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Treatment of spinal fractures in Israel

Compression fractures of the spine affecting many people. They are common among older patients and women after menopause. These fractures rarely require hospitalization, but have dangerous potential, as a result of which a person suffers pain, it loses efficiency and may become disabled in the future. Incorrect srostanie and wear bones can lead to more injuries, after which opravitsyabudet even harder. In Israel, you can get treatment and physiotherapy for a full recovery.

The clinic Assuta treatment of spinal fractures in Israel is conducted in accordance with the latest innovations of medicine. All methods of treatment based on thorough diagnostic process, combine traditional treatment techniques and the latest advances in the field of orthopedics. The medical complex reception leading experts from around the world. This treatment - so give yourself a chance to restore health and a great feeling.

Compression fractures of the spine - details on the status of

Compression fractures - the most common type of violation of the integrity of the spine. They are usually the result of osteoporosis. Weakened by their spinal bones are not able to maintain heightened tension and pressure. As a result of such simple things as coughing, sneezing, sudden twisting of the trunk, or heavy lifting can lead to the destruction of the vertebrae. Provoke a fracture can also:

  • fall on the buttocks, back;
  • a strong blow to the head;
  • infection;
  • oncology and spinal metastases from other tumors.

Cancer weakens the bones, making them susceptible to external influence. Studies have shown that having a history of 1 vertebral fracture, the risk increases to get a second five times. Increased risk of fracture and with the decrease of mineral density fabrics. This is a good reason to carry out treatment and to strengthen the bone and muscular system to counteract the destructive factors. If you do not, multiple compression fractures lead to a progressive loss of height, and spinal damage posture will contribute to the development of:

  • excessive thoracic kyphosis;
  • lumbar lordosis;
  • lung function;
  • bowel obstruction;
  • deep vein thrombosis;
  • progressive muscular weakness.

As a consequence, there are emotional, social and psychological problems. Patients with compression fractures of the spine have a 15% greater risk of death compared to people deprived of these disorders.


To diagnose a compression fracture, the doctor figures out a medical history, conducting a physical examination. To clarify appointed diagnostic imaging methods:

  • X-rays - a test that uses invisible X-rays to produce images of bones. Soft structures such as the spinal cord, nerves, ligaments are not normally visible. X-rays gives an overall assessment of bone anatomy, degree of column curvature.
  • MRI - diagnostics with the use of large magnets, radio frequency and computer processing software to produce detailed images of organs and structures inside the body.
  • CT - allows you to create more detailed images with the help of X-ray radiation, as compared with the conventional X-ray. Visualizes the bone, muscle, fat layers authorities.
  • Nuclear bone scan - the administration of a radioactive substance makes it possible to detect abnormalities of bones.

Since compression fractures usually occur in weakened bones, doctors may order additional studies to assign appropriate therapy based on the available data.

Options for treatment of spinal fractures in Israel - Review of methodsTreatment of spinal fractures in Israel - vertebroplasty

The majority of patients with a compression fracture of the spine treatment is non-surgical intervention. The bulk of this type of fractures heal within 8-12 weeks with simple means medicine, recreation and rehabilitation. Many patients are given medication to control pain. But no pharmacological agents designed to neutralize the cracks.

Once obtained and identified vertebral fracture patient is assigned at rest. This gives a chance to heal the crack and helps to ease the pain. Many people set up a special bracket, which bears the name of the orthosis. It restricts the movement of the spine and inhibits the body from the slopes. These patients are advised to move, but avoid vigorous activities (heavy lifting, tilting, carrying hefty bags).

Open surgical treatment of spinal fracture in Israel is required infrequently. Basically, the problem can be solved quickly, without pain, in the comfort of the patient mode. Performed open surgery if the spine segment weakened and damaged bone fragments injure the spinal cord and spinal nerves. Surgeons use to influence the effects of osteoporosis are two basic procedures for minimally invasive nature. For their practice of minimal incisions with a slight violation of the integrity of muscles and bones. Techniques to help heal the spine, avoid problems and conduct more complex operations.


This is most useful for pain relief procedure. It strengthens bones broken, allowing the patient to recover faster. To do it, the surgeon uses a fluoroscope to accurately guide the needle into the fractured vertebral body. After the doctor sure that the needle is in the desired location, polymethyl methacrylate (bone cement) is fed into the vertebral structure. The material hardens within 15 minutes, for its fixing bone healing. More than 80% of patients experience pain relief after vertebroplasty.


Another way to treat spinal compression fractures. This procedure stops the pain and strengthens bones, helps prevent kyphosis. Two long needle inserted through the lateral side of the spinal column in the fractured vertebral body. These needles surgeon inserts using the same fluoroscope. Through holes formed hollow tube is introduced with a balloon at the tip. Bloating of the ball leads to restoration of vertebral height and corrects posture. Before completing the procedure, the surgeon injects a bone cement in the empty space defined by the balloon. This fixes the bone recovers its position and size.

"When I came to Israel in Assuta accompanied by her husband, I thought I can not bear this terrible pain. I had a broken back and most of the time I lay there without moving. After Dr. Alon told us overhaul that an operation. And I am sure that it is not necessary to be afraid of. Of course, I was worried, because this is the spine. Wrong move and forever remain disabled. But everything went smoothly. After surgery, we went to the Dead Sea, and yesterday have returned to Russia, where I slowly recovering. Thank you for your professionalism and support. Nastya, 39 years. "

As for treatment, then it all depends on the chosen method of treatment, duration of treatment course and stay in the hospital. As the price of the treatment of the back, the special price for foreign patients service was approved in the clinic Assuta. No matter where you arrive, the cost of services for all the same and quite democratic.

In sospetsialistaotvetstvii with price list to consult a doctor costs 500 to 900 dollars, depending on the level. CT of one part of the body will cost $ 490. Isotropic bone scan will be worth up to $ 700.


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