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back kolporatsiya

back kolporatsiyaRear colporrhaphy - plastic surgery, which is performed for the purpose of narrowing the vagina.

Indications of an operation: drooping vaginal wall prolapse or prolapse of the uterus, vaginal expansion, disruption of the bladder and rectum.

Causes of vaginal walls elasticity - age-related changes in women, decreased estrogen levels, heavy labor, injury, sedentary lifestyle

Surgical treatment in Israel this pathology is performed under general or spinal anesthesia analgesic. The essence of surgery is to remove the excess (precipitating) the mucosa of the posterior vaginal wall and outer correction vaginal opening. During operation excised triangular flap posterior vaginal wall, the edges of the defect mucous superimposed stitches, the pelvic floor muscles are contracted and stapled.

Duration of surgery - for 30-60 minutes. Hospital period - 1-2 days. According to the testimony after the operation is assigned to a short course of antibiotics and pain relief.

Postoperatively, the Israeli gynecologists recommend limiting physical activity. Throughout the week assigned bed rest. Two weeks after colporrhaphy patients were allowed to take a sitting position. For the prevention of complications is recommended to exclude the sports for a month, carrying heavy loads and sexually.

The rehabilitation period is assigned physiotherapy, wearing a brace and physical therapy treatment in Israel.

Contraindications to surgery

Gynecologists in Israel carried out this plastic surgery for chronic inflammation of the uterus and appendages, genital infections, acute thrombophlebitis of lower extremities vessels, chronic heart failure. The clinic Assuta held back colporrhaphy patients 18 years or older. In functional disorders of the bladder, vaginal prolapse surgery can also be performed at an earlier age.


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