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Testimonials about carotid endarterectomy

Reviews operated patients for carotid endarterectomyIn the words of our patients, we recorded history Reviews of carotid endarterectomy , held at Assuta .

History Elena (56 years) from Moscow, together with the comments the doctor Amir Kramer, a specialist in cardiothoracic surgery.

Elena says:

"It all started with the fact that in the morning I decided to stand on the scales and found its weight. I could not focus on the numbers, then numb, my left leg, and I was beginning to limp, as though began to lose control over it. I felt dizzy and called her husband Michael. He called a family friend, a doctor, who arrived 30 minutes later. The doctor asked to move the eyes from side to side, it appears that the left eye does not move. He called the clinic where he worked, and we went there.

Over the next few days were carried out tests and checks, it was found out that my carotid arteries were in poor condition, and I suffered a minor stroke. It is our friend recommended to have surgery in Israel, and we made the decision.

Organization engaged in intermediary firm, all made with high quality and fast. The results confirmed the diagnosis of Assuta. Also, doctors said that radiation therapy, which I took 27 years ago for the treatment of thyroid tumors worsened artery stenosis. Both carotid arteries were hit atherosclerosis. We were told that there is a risk of a full stroke, and the only way to prevent it - an operation. But there is a small risk of stroke during surgery. To reduce it, you can perform the surgery under local anesthesia.

The first operation was carried out in April, the next - in May. Too dangerous to do both at once. Operated neck. I remember that taste the local anesthetic in the mouth. Did not see that doctors do in the neck during the operation, but had the feeling that someone rummaging inside.

Approximately half hour operation lasted. In the recovery room were some tearful mood, I think it was just relieved that it was over.

I was discharged two days later, we flew home on the third day. Ten days later I was able to completely return to normal life. I did not feel sick, and if not for the scar, nothing would have testified about the operation. "

Dr. Amir Kramer, for carotid endarterectomy specialist, says:

"Stroke, wherein the dies part of the brain may be caused by hemorrhage into the brain as a result of high blood pressure. But in 75% of cases the cause is a blood clot or plaque from the artery that breaks off and travels to the brain.

Stenosis of the carotid arteries that supply blood delivered to the brain, is often the cause of stroke. Half of the patients who have transferred it, there is a 30% chance of having another stroke within the next two years.

The purpose of carotid endarterectomy - to prevent a stroke, what we are doing - removing atherosclerotic deposits in the carotid arteries. The risk of surgery is associated with the possibility that some of the plaques come off and reaches the brain. General anesthesia carries a 4% risk of local anesthesia same - only 1.2%.

Elena stroke affected only a small part of the brain stem, after which she was able to quickly recover. At the time of diagnosis, we found that these events were a few.

Because were affected by both carotid artery stenosis was extensive, the risk of recurrent stroke was extremely high.

The operation immediately on both sides would require too much local anesthetic, which could adversely affect the heart.

How is surgery performed?

It is 10-cm incision slightly below the lobe of the inner boundary soup sternomastoid muscle. Opens artery, atherosclerotic deposits are removed, and then locked seams as incision. Night holds the patient in the intensive care unit, after which he was transferred to a regular room.

It should take into account the following fact - the value of carotid endarterectomy procedures simply can not be compared with the clock care for a patient who suffered a massive stroke. "

History and review of carotid endarterectomy Oleg from St. Petersburg

"I am 65 years old, was carotid endarterectomy in Assuta. Himself - a doctor, a senior surgeon in a St. Petersburg hospital. I'll tell you how it all began.

I have worked with patients, when suddenly felt nausea and dizziness. Did not expect that much from this start, I took a break for a cup of tea. When this does not work, he decided, perhaps low blood sugar, because had not eaten anything since morning. I went to the cafe to eat and being behind the counter, I realized that I could not speak.

Because I am a doctor myself, realized that something was wrong, but in the confusion thought I should just go home and relax. When he came home, I went to bed, although it was the middle of the day, and slept for a few hours. After woke up and began to talk with his wife, it turned out that I can not properly build the proposal. Only then I realized that I needed urgent medical care. In addition, beginning to go numb right arm and leg, when I get out of bed.

We have traveled to Israel, however, to rest. I'm also interested in medicine in this country, has decided to ask for help is here. I knew that Assuta - one of the best medical centers in Israel, in addition, a private clinic. First wife contacted by one of my fellow doctors, the next day we flew to Israel.

The Assuta I did an MRI and other tests, which showed stenosis of the left carotid artery. I was hospitalized and the next morning made endarterectomy. I knew that I had no choice but how to do the operation. I had a minor stroke, which at any moment could lead to a stroke.

I operated on Dr. Amir Kramer. First, it encouraged us company, which was engaged in the organization of treatment, and secondly, my wife collected information about him.

When I woke up, I was so happy to see again my wife and daughter. I am aware that there is little risk that I could not survive the operation. Overall, I felt pretty good after the surgery, but still felt some numbness on the right side of the body. It was also not normal. I was discharged from the hospital after 3 days. Managed to avoid any post-operative complications, the condition was good. A few days back in Russia. The operation went well.

Within a few weeks after it I had to sleep in the afternoon, tired easily and mentally, and physically. Now five months later, the condition is much improved. Again, I can speak normally. For a while there were problems associated with damage to the brain during a minor stroke.

I gradually restore power. Slowly gardening. I am currently building a barbecue, which we use in the summer. Normal operating arm and a leg.

I made a lot of changes in your lifestyle. I smoked 18 years and only stopped after the operation. It was very difficult to quit smoking, but I managed with the help of replacement therapy. I had patches, inhalers, nicotine gum.

I changed my diet. Due to permanent employment, I often ate fast food "on the run". Also, as usual, I ate a lot of red meat. Now we eat lots of vegetables instead of high-calorie breakfast - porridge in the morning. All this is not easy for me, because I really like red meat and fatty foods. But I know that it's important for my arteries.

I take several types of medication to keep cholesterol under control. Also, there are drugs that lower blood pressure. Fortunately, I have a wonderful doctor who helps me a lot. In addition, I take a daily aspirin, which helps prevent the formation of clots.

Tests conducted in Israel showed that the other carotid artery stenosis is easy - 30%, so, fortunately, surgery is not required.

Because in general, I have retired, I will not go back to work. I consider myself very lucky. Thanks to medical education, I realized in time that happens to me. He knew where to go, where I can definitely help and helped me, my condition is now completely normal. "


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