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surgery to remove a cyst

Surgery to remove a cyst in the clinic Assuta by leading doctors in Israel. This medical center has the following advantages:

  • versatility - operate the various departments;
  • 1500 physicians with extensive experience;
  • advanced equipment, purchased from leading manufacturers;
  • new treatments;
  • fast and accurate diagnostics;
  • transactions of all kinds;
  • there is a computerized pharmacy;
  • the best in the country department of IVF and oncology;
  • high quality service.

In addition there are a number of services that are free! Among them - the drawing up of the plan and the calculation of the final cost, booking tickets and hotels, accompanying, advice on treatment and diagnosis of disease, a professional translation.

How much is surgery to remove the cyst?

Prices of laparoscopy in Israel - Preparation for surgery varies between $ 140, the operation is on average - $ 5000. To obtain more accurate information request using the form.

Causes of disease

By their nature, normal ovary is partially cystic formation. Most of the cysts develop as a consequence of a disordered ovulation, ie. E. The follicle is unable to release the egg. The cells continue to secrete fluid, expanding the follicle itself, which is likely to be a cyst.

Normally, it does not cause discomfort and disappears during several menstrual cycles. It is possible to diagnose on a pelvic ultrasound. Statistics come to a consensus that 7-8% of women formed a cyst for several reasons:

  • smoking;
  • the occurrence of menstruation in girls before 11 years of age;
  • overweight;
  • appearance cysts previously;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • unordered menstrual cycle;
  • taking the drug tamoxifen;
  • gynecological operations;
  • abortion;
  • impaired maturation of follicles;
  • stress;
  • insufficiently treated diseases of the pelvic organs;
  • thyroid dysfunction;
  • hypothermia;
  • excessive physical labor;
  • partner change;
  • sexual activity at an early age.

In the fourth place among the most common gynecological cause of hospitalization from the late 1980s is ovarian cyst. If it is produced continuously, then most likely, it only can be removed surgically.

types of education

Easily treatable corpus luteum cyst and follicular, also known as functional. Formation of the first type appears when period after ovulatory follicles filled yellow liquid (perhaps with blood). Normally, they are filled with a yellow body cells. Follicle increases in size and the walls become thick.

The follicular cyst occurs in patients who are at the stage of puberty. The pathology is characterized by the accumulation of fluid in the follicle own.

Dermoid cyst is a benign tumor origin. It consists of tissue present in the body, which form a dense thick capsule. This cyst grows slowly and does not reach impressive sizes.

Paraovarialnaya happens in patients younger than 30 years. Neoplasms such thin wall filled with content transparent color. Sometimes it contains a small amount of protein, the tumor is characterized by slow development. Symptoms actually observed, but can be confusing pain pulling character, if the cyst reaches a large size.

Endometrioid makes itself felt through constant aching pain in the abdomen. They are amplified before menstruation and during them. A sign of this type of cyst is the formation of adhesions. This leads to frequent constipation, frequent urination, and further to infertility.

The operation to remove the cyst

The choice of surgical technique depends on the patient's age, the type of cysts, symptoms of pregnancy planning. The operation does not violate the ovulation cycle. In some cases, even require removal of one ovary, but with this current pregnancy is still possible. appointed by the analysis of CA 125 (tumor markers), so do not forget that it can turn into cancer in the future - a thorough assessment of neoplasms of malignancy is also carried out.

Laparoscopic cyst removal

This method is the preferred approach. In the study, 282 women from 25 years old and younger who underwent laparoscopy, concluded that the procedure is safe. Such an operation may be assigned as a scheduled format and in an emergency. In the latter operate only in the case of acute complications (cysts rupture, internal bleeding).

Laparoscopy - a surgical intervention without a large incision peritoneal area. Manipulation is carried out by small punctures the abdominal wall. Through their input tools and a video camera. Due to the higher picture that is transmitted to the monitor, you can see the finest education. Importantly, removal of cysts such kind of operation reduces trauma. The rehabilitation period is short enough.

Laparoscopy is indicated in cases when:

  • drug treatment did not lead to recovery;
  • there are complications;
  • there is a risk of transition to malignant status;
  • It occurs treatment of endometriosis;
  • cyst size greater than 7 cm;
  • compressed adjacent organs.

Preparation for laparoscopy

Before this procedure, the doctor prescribes the patient following passage of analyzes and actions:

  • determining the level of sugar;
  • biochemistry and complete blood count;
  • Study parameters bilirubin;
  • Wasserman (syphilis) reaction;
  • option blood clotting;
  • Deposit of vaginal smear;
  • cardiac cardiogram;
  • X-rays;
  • ultrasound;
  • cleansing enema.

After the operation carried out by the patient often allowed to leave the hospital the same day. In some cases, a stay of 1-3 days. Inadmissible abscess at the site of puncture, so you need to take care of and monitor the healing of wounds. Sometimes the doctor prescribes antibiotics.

In the postoperative period can not play sports, lifting weights. Allowed only walking. It is important to keep to a diet - do not drink alcohol and trudnousvoyaemuyu food. Receiving anesthetic drugs in this case is not required, because the wounds are usually not disturbed patients. You need to seek emergency medical attention if you experience severe pain and increased body temperature.

This type of operation would require special equipment and an experienced physician, so the cost of this method is more expensive.

Removing endoscope cysts

A study in which the patient is 3 small incisions in the abdominal area of ​​approximately 1.5 cm. Is called endoscopic. This is laparoscopy, through it performed minor surgical procedures, the opportunity to take a biopsy.

An important point when removing a orderly and attentiveness surgeons m damage to the capsules when the contents of the cysts can get into the peritoneal cavity (especially if the form cysts - dermoid)...

To postoperatively arose internal bleeding, the physician current cauterizes small blood vessels. During this process, the surgeon also cools the ovarian tissue of distilled water coming from the endoscope. It is necessary for the prevention of burns.

Removal laser cysts

Application of this method is gentle and safer therapy, and also reduce the duration of rehabilitation. Restored reproductive function, and reduces the risk of disease repeat.

Laser therapy is recommended for exclusion oncology opportunities. Indications are small cysts. When surgical intervention there is a risk of infection and blood loss that can not be said about the method of laser removal of cysts. Infection does not occur, and the total time of the procedure takes 10-15 minutes.

The surgery is performed under local anesthetic and the constant supervision of a doctor using ultrasound. The cyst needle is inserted, and through it enters an optical fiber with laser light. That is, the impact is obtained from the inside. After that the patient does not need to be in the hospital, you can immediately go home. But there are contra-indications in the postoperative period: one can not take a bath, walk-in sauna and bath.

Laser removal of cysts of the ovary gives a complete restoration and its functions, transforming the tumor tissue in the rumen. Such operation takes place using special equipment - a diode laser whose wavelength varies. During irradiation, the temperature may be different. These figures, as well as power can be adjusted individually for each patient.

Cyst removal effects

Carrying out any method of operation can lead to such consequences as:

  • infection of internal organs;
  • bruising;
  • seroma (accumulation of serous fluid);
  • side effects of anesthesia;
  • adhesions in the uterine tubes;
  • in severe cases - Infertility;
  • endometriosis, hormonal disorders, re-education - by removing a dermoid cyst type.

The risk of such side effects is extremely low. They are very rarely develop, because tolerability in patients mostly good.

Pregnancy after surgery

To conceive a child, make one of the above procedures, it is possible. The difficulty lies only in the fact that it will pass, probably not so easy. In some cases, necessary to remove the cyst during pregnancy. On its further course of the operation has almost no effect.

But still the slightest risk of miscarriage after the procedure there. The doctor decides to carry out the operation only when all the risks and assess the future effects on the fetus and the mother's health. That's why you should regularly be observed at the gynecologist if:

  • cyst does not resolve;
  • its size is 8 cm;
  • CA125 figure goes beyond acceptable values.

Patients who bears a child, and having at the same time a cyst, usually found in the normal state. Emergency surgery was required, in practice, only 3-4% of cases.

Reviews and frequently asked questions from customers

1. I have found ovarian cysts, is there a waiting game or just say go to the surgery?

Gynecologist familiar with your options pathology, should take an appropriate solution. They may be waiting and regression of the disease including, if only a small brush size (no more than 1 cm.) And its degree of loose character. In other cases, as a rule, recommend surgery.

2. What kinds of prevention of this disease?

Concrete measures are actually not. There are only general requirements, which should always adhere to. Among them is maintaining a healthy lifestyle, personal hygiene, treatment of infectious diseases through. In general, to monitor and take care of your precious health.

3. I was diagnosed - corpus luteum cyst. Will I be able to get pregnant in the near future?

Most of these education quickly dissolve and are temporary in nature. It is important not to start treatment, and observed by his gynecologist. Therefore, tune in to a positive outcome of the disease and begin to plan their pregnancies.

4. I am interested in itself an operation to remove a cyst in the clinic Assuta, how many positive reviews?

T. k. In the direction of Israel in gynecology is considered very advanced, all the procedures associated with this area, are at the highest level. All patients who underwent this treatment were very pleased and spoke only positively. However, they quickly returned to normal, and their mood was different elated. Also not mentioned any pain after surgery.


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