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Endometrial ablation procedures in Assuta

Endometrial ablation (ablation, resection) - minimally invasive operative removal inner lining of the uterus. Gynecologic operation compared with curettage is shown at hypermenorrhea when a woman experiences physiological and psychological difficulty from heavy menstruation, sgustkoobraznyh lengthy precipitates violating the specified cycle.

If you are interested in endometrial ablation, the price of the procedure and conditions for registration in the clinic, call us. The operation by the best doctors of Israel, known in world medicine professionals. You can write an e-mail address indicated on the website. The answer will come in time from one hour to 48 hours.Assuta Hospital is one of the largest centers of Israeli medicine, is known for the professionalism of doctors, modern equipment and advanced technologies for effective treatment.

Endometrial ablation is conducted to fracture the thin shell that lines the inside of the uterine cavity that stops or reduces the flow of blood bleeding to normal levels. Heavy blood loss can become a source of develop anemia and provoke serious consequences. Iron deficiency leads to a deficiency of red blood cells which transport oxygen to the body. Deficiency leads to chronic fatigue feeling becomes a cause lethargy and apathy.

If ablation does not give the desired results, apply other treatment methods and operational techniques. Procedure is conducted in different ways. The doctor acts on the uterus electric current, microwave, laser light, cold or hot water. In each case the endometrial resection is performed by individually selected scheme, taking into account the state of health of the patient, the characteristics of its body. It specifies the type of ablation surgeon after a thorough examination of the uterus.

Endometrial ablation - the reasons for the procedure

If you are faced with a situation in which the month - the period of abnormal release of large amounts of blood - a practice that can radically change the situation. Removing the thin shell inside the uterus will save you from a heavy period, allowing the feel great in "critical" days.

Endometrium - the product of hormonal nature, fabric varies depending on hormone levels. In endometrium during menstruation thickness increases, in preparation for the introduction of a fertilized egg, which can be fixed without obstacles on the basis thereof. When you disrupt the mucous conception is rejected, yielding necrotic changes. This is the menstrual period. If the blood loss is too voluminous, endometrial ablation - a minimally invasive way to solve the problem by, gently, painlessly.

The causes of excessive bleeding are as hormonal imbalance, failures in the ability of blood to clot, the formation of the tumor benign or malignant etiology, failed because of the miscarriage of pregnancy, infectious diseases of the pelvic organs, ectopic pregnancy. Before performed resection of the endometrium of the uterus, a woman goes through a number of diagnostic procedures, including:

  • Smears on the study of vaginal microflora.
  • Visual inspection of the uterine gynecologist with a colposcope.
  • Abdominal ultrasound, pelvic examination ultrasonic sensor.
  • Blood sampling to detect hormone levels.
  • Study of thyroid.
  • Review of the Turkish saddle after an x-ray of the skull.

After carrying out the necessary procedures for the patient receives a direction to conduct ablation.

To show endometrial ablation?

Endometrial ablation is used to reduce blood loss during menstruation level. Initially, the phenomenon of menorrhagia doctor is trying to eliminate with the help of medication. If this is not possible, surgery is performed. Resection of the endometrium contains pluses and minuses, so the decision to hold the procedure should be balanced in nature. Among the reasons for holding the operation appear:

  • The intervention will save from menstruation or reduce the level of blood released, allowing you to gain confidence in their abilities to get rid of ailments caused by anemia.
  • Minimally invasive procedure is delicate, not to cause significant damage to organs. Back home after the ablation of you on the day of surgery.
  • When compared with hysterectomy procedure, it is safer - less risk of complications.

Recommended ablation with long, sgustkosoderzhaschih saturated bleeding from the uterus, when other therapies have failed. Not carried out an operation in the presence of tumors in the pelvic organs, uterine diseases, infections. The procedure is not suitable as a treatment option if:

  • A woman wants to preserve fertility. Held endometrial ablation reduces the chance of fertilization. Pregnancy can take place, although in rare cases. But if a woman becomes pregnant after the procedure, a high risk of miscarriage, fetal growth fading.
  • If you have large fibroids, when the uterus is greater than the size of 10-12 weeks of pregnancy.
  • In endometriosis.

Methods of endometrial ablation in the uterus clinic Assuta

Among the most commonly used methods of the procedure the following medical technology stand out:

  • Microwave endometrial ablation - administered through the vagina probe has directly target the mucosal tissue lining the inside of the uterus. RF energy destroys the skin. The doctor controls the pulse intensity profile sensor, changes are tracked on the monitor.
  • Cold resection of the endometrium (cryosurgery, cold exposure) - through a thin tube which is introduced into the uterine body, enters the cold, freezing body. For the destruction of applied ultrasonic action, helping to complete the procedure.
  • Electrosurgical endometrial ablation - performed with the resectoscope, miniature telescopic device introduced into the inner cavity of the uterus. Through the electric wire energy enters the tip or roller with needles destroying mucosal tissue. In order to reduce the discomfort and pain-free procedure is performed under general or epidural anesthesia. Apply electrosurgical treatment option less frequently than other methods.
  • Laser ablation of the endometrium of the uterus - is introduced into the body of the optical fiber through which the laser beam enters. The doctor monitors changes on the screen, activate the laser in the treatment when needed.

There are other methods by which ablation is performed in Israel. Among them, liquid fluid in the intravascular uterus for 10 minutes. It destroys the mucosa when heated. In order to apply heat or other device introduced through the hysteroscope.

How to prepare for endometrial ablation?

How to prepare for the procedure, tell the operating surgeon. Smokers is recommended to get rid of bad habits, as tobacco use contributes to the development of infectious processes that slows down the recovery, difficult recovery from surgery. A month before the operation is often assigned to receive medication. The drugs aimed at preventing the occurrence of complications in the postoperative period, thinning the endometrium to facilitate the intervention.

Normally, endometrial ablation does not mean placing the patient in a hospital for a long time. The patient to go home the day of surgery. Much depends on the type of anesthesia - local anesthesia or general anesthesia. Local anesthesia blocks the pain impulses in the intervention time, allowing the patient to remain awake. When anesthesia the patient is put to sleep, it does not feel pain and can not hear what is happening around. Properly chosen dose and the type of anesthetic play an important role.

Before the procedure, you can not eat or drink for six hours. You need to follow the advice of a doctor. If you have questions, kindly ask them to get answers to interesting topics. Knowledge of specifics operations will feel safer and more comfortable. Before the procedure, the drug may be used, whose action is directed at alleviating or dilatation, which will facilitate the introduction of instruments into the cavity during surgery. Before the campaign issued a profile form (contract) to the operating room to the patient, in which it puts the signature, confirming their agreement to process and knowledge of the risks of its implementation.

Alternative methods of treatment in Israel

If ablation does not suit you due to internal reasons, consult your doctor about the use of alternative methods. One of the existing - installation of an intrauterine device - a plastic T-shaped structure, which produces a hormone similar to progesterone. All operation is aimed at reducing the thickness of the endometrium, the reduction of blood loss during menstruation.

Among other alternatives - medical methods - or combined oral konratseptivy tranexamic acid. These techniques are recommended prior to the ablation. If the methods fail, use a hysterectomy to remove the uterus. But this option - the last in a series of existing aid techniques. He has a lot of complications when compared with ablation.

Pregnant after ablation is unlikely, but possible. In this case, a high risk of miscarriage and other complications. If you want to have children in the future, the procedure is not fundamentally suited to the treatment. After manipulation of the surgeon should use contraception until the menopause. It is considered and the option of sterilization - a permanent method of contraception is performed simultaneously with ablation to reduce injuries. But the question of the need to say it in preparation for surgery.

Principles behavior after surgery

In the case of application of general anesthesia during surgery after the procedure should wait reduce its influence. For this purpose, the patient remains in the hospital for several hours (2-4) after ablation. Once the coordination function in the space will be restored, and she gains the ability to think clearly, the doctor writes out her home. A day after the procedure is not recommended to get behind the wheel, take alcohol-based beverages, sign important papers and to solve serious performance issues.

You need to wear a sanitary napkin that helps cope with the effects of vaginal bleeding. Tampons use is prohibited during this period. Within a month, the patient always goes check-up with your doctor to rule out the risk of complications.

The first time may appear dull ache. To eliminate it suitable pain medication recommended by your doctor. The most simple, but effective, considered paracetamol and ibuprofen. Feeling tired after the surgery there the first few days, it will help cope with the careful attention of relatives and close friends. Ask for help and support from them. Let trips to the store, child care, the implementation of elementary functions in the home will form the first time on their shoulders. Back to the patient may, within 2-5 days after ablation.

If fluid levels after surgery changed color and it became unpleasant smell, possible inflammation in the tissues of infection in the operated cavity. Immediately see a doctor to take action to neutralize the complications.

Resuming sexual activity is recommended not earlier than 3-4 weeks after surgery. During this time, internal injuries heal, vaginal discharge stop, reduce the risk of infection from contact. The question will be whether the month after endometrial ablation, interested in many patients. In some cases, monthly restored, but have meager character, in some situations, the state facilitated - profuse blood loss stops, monthly disappear.

The consequences of ablation of the endometrium of the uterus

After ablation observed minor side effects. These include cramps, similar to pain during menstruation, with drawing in waves. Appear watery discharge mixed with blood, which can last several weeks. Day after the operation characteristic is the frequent urination and nausea.

There is a risk of infection to the internal organs and the risk of hemorrhage. Some methods can cause vaginal burns, genitals, bowel. In rare cases, the liquid used for the expansion of the uterus during electrosurgery, can be absorbed into the bloodstream. This entails serious complications. To prevent undesirable developments, doctors carefully calibrate the amount of fluid prior to the procedure. Therefore, such a focus on the experience and practice of the doctors who conducted the manipulation of the uterus.

Like a number of other treatments, the effects of endometrial ablation may be a complication in the form of mechanical damage to the uterus. For a number of women holding ablation is not able to change the situation with hypermenorrhea. In this case, we use more radical methods - excision of the organ.

Ablation of endometrial cancer - the procedure for reviews

On the Internet there are stories treat heavy menstrual period using ablation Tell patient clinics. Patients say that the procedure helps to cope with the abundant blood loss:

"I doubt whether it is necessary to do the ablation, on the recommendation of doctors, but bear with monthly and 12 days in length, when (sorry for details) you fills with blood, the forces were no longer. Hormone treatment for a variety of indications I am not allowed, I can not take contraceptives, strengthen spiral. Although many noted that these funds help to cope with the situation were planning a trip to Israel on business, read that the procedure is performed in the Assuta, by calling the phone on the site agreed with the coordinator of all - .. what tests need to be able to claim Dig in place, how long it takes for the procedure.'ve come to see a doctor, quickly passed diagnostics legkla surgery Home was released. on the same day, after hours 4. They said not supercool, not to lift heavy, not to engage in sports and sex month. fulfilled all doctors' recommendations. A month later, was re-diagnosis. Thank God, everything is oK. it took 4 months after ablation, today meager selec tion began. Apparently, monthly. I was hoping that I will go among the lucky who have not, but ... Okay, wait and see. Thank you for the quick help doctors, delicate treatment, care and tactfulness. The Assuta in this respect more than well. If I treated yet - only there. Irina, 41 years old. "

"I was interested in what hospital do endometrial ablation in Israel. I suffer most of his life from heavy menstrual period. Leave the uterus is not exactly ready, although children do not plan to. His two, so I have enough accurate. The Russian did ablation twice, but each time enough for a year. After cleaning I again grow polyps, hyperplasia begins. the doctor of anything intelligible questions why this is so, does not speak. A friend with the same problem flown to Israel in Assuta. It took 5 years, she even monthly no, no pain, no discomfort he says he had a cold operation -. quick, painless, very gently for the patient I called, I learned the price -. it is quite acceptable Paneer fly in the. fall - is the heat in Moscow this is not to return, and leave at the time issued Anna, Moscow "..

"Tired of the month that are more than half-moon, and do not give to go to the pool, or play sports, or just live a normal life I decided on surgery -. Resection endomtriya In Russia, unfortunately, it was an. unpleasant experience. Learn where Israel held endometrial ablation, reviews liked by Assuta. I looked through the site, read the history of the disease, phoned with the coordinator and went to the holy places. the operation was done under local anesthesia, was conscious, the pain is not felt. After 2 hours, allowed to go home. It took more than six months, I feel perfectly. No monthly, and I am very pleased. I have a daughter from his first marriage and a son from his second. Most do not plan to give birth. I'm glad that the queen remained in place (still carve scary), and the purpose of his I've achieved. Anastasia, 38 years. "


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