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front colporrhaphy

During labor, the vaginal wall is strongly stretched. Over time, postpartum body size return to normal. However, the elasticity of tissues, hormonal women, childbirth large fruit leads to the fact that the vagina is not always returns to its original size.

The Israeli hospitals performed a variety of plastic surgery techniques, Allowing to achieve the desired body size, return the comfort of intimate life. Method angioplasty is determined for each patient individually, taking into account age, comorbidities and causes expansion of the vagina.

front colporrhaphyFront colporrhaphy - surgery, which is performed to reduce the width of the vagina. The operation is performed vaginal access under general anesthesia.

Oval portion mucosa anterior vaginal wall longitudinally excised. The width of the removed tissue flap must correspond surplus stretched anterior vaginal wall. After removal flap seams two layers are superimposed on the edge of the tissue defect.

Initially submerged continuous catgut suture sutured vaginal fascia. The seam starts at the top of the wound, thereby simultaneously formed fascial barrier and vaginal contraction occurs. Seam also prevents the formation of cystocele.

When deletion of the vagina at the same time held vaginoperineoplasty.

Simultaneously with the front colporrhaphy clinic Assuta may be carried out and plastic bladder. Since omission of the anterior vaginal wall is often accompanied by prolapse of the bladder. In such cases, after removal flap anterior vaginal wall plasty is performed vesico-vaginal fascia.

Duration anterior colporrhaphy - 30-60 minutes. Hospital stage - 1-2 days.

Within a week after the surgical treatment of the woman recommended bed rest. According to the testimony appointed analgesics and antibiotics. The first 2 weeks after the operation the woman is not allowed to sit. In some cases, the assigned band. After healing, the scars appointed physiotherapy to strengthen the muscles of the perineum, vagina and abdomen.


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