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Biopsy breast

According to a study of breast using mammography, ultrasound and MRI doctor may suspect the development of pathological tumor in the soft tissues. Therefore, the prophylactic study breast shows women after 40 years with the frequency of once a year. If the tumor is detected and there is a suspicion of cancer, biopsy is performed breast - the only method that allows 100% accurate to conclude. From the suspicious area is made fence material which is later examined under a microscope.

breast biopsyBreast biopsy - surgery with minimal tissue damage. It carried out under any suspicion of pathological changes in the mammary glands. Withdrawn material examines clinical pathologist for the presence of cancer cells in the biopsy structure. The results are set out in a report that is sent to the location information request. The accounting documents laid out the findings of pathology.

Degree of difficulty biopsy refers to simple operations. Medical evidence shows that the study of biopsy material - no reason to be alarmed. 100% sent on a study of women with cancer by biopsy in the United States and Russia confirmed in 20% of patients in Sweden - 80%. Contributes to impressive performance in the severity of cost accounting in Sweden, where an examination by a breast biopsy patients are sent to the most suspicious signs of malignancy.

Structurally breast tumor biopsy - fence piece of tissue with the altered portion or liquid. Seized cells are scrutinized under a microscope, subsequently tested for the presence of cancer pathology. Indicatetypes of surgical intervention: Aspiration, modified, cutting needle, a pistol, a scalpel. Specifies the type of biopsy, the doctor based on the size of the tumor, its visual characteristics, place neoplasms location.

When doing a breast biopsy?

A biopsy is not performed spontaneously doctor or prophylactically. This study is given after visual inspection of the breasts and to detect suspicious patterns in the breast. In case of occurrence of deep focus abnormal tissue biopsy is performed under the control of ultrasound or x-ray. The indications for surgery are:

  • Discharge from the nipple unclear aetiology, when the background of health, signs of abnormal state of the mammary glands. Particularly dangerous bloody discharge in the form of substance.
  • The presence of seals during palpation.
  • Modified nipple when becoming noticeable change in color of the areola, there Inverted nipples inside, formation of crusts and signs of peeling on the surface.
  • Chest affect ulcerative lesions.
  • Carried ultrasound, X-ray, mammography visualize suspicious areas in the breast.

When you see any of these changes required a visit to the oncologist and biopsy for histological examination of tissue. Woman is important to maintain psychological stability, when a biopsy is performed, as well as at the time of her appointment. The physician should explain to the patient the importance of analyzing, to calm her down, say all the subtleties and nuances. Results prepared a few days, during this period the woman should not unduly cheat yourself, prepare for the worst. In most situations, a positive outlook, there is no cancer.

How to take a biopsy of the breast?

The clinic Assuta biopsy formation in the breast is done by experienced doctors and specialists narrow profile, whose skill is well known outside of Israel. Before operation using diagnostic imaging methods carried size refinement and location of the tumor location. To do this, performed ultrasound, mammography, radiography. Depending on the related data is determined, as is breast biopsy, which method fence material doctor will use. Among the popular methods Assuta:

  • Aspiration method, conducted with a fine needle.
  • Needle operation (at the discretion of the doctor uses ultrasound, MRI).
  • Stereotactic needle technique sampling tissues.
  • Biopsy of a thick needle .
  • Surgical method of excising abnormal tissue.
  • Incisional biopsy.
  • Excisional procedure.
  • Vacuum biopsy .
  • Held cutting needle.
  • Transdermal sampling of tissues as a minimally invasive method of taking material for study.

Fence tissues occurs under outpatient clinic placement. Details on how to do a biopsy, the doctor will tell. He will explain how to prepare for surgery, set deadlines for investigations.

physician manipulation of time does not exceed one hour. The procedure is designed for high accuracy of cancer pathology. Needle easy to gather material from hard to reach places, to study it under a microscope and draw conclusions about the nature of the violations. Timely cured cancer gives a favorable prognosis.

By learning how to take a biopsy of the breast, you will not find reviews about the duration of physician manipulation. Procedure is performed quickly, in comfort mode, in most cases without leaving serious marks on the body. On the day of surgery, patients returned to the habitual rhythm of life. When minor ailments and discomfort recommended intake of medication analgesic effect.

Why clinic Assuta?

In Israel, many medical centers, known all over the world. Assuta Hospital stands out. The medical composition hospital professional and highly qualified. Specialists prepared by leading training centers of America, Canada, Germany, Israel. Doctors advise in Europe, are involved as experts for the evaluation of complex cases.

The latest equipment contributes to the center of the high quality of rendered services. State operating room and recovery room corresponds to the class "Lux". A popular method of minimally invasive medicine at Assuta ensures minimal tissue trauma in terms of surgical intervention, early rehabilitation of patients.

The structure of the center, even a novice intuitive - in the clinic, in addition to gynecologicaldepartment placed, unit operating rooms medical care, hotel for nonresident patients, the center for regenerative medicine. Receiving foreign guests being on a par with the people of Israel. The International Office is engaged in accompaniment of patients coming from abroad, at all stages of treatment in the clinic. Russian-speaking staff support is carried out for the convenience of patients and a fast orientation in unfamiliar surroundings.

Results breast biopsy

At the end of medical manipulations with taking the material for research, removal of tissue sent to a laboratory where they are to a comprehensive study. Biopsy Evaluation of the treating physician based on the received data. In the laboratory, the tissue was subjected to dyeing, and then observing them through a microscope magnifying mechanism. Atypical cancer cells have a specific structure of the structure, to mix them with healthy tissues is unrealistic. Therefore, the biopsy does not give false diagnoses and is considered highly accurate method of determining cancer.

In some situations where the tumor is located in a difficult place for the removal of material, a second study, if the test showed no cancer, but suspicions still there. This is due to the fact that the doctor did not get proper control of the tumor from the ultrasound machine and took a puncture healthy tissue. Subsequently based on the seized tissue histological analysis performed. Needling defines and benign mammary shows cystic changes, fat necrosis manifested due to exposure to a traumatic factor.

The doctor in advance indicates how long to wait the result of breast biopsy, the average investigation takes several days. The report provides information about the presence of cancer cells in the structure of the material being studied. If abnormal cells are seen, it is refuted by the malignant nature of tumors. But sometimes subsequently required treatment of benign tumors, if recommended by a doctor. In the case where negative changes are confirmed, the physician receives more information.

The report includes an indication of the type of tumors, study the growth rate projections. A pathologist performs laboratory tests, studying the nature of the cells, progesterone and estrogen in tissues. When performing surgical biopsy indicates the type, grade of tumor, assesses the distance between the diseased tissue and healthy. The decision to conduct transactions is important to understand whether the cancer cells are localized within tumors or they are outside his territory, affecting the surrounding tissue. Based on the results of a biopsy is developed further treatment protocol defined countermeasures cancer pathology and lock.

How to prepare for a breast biopsy?

A biopsy is not a means of emergency medical care, the procedures planned in advance with the appointment of the exact date and time. In most situations, the implementation of the method, a thin needle, as the most atraumatic way of taking the materials. Before performing a biopsy be sure to find out from the doctor treating the type of diagnosis, as it is done, what are the timing of the information on the study. Before the procedure, the patient signs the testing protocols, gives permission.

During surgery, the doctor asks the patient to eliminate interfering clothing, jewelry, removable dental prostheses, orthopedic, glasses and other items that interfere with the x-ray machine. Woman mandatory reporting to the doctor if there is a suspicion of pregnancy. Some types of biopsies are not performed after conception, because they can harm the developing fetus in the womb of the mother.

On the day of the biopsy is unacceptable to use creams, perfumes, lotions and other cosmetic products, putting them on the body. Before the biopsy is important to check with your doctor medication, dietary supplements that the patient receives. Some of them have a negative impact on anesthesia or blood's ability to clot.

Reviews of treatment at Assuta

"... I do not know how to go through the news about breast cancer. I did a survey in the oncology clinic, where I was sent a doctor. Unceremoniously after biopsy were told that breast cancer the first degree. Indicating that the breast is not able to maintain. bellowed the pillow a few days away. Then consulted with her husband, she decided to go to Assuta. I read online reviews of breast biopsy, a center treating oncology, minimally invasive methods of removal of tumors. Decided to take the risk, I do not want to go to bed in the prime of life to remove the breast. It was issued to the clinic quickly arrived and were immediately taken to the doctor. He studied my previous analyzes and sent to a core biopsywith the study of hormonal background. Cancer was confirmed, but assured me that part of the breast will save the lost form of return of breast reconstruction. The doctor - a very helpful man aged assured that the bust will be better than it was, and in front of me waiting for a lot of years of life. I do not know, maybe it is self-hypnosis. But now the forthcoming operation, I am not afraid and I know that everything will be fine. Albina, 34 years old. Kirov ".

"... back to the breast biopsy under ultrasound guidance. I want to share their emotions and feelings. I read the forums in a review that breast biopsy is a painful procedure was afraid and horrified imagined consequences. Even in store houses a bunch of pain medication But the doctor so neatly made me the procedure that I did not feel any discomfort at all Pre-anesthetic injection was carried out I have allergies, choose anesthesia for a long time, but fortunately Of sensations during surgery -.... a slight pressure on the chest. No more . Want to pretty women were not afraid to go for a biopsy. Assuta doctors perform manipulations accurately. Yes, cancer diagnosis was not confirmed. And I'm glad of it. Ahead of a lifetime. Svetlana , 54 old years " .

In rare cases, the claim that breast biopsy is a painful, patients undergoing stereotactic procedure. Much depends on the individual tolerance of pain, anesthesia chosen wisely. Read reviews of patients on foreign resources, you ensure that the whole procedure is safe, it is quick and painless. Sometimes the biopsy results can be obtained within 2-3 days after.

On the Internet, there is an opinion that breast biopsy is dangerous, and carry out the procedure is not recommended because of the risk of proliferation of cancer cells throughout the body. US researchers conducted a large-scale study, proving that the statement is not true. The study involved patients with pancreatic cancer. It was revealed that in patients with preoperative biopsy percentage of mortality is less than the number of cases of deaths in patients without biopsy. Therefore, if a breast biopsy is taken, there is no reason for the additional experiences.

The cost of breast biopsy

The procedure is performed by different methods of sampling of the tumor for further study. Because of this, the price is different. On average, request a medical manipulations are as follows:

  • Fine-needle aspiration biopsy - $ 1800.
  • A core biopsy - from 110 euros.
  • Incisional scalpel fence fabric - from 260 euros.
  • Price of breast biopsy under ultrasound control device - from 1580 euros.

Recommends the procedure the doctor, he also determines the technology of manipulation. If you experience chest pain after the biopsy, discuss the reception of pain medications with a doctor. Discomfort passes quickly, discomfort neutralized.


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