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Types of breast biopsies

Puncture biopsy of the breastIn medicine, use different types of breast biopsy, A specific embodiment of the application technique determined by the physician, based on the complexity of the clinical picture and related factors. The method is the most accurate diagnosis of all existing in determining the malignant nature of tumors.

Biopsy sample (tissue for microscopic examination) is taken from the patient and then transported to a laboratory where using tissue staining processes and careful study of clinical pathologist detects characteristics of the obtained material. Biopsy in breast cancer, when other methods of diagnostic studies provide little information.

Why choose Assuta?

In clinic Assuta priority minimally invasive procedures obtaining tissue samples in the study on suspicion of breast cancer development of pathology. Doctors Medical Center features the latest models of diagnostic equipment, trained in the leading educational institutions of America, Germany, Israel and other developed countries. Consult your doctor Assuta the conduct of research, you will get:

  • Professional services at all stages of observation.
  • The presence of the Russian-speaking escort during treatment.
  • Operational timing of the diagnostic tests.
  • Drawing up of individual diagnostic programs, treatment protocols pathology.
  • A personalized program of rehabilitation and recovery after the removal of tumors in the clinic.

Accurate determination of the etiology of the tumor allows to quickly determine the nature of tumors, and to take effective action to eliminate it. To contact our experts and agree on a doctor's advice, dial the specified phone number on the website.

Assign a biopsy, where there is a suspicion of the presence of abnormal cells and cancer development. Fence materials is carried out in three ways, including:

  • microscopic pieces of tissue taken by biopsy diagnostic;
  • affected tissue changes, seized by a sectoral resection. The biopsy may be present lymph nodes from the armpits;
  • breast examination, excised using a radical mastectomy.

When material arrives in the laboratory, the pathologist detects palpation dense regions glands which are excised and numbered. Pathologically affected areas after sectoral resection or mastectomy cut and fixed in formalin solution.

breast adenosis biopsy and benign tumors

Not all tumors formed in the breast are malignant growths character. According to medical statistics, cancer develops in Russia in 1 case out of 9 found seals in the chest. The remaining tumors are benign tumors but be removed.

It is mandatory performed mammography and biopsy breast cysts, fibroadenoma, intraductal papilloma and other growths, the doctor can give an accurate diagnosis, refer the patient for surgery to remove the tumor. Biopsy of breast fibroadenoma and any other neoplasms in the case, if it exceeds the size of 1.5 cm. When the tumor volume is less, it is recommended to perform the procedure under careful ultrasound, the doctor could see from where the fence material.

Types of biopsy - what's the difference

Experts share the biopsy on the surgical procedure and the method of sample collection puncture abnormal tissue. The surgical method requires the use of a scalpel and the cut for the removal of a biopsy sample. In this case, necessarily carried out anesthesia.

The Israeli clinic Assuta surgeons use minimal soft tissue cuts that provides cosmetic effect of surgery. After healing, sutures on the skin is left visible traces. The use of surgical biopsy carries and therapeutic result. Besides simple fence material, the surgeon cuts the tissue growth by removing them from the patient. Among the disadvantages of techniques - the possibility of infection at the incision and bleeding that is difficult to stop. If the operation is performed by a surgeon with an insufficient level of professionalism possible scars on the body of the healing wound.

Puncture biopsy of the breast

Delicate procedure is considered the biopsy needle biopsy of the breast, where the damage is minimal. Usually the doctor manipulations do not require anesthesia, are online. The most sensitive method of sampling material considered fine-needle aspiration biopsies of breast when the through small puncture using a syringe doctor removes tissue samples.

In most cases it recommended aspiration biopsy of breast during examination cystic formations, full of liquid. suctioning the liquid leads to self-healing cysts. If not, the introduction of the profile of drugs and cures cyst, not allowing it to develop.

Among the disadvantages of techniques noted a high probability of tissue damage at the time of extraction, which adversely affects the subsequent study of the material under a microscope. With a small outbreak of atypical locations doctor cells can not be the first attempt to get into the tumor, which will require additional puncture needle breast during subsequent clinic visit. Ideally carried breast biopsy under ultrasound guidance that provides accurate object location to determine and implement a biopsy sample from the first fence.

Fine-needle aspiration biopsy - inexpensive and simple to perform, so it it is applied in most situations, the study of abnormal tissue in Russia.

breast biopsy trephine

A core biopsy(Core biopsy) - similar to the previous method of puncture sampling of material, which has become popular with the 90-ies of the last century. The difference is based on the use of the cutting needle. Atravmatichen method maloinvaziven requires local anesthesia and analgesia in progress, can be supplemented with ultrasound and stereotactic mammography. The disadvantage lies in the mechanism for access to tumors.

Instead, the doctor performs a puncture incision that can cause soreness. But scars and visible traces of the biopsy does not leave, the healing of the wound is prolonged, without the need for additional therapeutic manipulation. With the cutting needle physician receives not just the minimum cell material, and column fabric weighing 300 mg. Different models of needles used depending on the configuration of the groove, of an extendable base, and which is filled with biopsy samples studied. Acting on the principle of the guillotine, the needle cuts a piece of fabric to form a sample for histological examination. tissue sampling process has a different degree of automation. distinguished:

  • Mechanical manipulation - the physician performing a biopsy, he sets up the tool - inserts a needle, pushes groove takes a biopsy.
  • Semi-automatic action - the cannula is activated by a trigger profile on the basis of the spring.
  • Automatic - pistol breast biopsy, where a fence by means of a reusable gun and disposable cutting needle. The physician directs a pistol on the pathological center, activates the trigger, activating the mechanism.

Experts have different opinions the use of semi-automatic and automatic biopsy needles. The advantages of the first type include greater maneuverability and safety (as the doctor himself adjusts the introduction, it controls so that when the fence material is not damaged nerve bundles, blood vessels and other important anatomic structures). The pistol needle penetration system after the hook lowering and actuating mechanism for the needle control impossible. But this disadvantage goes by the wayside due to the quality of the tissue samples, helped by the introduction of high speed needle into the body. Since the sighting breast biopsy requires the acquisition of expensive tooling, not every clinic is able to receive a hardware equipment. Equipment used in conjunction with ultrasound or coupled with stereorentgenograficheskim control that increases the informativeness technique practically to 100%.

vacuum biopsy

Another kind of puncture taking material - vacuum biopsy, in which the principle of action is similar to cutting biopsy needles. The needle is fixed in a vacuum tool handle, facilitating the aspiration of more material into the hole. A tissue sample is cut from the ground instantly, captured reciprocating motion of the blade. All procedures are under the control of the automatic setting.

The advantages of the method include receiving an impressive number of rapid samples pathologically altered tissue. With the help of a vacuum apparatus for the taking of one material on the study doctor is 8 times more tissue than using the withdrawal of the cutting needle. By implementing multiple puncture, you can completely remove the symptoms of benign tumor. Among the shortcomings of the method note the possibility of hematoma in situ sample withdrawal, if together with the introduction of the needle was not applied hemostatic. In Russia, the method has not received due recognition of the high cost of a set of vacuum biopsy, the average price of a one-time set is 250 dollars.

Stereotactic breast biopsy

This type of examination performed by a physician with a special mammography, which helps to identify the abnormal area in the breast. Selection of stereotactic biopsy is carried out if the patient or the doctor prefer a less invasive method that does not leave little scars. It is used in the following cases for the assessment:

  • suspiciously solid formation in the chest region which is not visualized on ultrasound;
  • microcalcifications - small calcium deposits;
  • any distortion in the fabric structure;
  • Abnormal changes body zones.

Mammary gland is mounted between the two plates, the surgeon uses for sampling probe or needle to the vacuum actuator.

Excisional biopsy of breast

During the procedure, the surgeon removes the tumor completely, using local or general anesthesia. A pathologist examines the tissue sample, gives the results of the surgeon, who discusses with the patient.


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