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Spine treatment in Israel

Modern methods of treatment of the spine

famous scientist Hippocrates words clearly indicated the spine in the assessment of human health. The doctor said: "If the disease much trouble a spine patient This statement is not far gone from the truth The clinic Assuta successfully cope with any spine disorders The hospital traveling from all over the world Here....:

  • effectively correcting scoliosis;
  • cope with osteochondrosis;
  • stenotic narrowing channel;
  • herniated discs and fractures ;
  • remove malignant tumors and neutralize the effects of metastasis in oncology.

On spine treatment in Israel, the prices are always available. In the private medical center, located in Tel Aviv, work of the famous doctors, experts of international level. Neurosurgical andorthopedic department Assutasome of the best in the world, where the practice of open and minimally invasive surgical techniques, aimed to improve the quality of life of patients and restore the shaken health of patients. The clinic in Israel for treatment of the spine provides services in the following price range:

  • The treatment of scoliosis - 35000-47000 thousand dollars.
  • Treatment of herniated discs - from 29.8 million dollars.
  • Cervical discectomy - 31000 dollars tychyach.
  • The lumbar laminectomy - 28 million dollars.

Much depends on the specific violations and the extent of damage, the complexity of the surgery, the physician level. To popular myth treatment in Israel is expensive. The cost of procedures in Assuta comparable to the Russian private centers, with cheaper prices renowned clinics in Europe (Germany, Austria, France, Great Britain) by 30-40%.

The therapeutic process is based on the harmonious combination of proven techniques and copyright techniques based on the use of innovations Israeli medicine. Purpose of treatment is based on high-precision diagnostics that patients undergo upon arrival at the clinic.

disappointing statistics

Every year since 2012, held October 16, World Day of healthy spine. His appearance was due to the need to draw attention to the problems associated with this organ diseases, and the importance of a correct way of life, leading to a reduction in the daily harmful loads on it. For common ailments include pain in the back and in the neck, scoliosis, disc disease and injury. They adversely affect the quality of human life, including the ability to work effectively and relax. However, treatment back in Israel, including in the clinic Assuta, able to solve them.

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system cause pain, disabilities and loss of personal independence. They are subject to millions of people on the planet. According to a recent study conducted by «Global Burden of Disease Study, back pain suffers 632 million people worldwide, and pain in the cervical vertebrae is subject to more than 332 million people worldwide. Other musculoskeletal problems are diagnosed at more 561 million people.

WHO data also point out that every year 500 thousand people susceptible to diseases of the spinal cord; and the risk of premature death in the above given category from 2 to 5 times. In 90% of cases the reasons - injuries in road accidents, during the fall and the physical violence.

Indications for treatment

spine disease are varied and depend on the spinal column segments. They mainly occur from repetitive strain injuries and other external and internal influences. Spine Treatment includes a wide range of diseases, from simple to the most complex, including the following:

  • pain in the back and the neck;
  • herniated disc;
  • low back pain;
  • strain, including scoliosis and hyperkyphosis;
  • fractures;
  • injuries, including sports;
  • radiculitis;
  • osteoporosis;
  • Ankylosing spondylitis;
  • spinal stenosis and other.

Before the appointment of treatment the patient undergoes diagnostic testing, including X-ray, computed tomography, complete blood count, MRI, etc., if necessary. The doctor may also refer to a consultation with a neurologist and a cardiologist.

Methods of treatment of the spine in Israel

Depending on the disease and its severity in hospital Assuta prescribed conservative treatment or surgery. One of the safest and effective methods of manual therapy is considered. It solves problems such as complaints of pain in the back and neck, headaches and sciatica. The treatment program includes exercises, stretching, massages and recommendations for changes in daily activity. Doctors develop individual plans for self-study, that patients can continue to take care of themselves.


spine treatment at Assuta includes physical therapy, including acupuncture and therapy hardware. They are aimed at reducing pain and removing the inflammatory processes. Often it is combined with medication. Effectively a treatment for osteoporosis, it restores the strength and flexibility of the spine. In many countries, doctors are of the opinion that a reasonable physical activity and proper diet helps prevent this disease. For example, an orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Paul Hadleston from the Mayo Clinic points out that osteoporosis can be prevented by taking in enough calcium and vitamin D, giving time physical activity and undergo regular inspection. For women in particular, it is important to adhere to these rules before the onset of menopause. According Hadlestona, surgery should be the last option when other methods do not give the desired result.

minimally invasive approach

Minimally invasive techniques are an effective method of treatment. Compression fractures of the spine, osteoporosis, cancer, diseases of the spine and in other cases, Assuta Hospital, doctors use vertebroplasty. It represents a strengthening of the vertebral body using a special bone cement that is injected through the cannula under the control of X-ray machine. This sparing surgery reduces the pain of the patient.


In severe cases, the treatment of spine involves the implantation of artificial discs. One of the most impressive achievements of the Israeli medicine - the invention of a new generation of implant, called TOPS (Total Posterior Solution). Thanks to him, the patient painlessly performs the full range of motions, including slopes and turns. The inventor, Ron Sacher, developed it for ten years. According to him, the implant is suitable even for young people who want to resume an active life after surgery. Clinical trials have lasted five years, and took place in Israel, Belgium and the USA. The rehabilitation process takes weeks after implantation compared to the months required for recovery from the classical operations.

Spine treatment in Israel, the best specialistsAssuta Hospital doctors - experts from around the world

When planning a trip to Israel, you can study the profile medical clinic staff, to have an idea who to want to go and who prefer to watch. We recommend to trust our knowledge and experience in the field of medical tourism. When you call us you will get the best version of the proposal for the forthcoming treatment, the recommendation of the Nominations doctors specialized to address specific health concerns.

Clinic specialists provide:

  • discectomy;
  • fusion;
  • laminectomy;
  • nucleotomy;
  • RF ablation, as well as robotic systems used in surgical interventions.

Leading spine treatment in Israel Assuta hospital the best specialists that can rightly be proud of a wealth of experience and practice of managing patients with complex disorders. Among them:

  • Dr. Ilya Baking renowned spinal surgeon, has achieved incredible heights in orthopedics, operating up to 500 patients a year. His clients include the Russian figure skater Evgeni Plushenko, director Eldar Ryazanov, Alla Pugacheva Primadonna star youth show programs Andrei Chuev. Dr. successfully performed the operation on the introduction of implants, which replace intervertebral discs. After receiving basic medobrazovanie in Moscow, Ilya graduated from graduate school in Israel, trained in the United States, Japan, Switzerland and other countries.
  • Dr. Alon Friedlander successfully graduated from Tel Aviv University, trained in China and France. It specializes in correction of various injuries, cancer, congenital and acquired defects of the spine. In charge of the center of the orthopedic clinic Sheba. Currently maintains a private practice in Assuta.
  • Dr. Shlomo Davidovich - a leading spinal surgeon Israel, proven range of conduct complex operations on the brain and spinal cord. He graduated from the Medical University in Italy, increased qualifications in Israel America. He teaches at Drexel University, is published in top international journals.
  • Professor Gepshteyn Reuven orthopedics charge separation in the clinic Meir leads Assuta private practice where patients and receives from abroad. He graduated from the Technion University, trained in the United States. Performs minimally invasive resectable intervention on the spinal column in adults and children. He engaged in teaching in Israeli universities.
  • Professor Izhar Flyuman spinal surgeon who specializes in treating children and adults. He graduated from the Medical University of Israel, trained in the United States, he taught at Harvard. The head of the Department of Spinal Surgery Assuta Hospital. Author of over 130 scientific papers.

If you have questions on registration in the clinic, diagnosis or treatment, call us or send an e-mail address. We will respond to requests to our letters and phone calls within 48 hours of your treatment.


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