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Artificial human heart - transplant in Assuta

Assuta Medical Complex has a cardiac surgery center , which offers a wide range of services for the treatment of heart disease. It is equipped with modern medical equipment and provides assistance to Israel's leading cardiac surgeons. If you need the operation, fill in the application form. We will be able to provide medical services that meet the highest international standards.

The price of an artificial heart

Cost AbioCor artificial heart in Western Europe is about 75 000 - $ 100 000, together with the operation - 350 000 $. SynCardia device - 124 800+ payment for Freedom driver service.

We hold the prices for certain procedures. For example, to replace the operation and restoration of the heart valves in Assuta - 49 000 $. If you are interested in the cost of the transplant of an artificial heart, fill out the application form, we will provide detailed information.

An artificial human heart

Completely artificial heart (total artificial heart -TAH) - a device that replaces the two lower body chambers - the ventricles. It is used in the end-stage heart failure.

Heart failure is a condition in which the heart is unable to pump enough blood to meet the body's needs. This step shows the extreme seriousness when all treatments except for a heart transplant, were inconclusive. Heart transplantation - a surgical procedure in which the diseased human heart is removed and replaced by healthy from a deceased donor.

TAH is recommended for two reasons:

  • To save the life of the patient, while he waits for a transplant.
  • If you can not hold a transplant, but the patient is in the terminal stage of heart failure.

Model and structure of artificial human heart

mechanical heart The device is attached to the top of the camera body - the atria. Between the heart and the atria are mechanical valves, which function as heart valves, controlling blood flow through the body.

Currently in Israeli hospitals are mainly used several types of artificial hearts - CardioWest, AbioCor and SynCardia. The main difference between the CardioWest and AbioCor is that CardioWest is connected to an external power source, and AbioCor - no.

CardioWest has two tubes extending through openings in the abdomen to the chest.

SynCardia is small, unlike the first two - weighs about 160 grams, the artificial heart of the manufacturers offer models for both adults and children.. However, to support the device requires an external equipment - it weighs about six kilograms, it can be carried in a backpack or bag.

Autonomous artificial heart AbioCor

Autonomous artificial heart AbioCorThis is the result of 30 years of research, development and testing of ABIOMED, ​​Inc. supported by the National Institute of Heart Disease, Lung, and Blood. Its unique design is fully implanted in the human body. Unlike artificial hearts in the past, patients are not tied to a variety of consoles, have no wires or tubes passing through the skin. AbioCor received FDA approval.

July 2, 2001, surgeons at Jewish Hospital in Louisville, Kentucky, the first artificial heart was implanted AbioCor 59-year-old patient.

TAH entirely located inside the thorax. battery is placed inside the heart, it is charged through the skin using a special magnetic device. The energy from the external charging apparatus through the internal battery reaches a percutaneous energy transfer system (TET).

Implanted TET device is connected to the battery. TET outer member is coupled to the external charger. Implanted controller monitors and coordinates the velocity of blood flow.


The artificial heart is usually prolongs life for months over the expected life of end-stage heart failure. If the patient is waiting for organ transplants, the device can keep him alive during the waiting period, as well as to improve its quality. However TAH - this is a very sophisticated equipment, including also for the transplantation process, in addition, it can cause complications.

Maximum certain time the patient's life at AbioCor system (2001 - the first transplant) is 17 months from the moment of implantation. After 2-5 years of use of plastic and metal parts begin to wear, necessitating further surgery.

The TAH currently used among a small number of people. Researchers are working to improve the devices to extend human life and reduce the number of potential side effects.

Some facts are worth knowing about the artificial hearts:

  1. There is a growing demand for TAH. According to the US Department of Health about 4 thousand. People are waiting for a donor heart transplants each year, but the authorities are about 2,300 patients. Among the EU countries 3 400 patients in 2012 were in the queues at the donor heart, and only 2,004 people received them.
  2. The most commonly used TAH. From 1969 to 2014 it was carried out 1413 transplants of artificial hearts. On SynCardia device and its predecessors have 96% - 1352.
  3. The duration of TAH. These devices help to survive and regain their health for a full transplant. The shortage of donor hearts causes patients to wait longer for a transplant. The longest use TAH - 1374 day a citizen of Italy - Pietro Zorzetto to successful heart transplant September 11, 2011, was used SynCardia model. On average, the device used 1-2 years.
  4. Improving the quality of life. Here is a review of the use of an artificial heart.

A resident of France, Frédéric Thiollet, 37 years old, lived with an artificial heart in 1122 days. From the words of Frédéric: «recover my physical abilities. I enjoyed his "resurrection" is like a new birth. Physically, I now have no limits. I am strong and powerful as ever, even more than before. "

Kris Marshall with an artificial heart was about 1,000 km to the operation to transplant a donor heart. Randy Shepard made a 7-km race before transplantation.

Indications for artificial human heart

This device is successfully used when both the ventricle does not work on the end-stage heart failure. When the patient is waiting for a heart transplant, TAH will help prolong life and improve its quality. If life expectancy is less than 30 days, and the patient can not hold a transplant, artificial heart will increase the life beyond the expected 30 days.

TAH - this device "last resort." This means that only people who have tried all other methods of treatment, in addition to transplantation, can refer to it. The use of an artificial heart is not considered for patients who can assist medications or other treatments.

TAH are volume restrictions. Dimensions CardioWest and AbioCor artificial heart is quite large, the device can fit only in a large chest. Currently, there are no such devices, which are used for children. However, researchers are trying to create a model of an artificial heart smaller volume.

The exception is the TAH SynCardia with low weight, it is used, including those for children, but this model provides for compulsory external equipment, unlike artificial AbioCor heart that is completely implanted into the body.

FDA approved the use of these devices for specific cases. A doctor in the clinic Israeli discuss with the patient, can be used in a particular case TAH. If he decides that the artificial heart - a good option would be considered the advantages of each of the device types.

Preparing for the transplant of an artificial heart in Assuta

Before you get a TAH, most likely, will have to spend at least a week in the hospital to prepare for the surgery. During this time, doctors will talk in detail about the device, will teach how to live with it. The patient and his family will communicate with the surgeons, cardiologists, to get all the necessary information before the operation. The patient may demonstrate how the device looks like, and how it will be attached inside the body.

Doctors will check the condition of the body to be sure that the patient will take a surgical intervention. It may be necessary additional nutrition through a tube before surgery.

Diagnostic tests may include:

  • CT of the chest. It is conducted to make sure that the size of the artificial heart is completely suitable for a particular thorax. Before surgery, the physician to make sure there is enough space inside for this device.
  • Blood tests. They are performed to find out how the kidneys and liver are working well. Also, to determine the levels of blood cells and essential chemicals.
  • Chest X-ray produces an image inside the chest, which helps the doctor to prepare for surgery.
  • ECG (electrocardiogram) tests how well the heart works prior to transplantation.

Transplantation of artificial human heart in Assuta

This surgical procedure is very complicated, it takes 5-9 hours. It requires a large number of expert doctors and assistants during the operation. About 15 people may be present in the operating room.

Surgical team transplantation artificial heart include:

  • surgeons who performed the operation;
  • nurses, help the surgeon;
  • anesthesiologists;
  • perfusionists, responsible for the functioning of the heart-lung machine during the transplant;
  • Engineers who are trained to assemble the device and check its good functioning.

Before the surgery, the patient will be given medicine so he slept. During the transplant anesthesiologist monitors the heart rate, blood pressure, oxygen levels and breathing.

The breathing tube is put down the throat into the trachea. It is connected to a ventilator (a device capable of breathing).

Cut is made in the center of the chest, it opens so that the surgeon can reach the heart. Special medications used to stop the body, it allows surgeons to work. cardiopulmonary bypass device provides blood flow through the body at the time of transplantation.

The surgeon removes the heart ventricles and attach the device to the body of the upper chamber. When everything is completed, lung machine is switched off, and TAH begins to pump blood in the body.

After implantation of an artificial heart in Assuta

Recovery time depends on the condition of the patient before surgery. If he observed severe heart failure, the body may be weak light may be difficult to operate. You may need to ventilators and nutrition through a tube.

Staying in the hospital takes a month or more.

Immediately after surgery the patient is transferred to the ICU. Liquid and power is supplied intravenously. Also used a catheter to drain urine.

After a few days or longer, depending on the recovery of the body, the patient is transferred to a regular room. Nurses who have experience with TAH and other similar devices that provide quality care. They help to get out of bed to sit and walk. When the patient will get stronger, droppers and the catheter is removed. Patient are taught how to live with an artificial heart, how to care for the device in the home.

Physiotherapists help the patient to get stronger by the slow increase in activity.

Extract and life after transplant of an artificial heart

When the patient returns home, he will be able to do more than he could before - get out of bed, get dressed, move around the house, to engage in any physical activity. In addition, he will be able to drive a car. Doctors will advise on the level of activity in order to protect the patient.


If it has been transplanted artificial heart the AbioCor, people will be able to take a shower or swim while the device is charged. When CardioWest TAH outer tube extending through an opening in the skin, connected to a power source. These holes increase the risk of infections.

The patient will need to take special precautions before swimming to the tube passing through the abdomen, not soaked. Doctors will explain how to do it.

Care for artificial heart

If the patient has the AbioCor artificial heart, it must be kept charged using the magnetic charger. When the equipment is loaded, you can engage in any activity that allows you to feel comfortable.

If implanted CardioWest TAH, it is connected to an external power source - driver. Driver - portable, so it is possible to move around the city and do the necessary work.

Nutrition and physical activity

During recovery, it is very important to get good food after the transplant of an artificial heart. Assuta Hospital doctors recommend proper nutrition plan.

Also, the doctor will talk about the exercise program that can give strength to the body needed to recover.

In the months and years to come, when the heart is not working properly, the body's muscles have weakened. muscle building will allow people to do more, expand its capabilities, make you feel less tired.

Further medical care

The patient will need regular check-ups. Doctors will check the status of changes, make sure that the device is working properly.

If implanted AbioCor TAH, doctors can check its operation remotely. This means that if a person is unaware of the occurrence of any problems, the device can be connected to a computer with internet access. The computer will send data, physicians will be able to find out if everything is working correctly. Certain problems may require a personal appeal to the clinic.

CardioWest TAH can not be checked remotely. Doctors talk about the potential warning signs. If these symptoms appear or new people feel sick, you must seek medical help immediately.


The patient may need to take medicine to prevent blood clots, while standing artificial heart. Regular blood tests will show whether the drugs work.

In addition, the required medicines, to prevent the development of infection. It will be necessary to measure the temperature on a daily basis to make sure that there is no fever, which can be a sign of infection.

It is important to control the intake of all essential drugs, as well as watch for possible side effects and report them to your doctor.

heart transplant

If the patient is on the waiting list for heart transplantation, it is likely to be in close contact with the transplant center. Most donor hearts should be transplanted within 4 hours after removal from the donor.

Center staff can provide the patient with a pager so you can contact them at any time. The person must be ready to arrive at the hospital within 2 hours from the time of receipt of the notification of the donor organ.

emotional problems

Transplantation of artificial heart can cause fear, anxiety and stress. If a person is on a waiting list, he may worry that will not live long enough to TAH, to get a new heart. It causes depression or depression.

These are normal feelings for those who pass through such global operations. Should talk about it with the team of doctors. It can help to communicate with a professional counselor - psychologist. If a patient is depressed, the doctor may recommend medications or other treatments that can improve the quality of life.

the support of family and friends can help relieve stress and anxiety. Relatives should be aware of these feelings, they may be able to alleviate the condition.

What are the risks of the transplant of an artificial heart?

This surgery carries serious risks. These include blood clots, bleeding, infection and device failure. Due to these risks, the artificial heart has only a small number of people.

There is a small chance of dying during transplantation. The risk that the body will react badly to the drugs for anesthesia. However, most patients survive and recover after successful surgery.

If the artificial heart - a variant for the specific case of the disease, it is necessary to discuss all the advantages and disadvantages of the method with the doctor.

Researchers around the world are working on the improvement of TAH and reduce the risks associated with the use of these devices.

blood clots

When blood comes into contact with something that is not a natural part of the body, such as an artificial heart, it tends to clot more than normal. Blood clots can break the bloodstream and block blood vessels, leading to important organs.

Blood clots lead to serious complications and even death. For this reason it is necessary to take special drugs to prevent their formation, with TAH.


The operation to implant the artificial heart is very complex. Bleeding may occur in the thoracic cavity during and after surgery.

Antithrombotic drugs increase the risk of bleeding because blood thinners. Balance the intake of these funds from bleeding likely to be very difficult. The patient should take the medication exactly as prescribed by a physician.


One of the available artificial hearts - CardioWest - is connected to a power source outside the body through a hole in the abdominal cavity. This increases the risk of infection.

Constant tube extending through the skin, greatly increase the active side effect. Need medication to reduce this risk.

Doctors in Assuta will closely monitor that reveal signs of infection. You may need to check the temperature several times a day.

All types of artificial heart increases the risk of infection. The doctor will prescribe medication to reduce it.

Malfunction of the device

Since the artificial heart devices are very complex, they can be damaged in different ways:

  • Disturbed action pump.
  • The engine (engine) fails.
  • The device will no longer function properly.

In fact, the artificial heart implanted in recent years, as a rule, very well operated. However, the possibility of breakage.


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