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Breast biopsy trephine

breast biopsy trephineIf you suspect a malignancy tumors in the chest, doctors prescribe a puncture for the morphological study of abnormal tissue. Popular trephinebiopsyof breast, similar to the conventional suction method. The peculiarity of the method consists in using a wide hollow needle through which tissue is captured portions into a cylindrical shape or a pillar trim. That the procedure did not cause discomfort at the time of removal of material is used local anesthesia, the doctor picked up on an individual basis taking into account the health of the patient. Insert the needle for the removal of tissue samples are not single. The procedure is repeated up to 6 times that allows you to take several samples from different areas of tumors. If you have to trephine biopsies, how long it lasts for the session, tell the doctor. The procedure takes longer than the aspiration technique, but no more than 15 minutes on average.

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Features Core Needle Biopsy

Used for sampling needle material has differences in thread form. Technologically it is screwed into the mammary gland, twirling on the base cylindrical particles of tissue, and then the doctor abruptly withdraws from the implementation tool space. The technique allows to obtain more tissue than with classical needle biopsy. Use the manual method and automated collection of material - with the help of a gun. Withdrawn tissue gently expropriated needle from the cavity, placed in a preformed solution, stained and translated in histological block from which the particles are taken for examination under a microscope.

Results trephine biopsy after the breast fed conducted histological analysis attending physician. Diagnosis pathologically affected tissues by this method has a 100% accuracy. In addition, the result in the determination of malignancy neoplasm affects of chemotherapy. Withdrawn materials investigated for sensitivity to gormonosoderzhaschim and chemical preparations. The obtained information allows to make effective therapeutic protocols for individual courses of chemistry, and to the impact of additional procedures for surgery when it is necessary to suppress the growth of tumor cells.

How is breast trephine biopsy?

material removal method is highly reliable, since for one procedure the physician performs multiple punctures and captures multiple tissue samples from different sides of the tumor. Carried breast biopsy trephine without ultrasound via palpation or using an imaging diagnostic apparatus. If we consider the process step by step, the following steps can be distinguished:

  • The doctor conducts a visual inspection, applying anesthesia, it makes a small incision with a scalpel.
  • With the device profile the shot needle palpable tumor (fence can be carried out mechanically using a syringe and needle under ultrasound guidance).
  • Cannula helical movement being introduced into the tumor, forming a cylinder altered tissue.
  • Through the lumen of the cannula column material is removed with a spiral cutter rod.
  • When removing the needle damage affects electrocoagulator, eliminating the risk of bleeding and spread of cancer cells in blood and lymph.

If the doctor finds a new formation of the hollow portion, a fluid-filled, held aspiration of the contents, after which the processing is performed as the damaged tissue coagulator. When working with cystic doctor performs trephine biopsy, which has a therapeutic effect. The procedure heals large cysts without surgery.

When is the trephine biopsy?

The method has proven to work with the medical practice breast tumors. The procedure less than counterparts in cases of suspicion of the presence of:

  • cysts;
  • papilloma between channels;
  • tumor necrosis with evidence of fatty tissue.

Recommend biopsy of mastitis, fibroadenoma, discharge from the nipple unclear etiology, as well as in a number of other situations at the discretion of the attending physician.

The clinic Assuta on trephine biopsy breast price starts from 110 euros. Procedure preceded histological analysis, recommended as a reliable method for removal of tissue samples affected changes breast portions.

Deciding to Have a core biopsy study reviews patients who underwent the procedure. This will more accurately understand what its features and how to pass a session. It is recommended to ask your doctor any questions you that before the manipulation of the doctors did not obscure points left.

Review trephine breast biopsy, the patient left Assuta:

"I was advised trephine biopsy is the most reliable examination of tumors in the breast. The Assuta doctor reassured me, promising that he would not hurt. I was lying on my back, I had an ultrasound, breast treated with a disinfectant solution, was injected with anesthesia I felt no pain at all The only bad moment -.. watch on a thick needle that is inserted through a small incision in the chest into the tumor From what felt -. by pressing a push on the trigger gun a little. uncomfortable, but tolerable. Doctor producing shot four times, each time removing the needle from the tissue and placing them in a test tube with formalin. Then the incision was treated and covered. A couple of minutes out, to recover and freedom. A few days later analysis In my case -. prosperous Cancer is not found, confirmed fibroadenoma the tumor was excised, appointed hormone therapy All ended well I'm glad that was held at the beautiful treatment doctors Natasha, 35 years "......


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