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Gynecology clinic in Israel Assuta

gyniatricsGynecology is a science of the female body, which consists of two main sections - Obstetrics and Gynecology. Obstetrics specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of pathologies of pregnancy, from conception and ending with post-partum period. Gynecology in the narrow sense - is the science of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the reproductive system of a woman outside the gestation period.

Gynecology - complex discipline, including reconstructive direction, childhood and adolescence, surgical, gynecological oncology and endocrinology.

Gynecology also deals with issues of contraception, infertility; preparation, conduct and termination of pregnancy; climacteric problems; intimate surgery.

Gynecology in Israel to pay special attention, because the health of future generations depends on the health of the woman. This is one of the leading areas of medicine in the country, whose main task - caring for a woman's health throughout her life.

Gynecology reacted with areas such as genetics, mammology, oncology, endocrinology, venerology, urology, etc.

Conventionally gynecological disorders are divided into 3 groups: hormone, inflammatory and neoplastic (hyperplastic, dystrophic). The clinic Assuta successfully treat a huge range of pathologies of the female reproductive system:

  • adnexitis;
  • amenorrhea;
  • apoplexy of the ovary;
  • atresia of the uterus;
  • female infertility;
  • vaginitis;
  • ectopic pregnancy;
  • Fetal hypoxia;
  • gipomenoreyu;
  • cervical dysplasia;
  • ovarian dysfunction;
  • benign ovarian tumor, vagina;
  • Bartholin gland cyst, vagina, ovary, corpus luteum;
  • Ovarian cysts;
  • menopause;
  • coleitis;
  • myoma of the uterus;
  • menstrual disorders;
  • parametritis;
  • uterine polyps, cervical canal;
  • premenstrual syndrome;
  • vaginal cancer, vulva, fallopian tubes, uterus body, cervix, ovary;
  • salpingitis;
  • cervicitis;
  • eclampsia;
  • endometriosis;
  • endometritis;
  • Cervical erosion et al.
Gynecology in Israel represented by general and specialized hospitals. Many women give it preference. Israeli gynecologists apply the most advanced technologies in diagnostics and treatment.

Diagnosis of gynecological diseases in clinic Assuta

Assuta Hospital offers the following range of diagnostic procedures in the field of gynecology:

1. Inspection includes special studies that assess the condition of the female genital organs, internal and external.

2. Ultrasound diagnosis explores the pelvic organs (through the vagina - transvaginal and through the anterior abdominal wall - transabdominal) and evaluates the status of the fetus during pregnancy. A highly ultrasonography in the diagnosis of complications of abortion, uterine fibroids, endometrial hyperplastic processes, with anomalies of the uterus, with hypoplasia of the ovaries and uterus, ovarian cysts, during the maturation of the follicle, while intrauterine pregnancy. For this type of diagnosis include: UZGisterosalpingoskopiyu, Doppler utero-placental blood flow, cardiotocography, laparoscopic sonography, fetal phonocardiography, environmental 3D / 4D ultrasound.

3. Laboratory tests - the most informative method in gynecology, which is used for accurate diagnosis and assessment of treatment efficacy. They carried out several times to determine the pathology, to assess the dynamics of therapy and monitor results. The greatest diagnostic value are biological materials (smears from the genital tract, scraping, uterus aspirates). Perform the following types of research: smear microscopy, bacteriological crops, cytological examination, smear method of DNA diagnostics (PCR).

4. Instrumental diagnostic methods allow for the most accurate survey to reveal the dynamics of the disease, adjust the treatment.

A biopsy allows us to determine the nature of the pathological process in suspected oncology, infertility and menstrual irregularities. Can use different types of biopsies: fine needle, konhotomnuyu, knife, radio frequency, laser and others.

Endoscopy involves the examination of the internal genital organs by means of optical instruments and devices. Colposcopy performs a visual inspection of the vaginal and cervical mucosa under a microscope. Test Lama Schiller during colposcopy detects segments of atypia and healthy mucosa.Hysteroscopy used for examination of the uterus uterine bleeding, tumors of the uterine fibroids, infertility and so forth.

Hormonal or pharmacological tests performed for diagnosing endocrine disorders. For example, samples with progesterone sample with dexamethasone or prednisone, etc. It also includes a pregnancy test.

Invasive prenatal diagnosis involves obtaining and cytogenetic study fetal tissues and cells, to eliminate chromosomal congenital diseases (Down's syndrome, etc.). Such methods include chorionic villus sampling, placenta biopsy, amniocentesis, cordocentesis, fetal tissue biopsy.

Also, for the diagnosis of gynecological diseases such designate types of surveys as CT and MRI.

The main treatments for gynecology in Israel

Assuta Medical Center provides highly professional surgical and conservative treatment of diseases of female genitalia.

Conservative treatment of gynecological diseases in clinic Assuta

treatments in gynecologyGynecologists Medical Center used local and general medical therapy, physiotherapy and spa treatment (the Dead Sea). Used a wide range of medicines: hemostatic, hormonal, antibacterial, tranquilizing, antianemic, analgesics, biostimulants, enzymes, vitamins (B, E, F, A, C).

By conservative methods of treatment in Israel gynecology include:

  1. Diet therapy, balanced health food.
  2. Physical therapy and massage therapy.
  3. Psychotherapies.
  4. Immunotherapy using vaccines and antisera. Autohaemotherapy applied - procedure intramuscular injection of the blood, which increases non-specific immunity.
  5. Hardware physiotherapy.
  6. Acupuncture, eliminating pain syndrome, neuroendocrine disorders.
  7. Fiziofarmakoterapiyu comprising elektroaerozolterapiyu, electrophoresis, phonophoresis drugs.

Among the physical methods of treatment in gynecology include:

  1. Climatotherapy, climatic factors are applied in the medical purposes: solar radiation, sea bathing, the air environment.
  2. Hydrotherapy (radon and mineral water).
  3. Peloidotherapy (mud) infantilism with genital, adhesive and chronic inflammatory nature.
  4. Phototherapy utilizes infrared and visible rays, providing anti-inflammatory, analgesic, and dehydrating desensitizing effect.

Chemotherapy and radiation (remote, intracavitary) prescribed for the treatment of cancer of the female reproductive system. They may be used as monotherapy or in combination with surgery.

The clinic Assuta used cryotherapy method, has analgesic and haemostatic effect, subacute and acute inflammation of the female genital organs.

Operational treatment of gynecological diseases Assuta

Gynecology is a specialty surgical as often faced with emergency cases that require urgent operational assistance.

Gynecology in Israel are actively developing and implementing minimally invasive techniques - laparoscopicand Hysteroscopic surgery, which are used in order to correct virtually any disease in the area. Organosberegajushchih operations preserve women's reproductive function. Radiowave surgery and surgical lasers are widely used in the treatment of cervical pathologies.

The clinic Assuta carry out the following types of surgery:

The high-tech reproductive technologies - an undeniable achievement at Leen gynecology in Israel. Here help women with infertility problem using the procedureof in vitro fertilizationor artificial insemination. Clinics in the country offer planning services and comprehensive support pregnancy.

Assuta Medical Center provides a full range of operations towards intimate plastics: correction of cosmetic defects, scar removal, hymenoplasty, a surgical defloration, plastic perineum and vagina , Removal of genital prolapse.

Gynecology in Israel provides a professional approach, to save and restore the health of women at any age.

Our focal point is ready to assist in the organization of the treatment of gynecological diseases in one of the largest medical centers of the State of Israel - Assuta.


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