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Rehabilitation after CABG in Assuta

CABG surgeryis performed for medical reasons in order to coronary heart disease therapy and improve the performance of the heart muscle. Appointed by interference with poor blood supply to the heart, when the operator creates a bypass arterial road (bypass) instead occluded atherosclerotic plaques natural counterpart. Since the operation requires a serious approach, and significant tissue damage, rehabilitation after bypass surgery takes longer. Nowadays enriched technology of coronary artery bypass grafting, were replenished with new practice surgical techniques. This made it possible to significantly reduce the recovery period. Carried out in the clinicAssutaCABG surgery rehabilitation requires short-lived. If the patient feels well after the intervention, it is allowed to be active from the early days. On the second day with the help of doctors the patient begins to sit down on the bed, his back to the ability to independently move, breathe and eat.

Rehabilitation after CABG in the ICU

Serious heart surgery eliminates a number of specific problems that hinder a person to live normally. But after CABG patient waits during recuperation, when it is necessary to have patience, to regain form. rehabilitation period of each person is unique, a lot depends on the patient's age, general health status, co-morbidities, the individual characteristics of the organism. Rehabilitation after coronary artery bypass heart begins with an intensive care unit, after which the patient is in the hospital for three to five days. After check-out will take another six weeks to restore the house to return to the previous form. At this time, you need to adhere strictly to the recommended rules and norms of the doctor not to provoke complications.

Intensive Care Unit - a specially equipped box with control equipment work of vital organs. Medical personnel have been trained in the profile to assist seriously ill people come here after complex operations. Anesthesia continues to act on the body for two to four hours after surgery. During this period the breathing tube is maintained by providing ventilation. This equipment generates air flow to the lungs and back, which forms a complete breathing process without the participation of the patient. The equipment provides deep breaths, allowing to breathe without the complications and delays that can detrimental impact on the livelihoods of the operated person.

Once the condition is stabilized after bypass surgery, and the patient can breathe on their own, the tube is disconnected. Most patients after anesthesia trying to remove interfering pipe from his mouth. Counteract this special clips on their hands. When the doctor is satisfied that the patient is a sober assessment of the situation, the apparatus of artificial ventilation of lungs off.

The Assuta Hospital ICU allowed brief visits with relatives and loved ones. The doctor agrees to run the visitors in a few hours after the intervention. At this time, the tube is still in the mouth and prevents the talk. The only thing that can be patient, it's look and communicate with small head movements. Switching equipment and other life-support systems on the day after surgery. These include:

  • Tube inserted through the nose into the stomach - the action is directed at eliminating the feeling of nausea due to bloating. Pain tube does not deliver. Discomfort manifests itself in the feeling of rhinitis, when it seems that the liquid runs out of the nose.
  • Catheter into the bladder, allowing urine to monitor the level. Patient while the catheter connection is experiencing normal urge to urinate, but the urine is discharged through the tube. When it is removed, the patient goes to the toilet on their own. In this short period of burning sensation during urination.
  • Drainage - tube leading out of the chest cavity accumulates fluid that prevents its accumulation and the development of complications.
  • Arterial system - controls the level of blood pressure. With the help of doctors, serum as well.
  • Feed droppers for feeding the body fluids, medicines.

On the second day of recovery after bypass surgery on the heart under normal indications include mobilization of patients in the rehabilitation process. Doctors are allowed to take the next day after surgery transparent liquid. If the body is ready to receive the solid food products are then carefully included in the diet. For the broth followed by pulp puree authorized by a cardiologist. If the patient's strength allow him to sit down, the doctors give their consent gently lead body in half upright position on the bed, leaning on a cushion or by nurses.

Practiced breathing exercises, which the patient is studied prior to surgery. The patient starts to breathe spontaneously and cough to output accumulating fluid in the lungs and prevent its stagnation, which provokes complications. In the normal state of health of the patient is transferred to a regular room where it relentlessly pursues physicians, controlling his condition. For the convenience of patients after coronary artery bypass surgery should carry a portable device, with which monitored heart rate. Telemetry Monitor shows the data that is easy to control to the patient and observe his condition doctors.

The next day, the patient is required to start receiving solid food. It is recommended to walk for short distances. But the amount of fluid intake is still limited so as not to provoke swelling. The day is allowed up to six to eight cups, the food you need to sit in a chair to rest. At the hospital, the patient spends three to five days, each time increasing the load to quickly return to the usual rhythm of life. If behind a coronary artery bypass surgery, rehabilitation in a hospital setting is passed, in the normal state of health of the patient is discharged home, where it is still recommended a strict regime and periodic supervision by a physician.

Rehabilitation after CABG at home

Recovery takes an average of six weeks. The period can be between four and twelve weeks depending on the individual characteristics of the patient and other external factors. Much depends on strict adherence to the recommendations of doctors. At discharge from the clinic Assuta the patient is transferred to the hands of the escort, to which the doctor preliminary talks about patient care. Accompany the patient can and Rehabilitation Center staff, if issued the contract. Specially trained nurse provides care schedule compliance and medication profile visit procedures.

Strict controls requires incision of the chest, to be monitored in time to fix the symptoms of infection when they appear. Cheerleaders have fever, rapid heart rate, increasing the bleeding from the wound, intense pain that does not pass after taking the drug analgesic effect. Pre cardiologist speaks with the patient companion, warns him about the moment of crisis, which he should immediately inform your doctor.

It is important to care for your incision in the chest and a wound which was seized vessel for bypass surgery. The incision can be extended or minimal if bypass surgery performed minimally invasive manner by punctures on his chest. CABG involves rehabilitation of the following recommendations for care for the incision:

  1. You can not swim, the swimming pool, take a hot shower first few weeks. Let's say a warm shower, with possible direct hit by a jet under pressure to the wound area. It should be delicately handle section mild soap and water, it is necessary to wet wound dry, absorbent wicking, towel. Permission to accept water procedures give the physician.
  2. Do not use lotions, oils, powders, in wound treatment. Antiseptic doctor prescribes.
  3. Avoid sudden movements and overloading, can lead to wound dehiscence. You must use a bandage after CABG to careless movement did not lead to a deterioration of the cut.
  4. Itching, slight burning, numbness, or tingling are allowed during recovery.
  5. Improve the appearance of the scar and give it a cosmetic effect allows a special gel based on silicone. Purchase their own means can not authorize the use of eminent physicians.
  6. Should consult with the cardiologist about the use of sunscreens and other means to protect the scar from exposure to intense sunlight in the summer season.

It is important to comply with the recommendations after bypass surgery of the leg where removed Vienna to delayed wound faster and does not leave a trace. Require compression stockings, washing the wounds with warm water and soap. Feet should be kept in the raised position more often to reduce the swelling. Especially hard tightened wounds in diabetic patients. It is necessary to carefully follow the advice of doctors to reduce the recovery period.

If you have any doubts about taking drugs to stop treatment after CABG alone can not. It is important to agree on this issue with your doctor, or a high risk of developing complications. The cardiologist will mark the period, after which it will be possible to return to normal life. People of intellectual labor rehabilitation period is shorter than that of the professions that require the use of physical force.

Cardiac rehabilitation after CABG

Recovery after bypass surgery is similar to any rehabilitation after heart surgery. The attending physician is an individual exercise program for health promotion. Begin training with hospitals, continuing home. Program duration is several months. The patient's condition is strictly controlled by physicians: cardiologist, therapist, nutritionist, psychologist.

When breathing exercises after CABG mastered, physical activity increases every day. Practiced walking, physiotherapy, exercise bike. It applies a special diet, which excluded harmful products. It is scientifically proven that the passage of cardiac rehabilitation gives a positive result. In most cases, strict adherence to the program avoids the risk of complications and prolong the life of patients who have experienced a complicated procedure.

It is important to remember that the bypass corrects clogging blood vessels that feed the heart muscle. However, surgery does not cure the underlying heart disease. To obtain a long-term, it is necessary to comply with the recovery program to deal with the risk factors for coronary heart disease. Not all of them are amenable to correction. Will remain unchanged genetic factor and heredity. But the patient can reduce the risk by changing the power to form a sound approach in the application of physical activity, eliminating the bad habits of life.

You want to exclude from the diet of fatty foods, sweets, fried and smoked foods, large amounts of salt. It is necessary to give up cigarettes and alcohol drinks. Following the clinic Assuta surgery you will receive instructions on how to elaborate recovery period in the first months of rehabilitation, and long-term recovery program and health care. Observing the individual readings, can prolong life for decades, returning the ability to enjoy every day.


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