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Coronary artery bypass surgery - patient reviews

coronary artery bypass surgery patients reviewsIf the sick person is recommended CHD coronary artery bypass grafting, real patients who have undergone therapy in Israel, will provide an invaluable service. Stories of people demonstrate the state of medicine in Russia and abroad, describe the treatment of the subtleties, the infrastructure of clinics, doctors' professionalism, cost of procedures. At about the operation of the networkcoronary artery bypass graftingreviews found on specialized forums, where people communicate with similar symptoms, share stories of disease and successful treatment of the facts, their own fears and concerns. In like-minded environment to easily get the support of people who understand. This article reviews about coronary artery bypass patients are collected from different sources. We tried not to be filtered review as a basis for not taking promotional materials, but the real stories of yesterday's patients.

CABG - the secret lies in the positive

The driver Alexander Shapovalov, at the age of 66 years was coronary artery bypass surgery, reviews of which inspired him to trust medical manipulations. Treatment took after two heart attacks. The first occurred in November 2006 and was a complete surprise for Alexander and his family.

Before the attack have no symptoms, "... I was active, demand at work and at home. About unfavorable combination of cases showed only shortness of breath, whistling noises when breathing, chest pain. A couple of days before the attack came across a brochure on how to behave during an attack time. It saved my life. Having to call an ambulance, I advance, until the forces had not left me, opened the door, so that the doctors could no obstacles to enter the apartment.

The brigade took me to the hospital, where I spent 1.5 weeks. After discharge, the doctor advised to undergo angiography of blood vessels. I listen without talking. I did not know that so much I want to live until I was faced with the threat of premature death. The survey revealed a blockage of the coronary arteries. Doctors recommend CABG heart surgery, reviews and forecasts were favorable. I did not listen to professionals and paid dearly for the lack of confidence. Following the second attack occurred, after which I miraculously managed to climb out.

The wife insisted CABG, reviews of which carefully studied on the internet, reading the profile materials, corresponding with the survivors of the disaster. Surrendered to persuasion, I decided to undergo bypass surgery in Israel, although I thought that I would live for as long as is metered from above. The operation was conducted in theclinic Assutaunder intravenous anesthesia. I woke up in intensive care around the wires, pipes, complete sterility.

The next day I was transferred to a normal ward, where doctors immediately began to teach me to the development of physical activity. Before that, I studied the reviews CABG heart on Internet forums and saw that patients write about the imminent return to ordinary life. I hurt the body, the mood was not, I lie down and not move, but the doctor insisted on exercise. On the first day of the translation in the House, I sat as a nurse corrected my bed.

Three days later, I slowly walked around the bed. Strength returned, it feels better. Six days later, I went up the stairs and fell down. On the seventh day they let me go home. I did not expect that the specificity of coronary bypass patients responses convey so accurately. Indeed, just a week after a complicated surgical intervention, and I'm allowed to go home, where the care and treatment of wounds conducts a nurse coming to check the state of affairs. First, I do not believe, but looking back, I realize that a week has done a lot, well restored.

Special thanks to the doctors. Despite my resistance, gently but persistently doing their job. Gave me a rehabilitation program. I went home, strictly observe the instructions of physicians. The first time drank painkillers because of severe pain in the chest. I remember the nurse said - do not be a hero, if strongly hurts. It is necessary to drink the drug and soothe the pain.

A month after the operation I was allowed to get behind the wheel, but has not yet lifted the ban on the carriage of passengers. They said, will look at the state when allowed to return to his duties. I was spent to have a scar and looks neat. Almost healed wound on his leg, was removed from Vienna. Reading about coronary artery bypass surgery, patient testimonials about sex, I noticed that people undergoing surgery are interested in this issue. It is interesting, but after the first heart attack I do not want to even think about the intima. My wife and I together in '44, during which time she was stout, and does not cause such a desire as before. However, CABG, I want to become close with each passing day more.

I can leave on CABG review their own impressions. During the entire treatment period, I tried not to lose heart, but instead, joke, laugh, be positive. I tried not to think about the possibility of complications, since bypass surgery is no longer a exotic, becoming standard procedure. I hope that Russia will soon reach the level of Israeli medicine. I believe that a positive to help me deal with the situation. Assuta doctors performed work of good quality. I am satisfied, I plan to live as long as possible. And, of course, doctors have shown skills, giving me the opportunity to enjoy every day. "

Coronary artery bypass surgery - reviews elderly patients

Three years ago, Igor Ivanovich was first exposed to shortness of breath and a feeling of tightness of the chest. Then he decided that at age 71 because they feel everything - it's the inevitable manifestation of aging. Korostelev II He said: "... I was never sick, always remained on his feet, did not take sick leave and time off for health reasons And then I twisted that the forces did not resist Decided that it should be, it's.. time to retire. All my life I play football, but has recently become difficult to move across the field, bounce the ball. Wife immediately suspected something was wrong, she said that the rejection of the game for me like a catastrophe of universal scale for the others.

Once again on the field I had a sharp jump in pressure, friends called an ambulance. At the hospital, I had a catheterization of blood vessels under ultrasound control, thereby confirming that the blood vessels in the area are well packed with plaques heart that does not give the blood to flow freely, supplying the heart with oxygen and nourishing nutrients. The doctor recommended surgery bypass surgery on the heart - reviews inspire confidence. Due to the age afraid to do in Russia, and the doctors honestly made it clear that the outcome of the operation is not clear, since complications can arise.

I decided on a trip to Israel. There are already a lot of years, take an elderly patient without fear of dangerous risks. And the survival rate and a favorable outcome in Israel is much higher than in the Russian medicine. Agreed with the coordinators of the trip, I took the documents on health and went for treatment at the clinic Assuta. The doctor suggested that I perform the surgery on a beating heart. Read the reviews about the CABG surgery, as hardly imagine how the procedure will take place. Found information that the surgeon is easier to control the situation, when the muscle beats. So the doctor operated on me without turning off the heart. During the procedure, I did not feel discomfort and pain.

After the operation, his wife was surprised that I got to know friends and relatives still in intensive care, what to speak of going to a regular room. When reading reviews about patients of coronary artery bypass surgery, I noticed that many refer to the absence of mood in the postoperative period for surges of emotion, mostly apathy, boredom, depression. I want to say that has not experienced any of these states. I was not peevish, harmful, forgetful and absent-minded. On the contrary, I woke up in force, there was energy. I always wanted to exceed the recommended physicians when performing exercises norm.

Returning home, I signed a dietitian at the reception, then I sat on a diet on the recommended plan. Enrolled in gymnastics at a nearby clinic to replace the usual load more forgiving, returned to football after six months - without this sport could not, something was missing for a full life. Friends jokingly call me the Wild, saying that among the local strikers on the field, few compare with me. Of course laughing. But the joke always is the truth. I am proud that at this age can give odds to young athletes.

I can honestly say, after I found out what a coronary artery bypass surgery, patients responses given me hope. But I could not have imagined that I would feel like a winner after a complicated operation. I think that is metered ahead of me for several years of a happy life with my wife, children and grandchildren. Now strictly follow the recommendations of doctors, I must comply with them. I feel great - no pain, discomfort, tingling in the heart and shortness of breath. Nothing.

I get great pleasure from the game with a small grandchildren. The daughter says that I myself like a little child. And I, when faced with disaster, glad to be alive and have the opportunity to delight loved ones. Thanks to the doctors clinic coordinators. And a special thank you to Dr. Leonid Sternik. His skilled hands brought me back to the familiar life, it possible to stay afloat. "

CABG surgery on the heart - reviews the procedure for Denis

"... My wife and I do not live in poverty, so we have the opportunity to use the services of private doctors, who became a friend of the family for the past 5 years. We meet not only the surveys but also in real time, whenever you want to drink a beer in the evening stankanchik or stroll along the Neva River at Peter. in our last meeting Valera drew attention to the lethargy and fatigue, which began to appear in my behavior. His attention, as it turned out , saved my life.

I passed the stress test (cardiac SPECT) and additional examinations. It turned out that one of the coronary arteries clogged by more than 95%. To relieve the symptoms of heart bypass surgery has been recommended, patient testimonials, which I have read on the net, looked promising. Decided to treat the disease in the Assuta - I read many good things about the Israeli clinic and the level of medicine abroad. Regretted. With me I went to his wife, who did not want to leave me alone. Paid for the operation is acceptable. Took shape, thanks to the coordination center, quickly.

The hospital felt increased attention, the staff is responsive to any requests. Vienna for an operation seized with his feet. After surgery, the wound healed quickly. He took on the advice of doctors painkillers and other medicines. Valera checked at every stage of treatment plans, all the information associated with them. Said that everything is done professionally, carp literally just do not need it.

A month later, my health is back to normal. With his wife walk in the evenings, breathing air. For the first time in many years, he says that he loves me more than before. The possibility of losing my influence on it very well. He became attentive, anxious, trying to please me by any means. This is the second youth. I am very pleased that at the time the disease is diagnosed and taken steps to correct the state. I realized that I love my wife and do not want to lose our idyll with her. Do not be put off by the terrible diagnosis, do not be discouraged because of poor health. There is always a way out. Special thanks to the doctors Assuta Hospital. "

History Maxim - the pain started in her leg

Maxim asked the coordinators with a desire to pass inspection in Israel and to be treated in the clinic Assuta. In Russia, he was recommended coronary artery bypass surgery, patient reviews on the Internet suggested alternative treatment in Israel. Determined not to procrastinate, Maxim asked for help. When asked what prompted to do so, he replied, "... I am 61 years, I do not smoke, most of his life doing sports. Alerted me pain in my leg, suddenly appearing in the night. You know, like tingling spreads across the right foot, causing it to go numb from lack of movement. I got up, walked around the room, warming up. When the symptoms have begun to appear in the right hand, my wife called an ambulance. the brigade took me to the hospital where I underwent examination and was told that urgently need to carry out the operation - shunting.

I do not know why, but I was scared. Climbed to the Internet, three hours was looking for information on doctors, clinics, prices. I wrote a letter to the coordinators, told me after 3 hours. At this time, I just did not climb the wall of the voltage. We phoned with the Israeli side agreed to the operation in the Assuta. Three days later, there was familiar with the doctors. The operation is performed open-heart surgery. Any discomfort I felt. I woke up in intensive care. A day later, I was transferred to a regular room. I was in the hospital a week. Then she draws on the passage of cardiac reabiletatsii. I rented an apartment near the clinic, organized a nurse assisting.

A month later he flew home to Russia. At the airport to meet relatives. Friends and loved ones. It felt to be back from the dead. And I, as a boy, stood and rejoiced native Sheremetyevo breeze Moscow streets, smiling people favorite people. Thanks to doctors Assuta for returning me the taste of life. I want to live and enjoy every day without fear of complications and severe consequences. So far, I do it. Carefully dish all doctors' recommendations. I hope that the result will remain for a long time. "


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