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cervical excision clinic Assuta

cervical excision clinic AssutaIn developed countries, cervical cancer - frequently occurring cancers. As a rule, the development of cervical cancer is preceded by premalignant pathology - dysplasia, cervical mucus and cervical canal.

Scientists have shown that cervical cancer develops on the background of chronic inflammatory processes, or under the influence of human papillomavirus.

Excision - electrosurgical removal portion pathologically altered cervical mucus using a large or small electric loop. Excision plot cervical mucus transformation using a large electrical loop is successfully used by leading hospitals around the world.

cervical excision - the most common method of histological diagnosis and treatment of precancerous cervical disease.

In Israel clinics excision began to be used more in the 90s of the last century. The method has proven itself as a low-cost, efficient and safe.

Indications for excision in Israel are:

  • precancerous cervical disease and cervical canal;
  • moderate to severe cervical dysplasia, requiring additional histological examination;
  • a suspicion of cancer of the cervix.

Excision to the clinic Assuta - Israel carried out in gynecological cancer and gynecological departments .

In the process of excision of cervical doctor produces electrosurgical excision of the affected area within healthy tissue. In this case, the loop electrodes are used for small and large sizes. The resulting tissue sample sent for histological examination for the presence of atypical (cancerous) cells.

According to the results of a biopsy the doctor makes a plan for further examination and treatment of patients.

Excision cervical electrical loop is also an effective method of treating dysplasia, cervical erosion and endometriosis.

This method does not affect the fertility of the patient function.

Electrosurgical excision in Israeli hospitals for its effectiveness is not inferior radio wave surgery method, laser coagulation and cryotherapy.


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