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Vacuum breast biopsy

Vacuum breast biopsy - proven cancer pathology diagnosis method. With its help determine the nature of tumors it does not take much time and is performed with a high degree of accuracy. Identify cancer at an early stage, the disease can be successfully treated by giving the patient a chance at a long life. Affected by abnormal tissue changes easily visible by mammography, but an accurate diagnosis to determine tumor grade, stage and grade of disease x-rays are not able to give. The physician withdraws the lesion tissue sample for further study of the material under the microscope. In the opinion of experts, vacuum biopsy of breast well in oncology practice. The method allows to avoid unnecessary trauma tissue health complications. Procedure is conducted sensitively and carefully, the patient feels no discomfort, it does not feel pain.

European quality of service, impeccable professionalism of the medical staff, powerful technical equipment offers Assuta Hospital in the treatment of breast pathology.

We use innovative methods of assessing the state. Rapid diagnosis, personalized treatment plan, operative recovery. Contact the Assuta hospital to witness the high level of services provided.

If you have questions please call the telephone numbers listed on the site.

Vacuum breast biopsy - Testimonials

For the first time the method has appeared in America, where it has been tried out in the diagnosis of cancers. A year later, it began to apply and Israel in Europe. The clinic Assuta vacuum aspiration biopsy of the breast is held long term. The actions of medical staff worked through, the experience and professionalism of doctors inspire respect. The cost of the procedure is 30-50% lower than in European clinics.

If you decide to go through the diagnosis and therapy of tumor, please contact us. Rapid response to a call for help is guaranteed. We comply with the interests of our customers, we carry out a quick control of the situation, to ensure the early admission of the patient experienced professionals leading Israeli medical center.

We are proud of the thousands of success stories in the treatment of cancers and other serious pathologies, which persists thanks to the professional work of doctors Assuta Hospital. Reviews on the treatment of patients in the Assuta brighten any promotional text will talk about the benefits of the organization of the therapeutic process in Israel:

"In the course of the planned visit to the hospital found a tumor As the sister has a bad experience in the treatment of oncology, I have decided to be diagnosed and treated in Israel Center chose Assuta on several parameters Among them...:

  • scale clinical setting;
  • experienced doctors;
  • rich practice;
  • location relative to the airport, which is convenient for arrival;
  • its own hotel and the Russian-speaking guide accompanied.

Was assigned mammography, blood tests, vacuum breast biopsy. But an appeal to patients on high, service is the feeling that all around you is spinning world. Put me on the couch, introduced with an injection of anesthetic drugs, through a small incision introduced a sensor to remove tissue. The procedure lasted 45 minutes, after - no seams. Stuck a plaster. When the wound is too long, not even a trace left. Sent tissue histology - the cancer has not been confirmed. But I decided to cut out the tumor in Assuta. Decided my question quickly drawn up for surgery, the tumor was removed, so that I did not feel anything, for which many thanks. Irene, 42 years old. Omsk. "

"Stereotactic biopsy was normal. Pain was not due to the drugs, the discomfort is only in that it was necessary to remain for 45 minutes without getting up. Feels like inserting a needle similar to a bee sting. The pressure from the machine is tolerated . Assuta medical attention to my well-being struck. Thank you for your humanity. Diana. 36 years. Novocherkassk ".

Differences from the biopsy vacuum alternative methods

Doctors called vacuum aspiration poluoperatsiey for the removal of affected tissue changes. The essence of a vacuum biopsy is administered thick hollow needles into a neoplasm, which is performed before the local anesthetic. The patient does not feel pain, discomfort, discomfort, it is conscious. incision length for the introduction of the needle is less than 4 mm, which ensures that no scars on completion of the procedure, scar on a breast.

Vacuum aspiration biopsy is also called Mammotome, as based on the stereotactic mammography or ultrasound imaging. The method involves the use of computers to determine the exact localization of tumors hearth. These computer coordinates help the doctor guide the needle to the right place to introduce precisely into the tumor. The procedure is a minimally invasive intervention. The doctor picks up multiple tissue samples from different locations of the tumor for one administration needle. This is facilitated by a profile tube with a special structure.

How is the vacuum breast biopsy?

The clinic Assuta prior to biopsy the doctors tell the patient in detail how the operation goes, how much lasts, what kind of food and drink can be taken on the eve of what drugs are allowed, but from what should be abandoned. Operation is continued for 45 minutes, on an outpatient basis. Homecoming is made of the procedure.

Not recommended after medical manipulations to load the body within days. To reduce bruising and discomfort in the chest may be applied cold. Taking pain relieve particularly sensitive patients from the discomfort symptoms. Funds agreed with the doctor at the time of the issuance of recommendations for breast care, after surgery. Withdrawn samples are recovering for further testing. When the verdict of the study is ready, the information is sent to the doctor with the patient to discuss the scheme therapeutic effect.

Vacuum biopsy procedure is one of health and safety procedures. There is minimal risk of complications from the fence fabric. Among the side effects - bleeding, infection in the wound. Reduce the risks of adverse effects allow selection of a competent doctor and medical facility. The clinic Assuta, these criteria are present in full.

Price breast biopsy vacuum starts from 110 and depends on euros factors related surveys . Daily Refer to the diagnosis and treatment of people celebrate the invaluable help Assuta doctors in maintaining health and well being.


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