoanastomoz. Stunned by adhesive process truncated portion of the fallopian tube, followed by suturing special stapler thus the integrity of the tube is restored.

When the operation is removed from the abdominal cavity of the operating equipment, carbon dioxide and the optical system. On the incision closed with stitches. The duration of laparoscopic salpingoplastiki clinic Assuta 60-180 minutes. Hospital period - up to two days.


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