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Treatment of a herniated disc in Israel

spinal hernia treatment in Israel  The intervertebral discs are small, round "pads", located between the vertebrae. They have a dense fibrous structure from the outside - the annulus fibrosus and the gelatinous, watery substance inside - the nucleus pulposus. These drives perform a damper function, assume the burden and allow you to move the spine. intervertebral disk hernia (intervertebral hernia, herniated disc) is formed by a protrusion or even loss of soft disc contents through the crack dense outer shell. Can compress nearby nerve roots, causing pain in his back. When the manifestation of the first symptoms of damage to the intervertebral disc is important to enlist the help of a doctor. Treatment of a herniated disc in Israel is the most efficient and affordable.

Most often there are herniated lumbar spine, at least - of the cervical spine, and in very rare cases, the hernia occurs in the thoracic spine.

Reasons and symptoms of intervertebral hernia

herniated disc may occur when a disk is damaged. The most common causes are:

  • injury;
  • overburdened with a sudden lifting of heavy objects (osteochondrosis);
  • age;
  • excessive exercise;
  • overweight and lack of exercise.

The first signs of the disease may begin as a sudden or gradually. Weakness of the lower limbs, numbness in the fingers, sudden severe pain - all these are signs of degenerative changes in the intervertebral disc.

The main symptoms are:

  • Irregularities in the bladder or bowel, erectile dysfunction can be a serious symptom of a herniated disc.
  • Pain affecting the lower limbs.
  • Numbness or tingling. sensitivity Violation body parts (legs) are also problems with the indicator intervertebral disc.
  • Muscle weakness.
  • Pain spreading to the shoulder, arm, buttock.
  • Migraine and pressure boosting.

When the manifestation of these symptoms, but without treatment, may cause paralysis and paresis, hernia may even cause of disability.

Treatment of a herniated disc in Israel - diagnostics in AssutaTreatment of a herniated disc in Israel

The Israeli clinic Assuta conduct a full diagnostic tests needed to determine the location of, intervertebral disc damage and the nearby nerves, infections and inflammatory processes. Prior to the treatment of hernia of the spine in Israel the patient must undergo several diagnostic steps including:

  1. Medical history and physical examination. The doctor determines the probable cause of the hernia and sets its clinical manifestations.
  2. Blood analysis (biochemical and clinical).
  3. Radiography typically it used to identify cracks and gaps between the vertebrae. It does not create an image of the intervertebral discs.
  4. MRI allows us to consider damage to the intervertebral disc in different projections. Shows the state of the nerve roots, and other back problems.
  5. Computed tomography makes it possible to get a "picture" of the spinal canal and the surrounding structures.
  6. Myelography is carried out by injection of contrast into the subarachnoid space surrounding the spinal cord. The traditional method of creating images of the spinal cord, spinal canal and nerve endings.
  7. Discogram takes pictures of intervertebral discs. Similar to myelography determines the cause of the pain in his back.
  8. Thermography and magnetic resonance neyrografiya.

methods of treating a herniated disc in Israel

therapy program may include a number of methods used in this pathology. Let us examine them in detail.

Drug therapy. In the treatment of a herniated disc in Israel painkillers prescribed medications, muscle relaxants (muscle relaxants) and anti-inflammatories. They are essential to relieve pain, reduce swelling, eliminate tension and pain in muscles and improve the perception of the body physiotherapy.

Physiotherapy - hot and cold compresses, massage therapy, electrical stimulation and ultrasound therapy, certain physical exercises.

Laser therapy - an innovative method of treatment of a herniated disc in Israel, the laser treatment is carried out through small punctures on the skin. The procedure is quick and relieves the patient of pain, reducing pressure on the nerves and other hernias, provides intervertebral disc reconstruction. This method of treatment is successful in 75% of cases, it allows you to once and for all get rid of this disease.

Surgery in the treatment of herniated discs in Israel

In most cases, patients diagnosed with data necessary to conduct one or more operations.

  1. Fusion (arthrodesis vertebrae) involves the removal of the intervertebral disc and combining adjacent vertebrae. It is used in spinal instability and after discectomy. May need to install a bone graft between adjacent vertebrae.
  2. Laminectomy - surgery on the vertebral arch plate removal to gain access to protrusion of nucleus pulposus and complete or partial removal of the hernia.
  3. Foraminotomy - minimally invasive type of surgery. Often used to treat a herniated disc in Israel, which is found in the cervical region. Sometimes further discectomy is performed. After surgery on the same day, patients can go home.
  4. Discectomy - removing the fragments or whole disk, which presses or negative impact on the spinal nerve roots. The most commonly used type of surgery. It can be of several types: full or open discectomy and minimally invasive procedures - microdiskectomy and percutaneous discectomy. Is performed as a separate step or in combination with others: arthrodesis Foraminotomy and laminectomy.
  5. Replacing the drive - removing the damaged intervertebral disc and replacing it with an artificial implant.
  6. Nucleotomy - a minimally invasive type of surgery, performed with a special endoscope transmits an image of the intervertebral disc on a video monitor. Next, a small incision is made and input coils, through which the hernia and removed.
When you need to use the surgery, doctors clinic Assuta, primarily prefer minimally invasive procedures as a result of which patients do not experience bright severe pain, rehabilitation is carried out in the shortest possible time to ensure maximum therapeutic effect.


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