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Plastic labia

Plastic labiaThe labia Used Plastic Intimate by gynecologists Israel for medical and aesthetic Indications. For example, congenital hypoplasia of the labia majora, labia minora hypertrophy, asymmetry of the labia majora. The main objective of plastic surgery - improving the appearance of the external genitalia and the anatomical structure of the restoration. Surgery (Labiaplasty) inclinic Assuta based on the use of minimally invasive surgical techniques. Use of laser of The method Makes Possible IT to Improve the functional and aesthetic results of plastic surgery to the reduce the risk of Complications and timing of the Rehabilitation of Patients the after surgical treatment in Israel .

Laser plastic labia recommended that patients at least 16 years. Labiaplasty preferably carried out through a week or month after a week before the onset of menstruation. Laser plastic does not affect fertility female function.

Laser treatment of gynecology in Israel (Labiaplasty) reduction of the labia is performed by two methods. In the first case, the removal of linear protruding portions of the labia minora. The second method involves a V-shaped reduction of the labia minora on both sides.

Using laser intimate plastics, unlike other methods of surgical treatment in Israel, it allows to reduce to zero the risk of bleeding during surgery and avoid rough scars. The duration of surgery at the clinic Assuta - 60-120 minutes. Hospital period - 0-1 days.

After laser Labiaplasty recommended for two days to lubricate the labia antibacterial ointment. For the prevention of infectious complications is assigned a five-day course of antibiotics. Throughout the month should abandon vaginal swabs, tight underwear, and sexual contact.


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