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Cor breast biopsy

core breast biopsyIn the diagnosis of oncological pathologies core breast biopsy proven reliable method in determining the specificity of the neoplasm. cell harvesting is carried out a thick needle with a hollow hole inside. In contrast, and fine needle aspiration technique, this type of biopsy allows for more material to take another approach. In the inner cavity of the needle, which is screwed physician injects chest movements, the material is taken peculiar cylinder or column. The procedure differs minimally invasive in nature and accuracy of the results with it. The method aims to identify cancer cells pathologically altered in structure seized biopsy.

Cor breast biopsy or ultrasound

Incorrect to compare these methods of diagnosis, as they ideally complement each other. Ultrasound examination allows to establish the fact of the presence of tumors or cysts in the breast, but the identification of his character ultrasound can not. Application armature biopsy - adequate diagnostic measure by which the doctor takes the material for histology and cytology. Methods for laboratory study neoplasm help up to 98% to determine the benign or malignant nature of the tumor.

Tolstoigolnaya conducted biopsy of breast breast through a small incision with a scalpel to provide access to the portion of pathological changes. If surgical excision biopsy method is preferred in case of malignant pathology and unjustified in benign nature of the tumor, the core technique is carried out at any tumors hearth abnormally altered tissue localization.

Alternatively, the method is carried out with a fine needle aspiration biopsy. This technique does not injure the tissue, does not require the intervention of the surgeon (albeit minimal), leaves no residue on the patients skin. But it has a serious drawback - the minimum fence material for laboratory analysis. Obtained in this way cells are not always sufficient for a full investigation. Increase number of biopsy allowed armature breast biopsy - a needle with a blade produces fence tissue in the desired amount thanks to the volume of the cavity inside.

Core Breast Biopsy - machinery of the procedure

Lump in the breast physician determines with the help of palpation of tissues. If this is not possible, apply methods of imaging diagnosis. The introduction of a needle into the body occurs under ultrasound machine. By performing the procedure, the physician in the monitor control process of introducing the needle into the tumor structure. This allows him to avoid errors in the collection of material for the study. In most cases, the puncture is performed in several stages. Taking tissue comes from different places neoplasm localization.

Core biopsy is performed mechanically or automatically by using a gun. The patient does not feel discomfort during the procedure, anesthesia is performed by introducing breast anesthetic drug. Unlike surgical biopsy sampling local anesthesia is appropriate patients who are banned for health reasons general anesthesia. Procedure lasts a few minutes.

Otherwise tolstoigolnuyu technique called fence material trukat breast biopsy - both methods involve fence rod hollow needle tissue. skin damage after the biopsy does not remain that can count on the cosmetic effect - without any seams, scars, scars. This is especially important if the tumor was benign and does not require a breast resection or removal followed by reconstruction. The results become known after a few days after sending the tissue to the lab.

The procedure recommended by a doctor and has no contraindications. Experts note that explore deep runs in the tissues of the breast tumor of this method is more difficult than to receive material from the surface growths. But control of ultrasound, mammography, or X-ray doctor eases the task of removal of tissue. With a fair amount of experience and professionalism, the doctor does not meet difficulties during the procedure.

The Assuta Hospital medical staff is working with the procedure longer. Doctors make the fence fabric delicately and carefully, without causing harm to the patient and discomfort. Carefully conducted taking tissue samples from the area located behind the areola, where increased morbidity seen during manipulation. In this case, an additional anesthesia, reliably blocking the pain and discomfort.

Method of colon biopsy cannula should not be cause for concern if the methodology recommended by the conduct. In one approach the physician receives diagnostic material in large quantities, which gives him the opportunity to decide on the nature of the abnormality in the breast. Complications after core biopsy are found in medical practice is rare. According to statistics, their frequency does not exceed 1% of the total number of procedures performed. After a puncture may occur hematoma and bleeding. In order to stop blood and antiseptic treatment applied electrocoagulation.

Core breast biopsy - the price

The price of this procedure in the clinic Assuta starts from 110 euros depending on the number of punctures made within the same procedure. To know the exact cost of core breast biopsy, you must pass inspection, consult a physician.

Should not give up, if you recommended a biopsy. The technique will help find a reliable diagnosis, to develop an effective treatment protocol and subsequent rehabilitation.


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