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Life after bypass surgery on the heart

If the short-term program of rehabilitation after bypass surgery is made in most medical institutions, the prospective recovery plan, patients often develop themselves.

The clinic Assuta undergoing surgery people get short-term individual program of rehabilitation and long-term plan for the correction of health prolong life after CABG and prevent health complications.

Among the recommendations of doctors examined the following rules.

Way of life after bypass surgery on the heart

life after CABGAfter discharge, will work on the other, restructuring hobbies and preferences, which will extend the life. Daily physical activity is increased in accordance with the recommendations of the cardiac surgeon. After the healing of cuts, it is necessary to consult a doctor about the use of funds, reduce scars, has a cosmetic effect on the scars. It is important that, if carried out traditional surgical incision, minimally invasive and does not puncture.

CABG - sex

CABG sex brings no less pleasure than before, one has only to wait for the permission of your doctor for a refund of intimate relationships. On average, it takes six to eight weeks. Patients hesitate to ask the doctor a question about sexual activity. Doing this is impossible. It is important to view the cardiologist, which the doctor can announce after a thorough examination of patient records and monitoring of his condition after the operable interference. Should abandon postures that create additional strain the heart muscle. Choose the desired position with less pressure on the chest.

Smoking after CABG

Returning usual life after bypass surgery on the heart, it is necessary to leave behind the bad habits. They include alcohol intake, overeating, smoking. Inhaling nicotine vapor damage the walls of arteries, promotes coronary heart disease, the formation of atherosclerotic plaques in the vessels. It is important to understand that bypass surgery does not eliminate the disease, it improves the nutrition of the heart muscle, as the surgeon creates a workaround for blood platelets to replace clogged arteries. Stopping smoking after bypass surgery, the patient slows the progression of the disease. The clinic Assuta there is support for smoking patients experienced therapists help eradicate the habit of life.


It should be remembered that life after coronary artery bypass surgery can be long, if you carefully follow the recommendations of doctors. Timely medication - one of the basic rules. Pharmacology is designed to help patients maintain a healthy lifestyle, to eliminate the risk factors that contribute to the development of a heart attack. Dosages are determined individually for the patient's attending physician. Self-correction of the schedule is not allowed. The first-aid patient surviving CABG should appear medicament for lowering cholesterol, blood thinning agents with antithrombotic action, blood pressure controlling drugs and analgesics of the formula.

Meals after CABG

Not rebuilding the diet, do not count on a positive trend. It is important to the inclusion in the diet of foods low in cholesterol and trans fats. This will reduce the rate of deposition on the inner walls of blood vessels occluding plaque clearance. In order not to provoke the re-CABG and not to harm themselves taking forbidden foods, consult a dietitian Assuta Hospital after undergoing surgery. The doctor will help develop a competent supply schedule. Balanced diet high in monounsaturated fats, omega-3 fatty acids, vegetables, fruits, whole grains protect the heart from high blood pressure, the body of the risk of developing diabetes. Proper diet promotes weight loss, keeping the body in shape. It is important to understand that the change of diet does not bring stress. Food should be fun, in this case, the use of it is palpable. This will help to develop the motivation to stick to such a diet for life.

cardiac rehabilitation program is developed by professionals in the field of cardiology. Healthy lifestyle after the surgery is to change the power supply, the eradication of bad habits, achieve psychological well-being. Studies have shown that patients finishing bypass cardiac rehabilitation, live longer, unlike humans, have not undergone the recovery rate after surgery.

Exercises after CABG

Physical activity starts with small doses at the time of the patient's stay in the clinical setting. After they gradually increase under the supervision of a physician. The first six weeks of intensive growth is not allowed physical exercise, lifting weights is strictly prohibited. It takes time to heal the wounds on the chest, bone accretion. Literate exercise - physiotherapy, reduces the load on the myocardium, and walking. Exercises after CABG help to improve blood circulation, lower blood cholesterol. Important principles gentle load and regular classes.

Performed gymnastics after bypass surgery every day, gradually increasing the load. Their reduced if there is discomfort, chest pain, discomfort in the heart, there is shortness of breath. In the case where the movement does not cause discomfort, the load is gradually increased, which contributes to the prompt adaptation of the heart muscle and the lungs to the new conditions of circulation. It is important to exercise for half an hour before meals or an hour and a half after the meal. In the evening before going to sleep better to exclude any surge. exercise pace should not be above average. It should be carefully monitored for a pulse.

Of great importance is dosed walking. Natural exercise improves performance, endurance, strengthen the heart muscle, improve blood circulation and respiration processes. Allowed to go in any weather, except heavy frost and cold, rain and wind. The best time for the activity is considered to be the period from 11.00 till 13.00 h., From 17.00 to 19.00. Should choose comfortable shoes, clothes made of natural materials contributes to improved air exchange. Well, if, during the walk, will exclude calls. This will help to concentrate.

They include load after CABG tripping on the stairs. Apply these exercises should be 3-4 times a day, not to exceed 60 degrees per minute. Gradually, their number should increase. Ensure that the training did not bring discomfort. Achievements are indicated in the diary of self-control, which is displayed each time you visit your doctor to make possible adjustments.

Diabetes attention and the regime of the day

There is a risk of complications in people with diabetes in the anamnesis. It is important to treat the disease before bypass surgery and after it, to reduce the likelihood of unwanted scenario. Should adhere to sleep, rest and exercise. It is essential that daily sleep was over eight hours. At this time the body recovers, saves power and energy. Can not be subjected to stress, to avoid frustrating factors.

Primary depression after CABG - a natural phenomenon. Many patients are in a sad mood, do not want to recover, eat, use the load. They think that life is over, all attempts to extend it in vain. This is not true. Examine the question of how many people live years after coronary artery bypass surgery, and you'll be surprised. By following the recommendations of doctors, patients extend life for a few decades. In severe cases it is possible to push a mortal danger for several years, giving the person an opportunity to enjoy life, to see how older children and grandchildren. Deciding the operation difficult of necessity. But the situation often requires an immediate response.

Trusting a professional doctors Assuta Hospital, you make the right decision. High qualification of cardiac surgeons of the Israeli center known throughout the world. Advanced technology operating and rehabilitation practices deserve recognition in the medical community in Europe and Asia. In Israel, you will get the best treatment available for the money. Having decided to transform, to call us. An operator will answer to the questions professionally and competently.


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