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conizationcervical conization - removing tapered portion cervix and cervical dysplasia channel area. Fence Wire Cloth for histological examination, which will clarify the diagnosis, the degree of dysplasia of the mucosa, the presence of atypical (cancerous) cells in the lining of the cervix.

Dysplasia - precancerous disease. Early diagnosis and treatment in Israel cervical dysplasia is the prevention of cervical cancer and cervical canal.

cervical cone biopsy with dysplasia main method of treatment of gynecology in Israel. Indications for manipulation:

  • Confirmed by histological examination of cervical dysplasia grade 2-3;
  • Proven Pap test or colposcopy data dysplasia of the cervix and cervical canal.

If not detected, the diagnosis of cervical cancer is excluded atypical cells in histological analysis. Since the time of conization pathologically altered tissue removed completely, it can be assumed that the purpose of the medical-diagnostic operation has been achieved.

cervical cone biopsy can be done in three ways, namely: a knife, a laser cone biopsy and loop electroconization.

Knife cone biopsy has not been recently used as provides a large number of complications and requires a long-term post-operative rehabilitation.

Israeli gynecologists using laser and loop conization.

Laser conization - excision of cervical and cervical portion using the CO2 laser beam of high intensity (invisible beam of infrared light). The coagulating effect of laser radiation to minimize bleeding during the procedure has on the tissue bactericidal action and reduces the risk of severe scarring in the cervix after conization. After performing the laser conization is possible histological examination of resected tissue.

Laser conization in clinic Assutaperformed under brief general anesthesia. Duration of operation - 30 minutes.

Electroconization loop is carried out using the apparatus of radio wave surgery. cervical tissue excised loop-electrodes, whose dimensions are selected depending on the required depth of radiowave exposure and localization dysplasia. Loop cone biopsy is performed under the control of the colposcopy. Duration of treatment in the clinic Assuta - about 15 minutes.

General contraindications to all types of cervical conization are infectious diseases of the uterus and appendages, confirmed by histological examination of invasive cervical cancer.

Israeli gynecologists recommend patients after conization to avoid: physical activity, the use of vaginal tampons, douches, hot tubs and treatment with aspirin for a month. Complete healing of cervical mucosa occurs after a few months, so this period is recommended to limit sex.

Conization after the patient is under the supervision of Assuta hospital specialists. The duration and frequency of observation of consultations depends on the degree of dysplasia, about being treated and having a woman risk factors for recurrence of the disease (carriers of oncogenic types of human papilloma virus, smoking, etc.). Held Pap test, cervical cytology and cervical canal, colposcopy. On average, women are under observation for five years.


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