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Stories and reviews of the heart pacemaker, prices

Testimonials about the heart pacemakerThe presence of pacemakerbrings peace of mind, which will help to return to an active life. Stories and reviews are written with words of patients.

Alexander, St. Petersburg - a review of the operation and the life of the pacemaker

"Dancing was a part of my life since 1954, it is my professional activity. In the 75 years I remain active in many ways, hiking, playing table tennis. The first cardiac pacemaker, which established 21 years ago, gave me a second life .

In the mid 50s I suddenly lost consciousness twice. I felt fine, and the next moment - fainted. Go to a doctor, we conducted a variety of tests, including 24-hour ECG.

Later I was told that the problem with the heart's electrical activity can stop or slow down his rhythm, causing loss of consciousness. In these cases, a pacemaker ensures that the heart will receive the necessary electrical impulses, which will regulate the heartbeat.

Pacemakers are powered by a battery, the average service life is 8-10 years, and then must be replaced. Twice already I passed repeated operations. To the children thanks have the Opportunity to OPERATE in Israel, the Chosen one's of the Hospitals: best - Assuta . Before replacing passed the necessary diagnostic tests.

I advise everyone not depending on whether or not to have a pacemaker - "retains activity as you can!" For me now it is table tennis 2-3 times a week, as well as ballroom and folk dances. I love the movement, and a variety of music.

I was engaged in ballroom dancing since childhood, in 18 years, fate brought me to my wife - Eugene. I invited her to the last dance and more, she would not let me. We lived together for 56 years, have three children and three grandchildren. We have many joint awards, it is a pity that the joint problems of his wife now does not allow it to continue to dance.

I realize that I was lucky, and I continue to be so active at this age, because I'll be 80 in a few years.

My granddaughter and her son live in France, I have flown several times to him. I had no problems when I informed the staff of the airport you have a pacemaker. "

Grozman Anna, 38 years, Moscow - a review of the operation and the life of the pacemaker

"I have a pacemaker for 7 years. Overall I felt good, felt sometimes irregular heartbeat, twice fainted. After that, an appointment with a doctor. I was assigned a number of diagnostic tests, including a 24-hour ECG. During ECG I lost consciousness, I was taken to the hospital. a few days later we flew to Israel, more than inspire confidence Israeli medicine. The Assuta had surgery to install a pacemaker.

He did not interfere with my active lifestyle. I - a qualified instructor zumba dance, taught 3-4 times a week.

My eight year old daughter, who is constantly in motion. Especially with a young child, it is important to know that you will not fall unexpectedly faint that the pacemaker will prevent it.

Operation of implantation went very well. I was warned that in the first 6-8 weeks you need to move your hands gently, avoid heavy lifting, pulling and lifting his hands on the affected side. This is important because wires, introduced into the heart, must be firmly implemented. After that you can normally continue to live on.

Four years ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I underwent a course of chemotherapy, radiotherapy and surgery. Since the tumor was close to a pacemaker, it moved to the opposite side of the chest to the appliance does not come under the effect of irradiation.

For three years, I was left a disease, but chemotherapy has damaged the nerves in his feet. Physical therapist directed me to a special exercise program. I am twice a week access to the gym and do Nordic walking, which is a strain of 90% of lean body mass. While I'm waiting for a fully restored legs before returning to Zumbe.

I explained to her daughter about the pacemaker, and she realizes that can not be put close beside me any magnetic toys.

We are a few months we plan to go to Dubai, and I'm looking forward to it. "

The pacemaker of the heart - the cost of operations in the Assuta

Price includes installation of the pacemaker diagnostic and therapeutic program. Cost of surveys will be around $ 1500-2000. Price operation itself will mainly depend on the type of appliance (one, two - and three-chamber, the device manufacturer), the services of Operating cardiologists.

CAN information detailed The more the BE Obtained by sending a request or appeal by writing to the email address specified ' [email protected] .


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