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Meals after CABG heart

Of great importance in restoring strength and health is a diet after CABG vessels of the heart, Which the patient must be strictly observed. This will help improve the quality of life, it will give a chance to feel great after suffering interference. If you do not follow the recommended physician rules, procedures, results will quickly clog the shunts, the condition will worsen. Installed shunts filled atherosclerotic plaques that promotes thrombosis. Diet after CABG - a factor that depends on the person treated. It is necessary to observe a number of rigorous rules.

animal fats

Diet after CABGExclude from food animal fats that contribute to the accumulation of cholesterol. Penetrating the blood of harmful fat molecules are deposited on the vessel walls, slowing blood flow and preventing the normal supply of the heart. Plaques obstruct the lumen, pose a health risk, causing atherosclerosis. Eliminate from the diet fatty meats, fast food, prepared food, sour cream, mayonnaise, cream and butter on their basis, it is possible to replace these components are useful analogues - chicken, turkey, beef, dairy products with low fat content. Fish for consumption is not prohibited. On the contrary, the product of the deep sea contains beneficial omega-acids, which should be included in the menu two times a week. Preferred are white varieties, such as flounder and cod. And fatty red varieties - trout, salmon, salmon. You do not eat crayfish, caviar.

vegetable oils

Include in power after CABG vegetable oils heart. Oily substance slows atherosclerosis and benefits, due to the content of polyunsaturated acids. Besides oil diet should be supplemented with cereal, nuts, seeds. It is important to understand that calorie food should be strictly dosed. Daily norm of 3 tablespoons.

Bakery products

Remove from the table a soft pastry, sweet bakery products. Diet after CABG vessels of the heart does not include the allowed items cakes, pies, cakes. Instead of harmful carbohydrates, which include ice cream, sodas, jam, prefer porridge, black bread, vegetables and fruits. Useful herbs. Well, if we can get grown in their own garden product, it is saturated with vitamins and microelements. Vegetables should be fresh and frozen, steamed and baked. It is important to use the forest and garden berries. Sweet tooth resolved candy, no more than 2 units per day. This dose is enough to cheer up and not to cause harm.


Reduce the amount of consumption of salt. Arrange meals after heart bypass surgery should be the inclusion of salted products. Salt retains fluid in the body, does not it displayed in a natural way, slowing down processes in the body. It promotes growth and pressure increases the workload on the heart muscle. Rush to extremes, too, not worth it. Chlorine and sodium - salt components - carry useful in limited quantities, so to switch to fully salt-free diet is not rational. The daily rate of the product, not to cause harm, up to 5 grams. It teaspoon of salt for two days. To control the process, nutritionists suggest salting food at the time of the meal, rather than in the process of cooking.

Alcohol after CABG

A separate theme - alcohol, which cardiac surgeons are advised to eliminate from the diet, if the patient is planning a long life. This rule applies to all stimulants - coffee, strong tea with a high content of tannin, energy drinks. Exclude from the diet after CABG heart vessels worth any food, which is marked as a part of the caffeine. Harmful additives spasmodic provokes vasoconstriction. Banned alcohol after CABG in any quantity. Stimulator makes the heart beat faster and more intense, causing changes in the myocardium, the risk of arrhythmia. Adversely affecting the liver, Alcoholic beverages provoke ejection of the blood toxins harmful lipid fractions - a favorable environment for atherosclerosis.


Limit the water to the diet. In chronic heart failure signs of water consumption is discussed with the doctor. Healthy people drink without harm to the health of more than 2 liters per day. Patients should be restrictions on the use of liquid that can cause swelling. In the food suitable filtered cleaning liquid, mineral water, spring water.

Patients often ask whether to stick to a diet for a long time after CABG and how strict to be powered. The answer is obvious - the menu is formed with no expiration date. Stick to simple but efficient rules should be the rest of his life. This will help prevent relapses, form a healthy diet to maintain good health.

Rules diet after CABG

Nutrition program is doctor, but there are rules for the use of products in the food after bypass surgery. According to the recommendations:

  • The total number of calories fat content does not exceed 7%.
  • Cholesterol is limited to 250-300 mg daily consumption products.
  • Dairy foods contain fat should not exceed 1% of the composition.
  • Sweet drinks should be replaced by a liquid without further adding sugar.
  • Should adhere to the balance, observe the harmonious relationship of energy intake and expenditure of calories during exercise.

Many sites recommend that patients after CABG adhere to the principles of protein nutrition. Programs can reduce weight quickly, pull the figure without lingering feelings of hunger from food restrictions. Follow the advice of specialized resources without discussion with the power of the principles can not be a doctor. Protein diet can harm the body, causing the patient to give up useful carbohydrates, vitamins, trace elements.


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