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Hypertension Treatment in Israel

WHO (World Health Organization) indicates the alarming prevalence of hypertensive disease (hypertension) in the world, it is called a "silent killer" - this illness in varying degrees of severity diagnosed in one in five people in the world. Hypertension, regardless of reasons therefor, is dangerous for its complications - high blood pressure increases the risk of heart attack (myocardial infarction) or stroke. But modern Israeli medicine is a leader in the fight against the terrible disease: conducted advanced research methods of high blood pressure correction, including non-drug, while actively conducting pharmacological development, development of new formula of antihypertensive medications, side effects and safety of pharmacological agents studied very carefully, study ways of preventing the deterioration of the disease.

Advantages of hypertension treatment in Israel in the clinic Assuta:

  • Error-free and accurate diagnosis of hypertension due to modern techniques of non-invasive assessment of the state of vessels, detailed blood tests to ensure that the results in the survey used the most advanced high-precision equipment.
  • Advanced security methods of treatment of hypertension in Israel, including Ultrasound ablation of the sympathetic nerves of the renal artery (renal denervation method): efficiency and lack of complications.
  • A multidisciplinary team of specialists: patients are doctors - cardiologists, Angiology, physicians, surgeons vascular profile, nutritionists and other specialists, certified nurses - involved in the treatment of hypertension in Israel, the most attentive and experienced..
  • The highest professional level of medical specialists, who are constantly improving their skills, introduce scientific and clinical development, participate in international conferences, etc.
  • Effective drug therapy: the use of the latest generation of anti-hypertensive drugs, each drug for the treatment of hypertension in Israel gets to patients only after a multi-stage control of its safety and quality.
  • Individual approach taking into account all the needs of patients.
  • Affordable cost of the treatment of hypertension in Israel - at the cost of a complex of medical services prices (diagnostics, providing treatment, medication and the use of modern equipment) at Assuta is 25% lower than in the medical center of the EU and the US, and the quality of treatment is comparable and at a high level.

Hypertension Treatment in Israel

What is meant by blood pressure, and under what terms it will be considered high? The term blood or "blood pressure" (BP) assumes component force with which the flow of blood pushes on the elastic walls of blood vessels. BP is recorded by two numbers:

Systolic, also referred to as "upper" pressure (plural) - shows the pressure on the blood vessels at the time of systole, when the heart, cutting, pumps blood into the aorta. Diastolic, otherwise called "lower" (minimal number) is the value showing the power of resistance in the blood vessels when the heart muscle is resting between contractions (beats).

Both indicators are measured in millimeters of mercury (mm Hg. V.). The normal blood pressure reading is about 120/80 mm Hg. Art. When blood pressure is constantly in the higher range, it is possible to speak about hypertension. Different people have individual blood pressure readings will be slightly different.

Hypertension varies in severity:

  • Step 1 - systolic blood pressure consistently above standards and lies in the range from 130 to 139 mm Hg. Art. When this pressure has a diastolic figures from 80 to 89 mm Hg.
  • Step 2 - more severe hypertension, in which the index of systolic pressure of 140 mm Hg. Art. or higher, or if the diastolic shows an increase of 90 mm Hg. Art. or higher.

Both measures are important in blood pressure. But after the age of 50 years, systolic index becomes more significant for conclusions regarding the state of health. Isolated systolic hypertension - a condition which is characterized by specific parameters: index lower diastolic pressure may be within the normal range (not more than 80 mm Hg.)., But the systolic exceeded (130 mm Hg or more..), Such a pattern common in patients age of 65-68 years.


The essence of treatment of hypertension in Israel, is to normalize blood pressure, reduce the risk of complications caused by the disease and prevent or delay the associated health problems. Therapy generally involves:

  • Combination receiving modern antihypertensive drugs.
  • Sometimes the use of minimally invasive interventions.
  • Changing the current is not very healthy lifestyle in accordance with HLS.

The aim of combination therapy is to stabilize the blood pressure parameters within the limits established by physicians based on the results of diagnostics of individual standards.

Treatment of refractory (resistant) hypertension in which elevated blood pressure is difficult to control, despite reception of various types of drugs, may further include more effective methods for minimally invasive intervention in the treatment of hypertension in Israel. It:

  • Radiofrequency or ultrasound ablation renal sympathetic nerves (renal denervation) - are the operation is to destroy nerves innervating the renal arteries transmitting incorrect signals in the CNS, causing narrowing of the artery that leads to problems with water excretion from the body. Ablation is recommended at blood pressure above 190 mm Hg It lasts about an hour. Performed by laparoscopic access. Rehabilitation period - day, and after examination of the patient the physician leaves the hospital and goes home.
  • Electrical stimulation of baroreceptors located in the carotid sinus and respond to changes in blood pressure.

Drugs used to treat hypertension in Israel

  • Diuretic drugs group of thiazide diuretics - drugs affecting the ability of the kidneys to excrete the patient's sodium ions and fluid (directly water) thus reducing the circulating blood volume so that the pressure on the vascular wall, are often the first but not the only candidate drug. Among the side effects of diuretics fixed increased frequency of urination and leaching electrolyte.
  • Angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) - contribute to the process of lowering the tone of blood vessels, blocking the formation of biological compounds narrowing their lumen. Relax vascular wall. Shows good results in patients under 55 years of age on 1 gipertonichekoy stage disease.
  • Angiotensin II receptor blockers (ARBs) - lower tone of blood vessels by blocking of action (ie narrowing..), And without stopping the formation of biochemical substances like drugs above group, it constricts blood vessels and has a relaxing effect.
  • Calcium channel blockers - relax smooth muscles of blood vessel walls, sometimes slow pulse (heart rate). This group of drugs are prescribed to elderly patients over 65 years.

Sometimes the treatment of hypertension in Israel and used drugs other groups if the goal of lowering blood pressure with a combination of these agents is difficult, assigned:

  • Alpha-blockers - inhibit the passage of nerve impulses, reduce effects of compounds that regulate vasoconstriction, which moves the blood.
  • Beta-blockers - reduce the workload on the heart muscle, reduce heart rate and dilate blood vessels, may be effective in combination with other antihypertensive pharma.
  • Alpha-beta-blockers - slow heart rate, reducing the amount of blood that must be pumped through the vessels.
  • Aldosterone antagonists - inhibit the action of biologically active substances, which may lead to delay of salts and liquids that can increase blood pressure.
  • Renin inhibitors - slow down the production of renin, special enzyme produced by the kidney, triggering a chain of chemical reactions that increase blood pressure.
  • Vasodilators - act directly on the smooth muscle of vessel walls, preventing them from narrowing.
  • Centrally acting agents - prevent the brain sends signals to the nervous system to increase heart rate and vasoconstriction.
In treating hypertension in Israel, the doctor may prescribe a combination of medication in low doses for a more effective impact and reduce side effects. A thorough search of the most effective combinations of existing pharmaceutical products with a minimum negative impact it distinguishes Israeli medicine and is the basis for its unprecedented success in the treatment of hypertension in Israel.

Diagnosis of hypertension in Israel

High blood pressure (hypertension) usually do not have any pronounced symptoms (sometimes headache, shortness of breath, reddening of the skin), so the easiest way to find out - to measure blood pressure. People over age 40 should check your blood pressure regularly. If there is an increased risk of hypertension (family history, comorbidities, risk factors) should check it more frequently. Single presence of elevated blood pressure values ​​do not necessarily mean hypertension. Blood pressure can fluctuate throughout the day. Anxiety or stress when visiting a doctor can also increase blood pressure.

Measurement of blood pressure before treatment of hypertension in Israel is carried out on modern digital equipment, easy and affordable. Stethoscope, cuff, a pump, a pressure gauge with a dial, which were used to measure blood pressure before, in the past, are currently used automatic devices with sensors and digital displays.

Need to measure blood pressure while sitting, at rest, keeping your back and legs straight, you need to roll up their sleeves to cuff was placed on his shoulder. Try to relax and avoid talking during the test time.

Also carried ambulatory (24-hour), a blood pressure monitor using Holder sensor that measures blood pressure within a day.

In addition to these studies, patients are assigned:

  • Urine and blood (clinical and biochemistry).
  • Lipogram.
  • Held Doppler renal vessels (especially important for indications for ablation).
  • Ultrasound of the abdomen, etc.

The causes of high blood pressure

The main task of a health care professional during the examination for purposes of treatment of hypertension in Israel is to establish the reasons for the increase in blood pressure, when exposed directly to the root cause easier to achieve substantial progress or cure the patient. Sometimes, to determine the cause of hypertension is not obtained, then the disease is idiopathic recognized, then the treatment is symptomatic. In all other cases, Israeli diagnosticians apply an individual approach to successfully eliminate the initial state, which led to a persistent increase in blood pressure.

Prolonged elevation of blood pressure can be differentiated into two types, they are distinguished by causing hypertension reasons:

  • Primary hypertension (essential hypertension) - if this condition is no particular reason to increase blood pressure is not detected. Usually develops gradually and slowly, over the years.
  • Secondary hypertension is a very specific reason, its cause, these include: neoplastic diseases affecting the adrenal glands or the pituitary gland, kidney disease, leading to nephrogenic or renovascular hypertension, chronic renal failure, diabetes, coronary heart disease (CHD) abnormalities and congenital vascular defects , taking certain medications (oral contraceptives, decongestants and cough means), etc.


Long-term high blood pressure in the vascular walls, including coronary arteries, brain blood vessels, has a fairly high risk of complications, which can eventually cause serious health problems such as heart disease - heart attack, cerebral circulation pathology - stroke, leading to disability and death. Therefore, it is important not to leave unattended hypertension.


Every year, the best doctors Assuta help hundreds of patients suffering from hypertension to return to normal fulfilling life.

90% of patients normalize blood pressure by conservative methods.

100% precision and rapid diagnosis of hypertension in Israel, and instant initiation of treatment.

Our doctors:

Dr. Gil Chernin - one of the leading nephrologists and urologists Israel's highest occupational category with more medical experience, specializes in the treatment of disorders and abnormalities of the kidneys, including and vascular, chronic renal failure and its complications with the use of advanced innovative methods.

Clearance for the treatment of hypertension in Israel Assuta is quick and easy. To seek medical care in the Assuta and registration provisional application, simply fill in the form at the treatment site or request a call back from the clinic. As soon as possible - which specializes in this issue, a Russian medical consultant will call you back and answer your questions, including the price for the treatment of hypertension in Israel. Therapy guarantees the most effective results, the highest quality of individually tailored treatment protocol and diagnostics, rehabilitation to normal life, prevention. The patient is accompanied by a medical supervisor and translator in Russian for the duration of treatment, the patient is provided by a reliable insurance, etc. All medical care is confidential and completely individual.


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