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Vaginoplasty in Israel

Vaginoplasty in IsraelAbnormal vaginal expansion occurs most often after delivery largest fruit. This is not only a cause of deterioration of the complexes and sexual quality of life, but also can lead to serious diseases in the future. Intimate surgery in gynecology allows Israel to bring the vaginal form to its original state.

Vaginoplasty in Israel - plastic surgery to restore function and appearance of the vagina.

Types vaginoplasty clinic Assuta:

  1. front colporrhaphy
  2. vaginoperineoplasty
  3. Reducing the entrance to the vagina.

The operation to reduce the vagina called colporrhaphy. Operative intervention is excision of excess tissue anterior and posterior vaginal walls. Depending on whether a tissue wall excised, operation to reduce the size of the vagina in the treatment in Israel divided into front and rear colporrhaphy. Vaginoplasty performed simultaneously with reconstructive surgery perineal muscles.

After the operation the patient to reduce the size of the vagina is assigned bed rest for a week. Appointed by antibiotic therapy and, if necessary, analgesics. Sit down after operation can Vaginoplasty 2 weeks. Sports, physical activities are allowed no earlier than one month after surgery.

Vaginoplasty clinic Assuta carried out by highly surgeons and with the latest technology.


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