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Vaginal hysterectomy and ovary

Vaginal hysterectomy and ovary in IsraelOf the type of surgical the this treatment ofgynecology in Israel is used in benign tumors of the female reproductive system, uterine prolapse, endometriosis, uterine bleeding during dishormonal disorders.

Surgery to remove the uterus and ovaries gynecologists Israel is carried out in two stages. First performed laparoscopic benefits: using inserted through a puncture in the anterior abdominal wall laparoscope dissected ligaments of the uterus, the existing adhesions, areas of pathological tissue.

The next step is performed vaginal hysterectomy and ovary in Israel. Through an incision made in the upper part of the vagina, into the pelvic cavity introduce the necessary tools. The cervix is ​​exposed and firmly fixed. Through advanced cervical canal into the uterine cavity is entered special uterine manipulator, through which the surgeon can change the position of the body of the uterus as appropriate. After fixing uterus in a convenient position for the surgeon, intersect the anatomical structures fixing uterus and ovaries within the pelvis. Small blood vessels coagulate, large - sutured. Uteri are completely separated and recovered from the vagina on the uterine manipulator. Then I removed the ovaries. For large size of the uterus held its fragmentation followed by recovery. Following the removal is carried out readjustment and final stop abdominal hemorrhage. Then sutured stump vagina.

The operation lasts from half to three hours, is performed under general anesthesia. The patient is placed in the hospital for 2-4 days. After conducting the operation assigned antibiotic. Within a month and a half recommended the exclusion of sexual activity, heavy physical labor.

To prevent late postoperative complications such as vaginal vault prolapse adjustable, for 2 weeks is carried out in rehabilitation clinic Assuta complex.

Vaginal hysterectomy with appendages in the treatment in Israel, compared with the classical, abdominal hysterectomy, Has several advantages. Operation is better tolerated by patients, it has fewer complications and a greater potential for rehabilitation.


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