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epilepsy treatment in Israel

treatment of epilepsy in Israel

Epilepsy - a disease characterized by a serious brain disorder, symptom of which is major epileptic seizures. These seizures provoked Pathologically, recurrent, spontaneous discharge of brain cells. Epilepsy can occur at each person differently. For example, the electrical activity in one area of ​​the brain causes uncontrollable twitching of the whole body, and in another area - brief unconsciousness.

The risk of the disease include children, but adults are also susceptible to epilepsy. According to statistics, children recover in 80% of cases due to modern achievements of medicine.

The main causes of the disease are:

  • heredity;
  • traumatic brain injury;
  • birth trauma;
  • infectious diseases;
  • a brain tumor;
  • anoxia child during birth and in utero;
  • neurodegenerative diseases (Alzheimer's or Parkinson's disease);
  • hereditary chromosomal disease.

Diagnosis of epilepsy in Israel

There are different types of epilepsy and seizure types. its own system of treatment designed for each case. Accurate diagnosis of the disease is necessary to determine the type and selecting an appropriate treatment regimen.

The patient, who had come for treatment of epilepsy in Israel, in the clinic Assuta need to undergo several diagnostic steps:

  1. Appointments - the first public examination, neurological examination, study of medical records, interviewing the patient and family to create the most accurate history. Extract directions for carrying out laboratory tests and other procedures.
  2. Blood tests (clinical or expanded and biochemical) and urine analysis.
  3. Electroencephalogram - one of the most important ways of diagnosing epilepsy in Israel. During determined EEG electrical activity of the brain (the electromagnetic wave of the human brain radiation). Typically, the EEG is carried out within an hour, but in some cases, the doctor can record during the whole day. Long-term monitoring is often necessary when the patient for some reason can not take medication. Sometimes EEG shows incorrect data. In one study, conducted at half the group of volunteers undergoing an epileptic seizure, EEG showed inaccurate information. Therefore, doctors often conduct repeated electroencephalography to install a reliable diagnosis.
  4. Investigation method (axial), Computed Tomography (CT) of the brain. CT is often used for the diagnosis of epilepsy in children and adults after the first attack. This unique method of imaging provides the most accurate picture of the structural changes in the brain in patients.
  5. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Needed to determine the scheme of epilepsy treatment in Israel. Helps determine nervous system diseases, abnormal changes in brain structure is the cause of seizures. MRI is recommended for diagnostic examinations of children who survived the first epileptic seizure. It is used for inspection of children under one year, when the seizures are associated with unexplained significant mental or motor (motor) problems.
  6. Polysomnography is appointed in rare cases. It is used to determine sleep disorders (sleep apnea), which are associated with the development of epilepsy in some patients.
  7. EGG video monitoring. Conducted in clinically severe types of seizures. The patient is in for 3-10 days under constant video surveillance in a private room clinic. All this is done while the EEG recording. This method allows you to set a variety of epilepsy and place of localization of the disease outbreak.

Drug treatment of epilepsy in Israel

Thanks to accurate diagnosis of epilepsy doctor determines the scheme of therapy and medication selects depending on the form of the disease, its causes, the patient's age, general health, and how the patient responds to the active ingredients of medicines.

Usually, the doctor appoints medication in small doses, gradually increasing the dose, in order to fully achieve complete seizure control and eliminate the side effects. Usually after successful medication for 2-5 years, patients begin to gradually reduce their use and eventually completely abandon them.

For the treatment and prevention of epileptic seizures can be used antiepileptic (anticonvulsant) medications such as phenobarbital, phenytoin, valproic acid, carbamazepine, lamotrigine, Trileptal, and others.

for the treatment of epilepsy prices in Israel

The cost of treatment of epilepsy will emerge from the assigned medication and therapy course. To know the exact amount you need to send us the medical documents. Below are the prices of some diagnostic procedures.

1. Consultation neurosurgeon - 560 dollars.

2. Blood samples (shared) - 260 fraction.

3. Blood Biochemistry - 280 dollars.

4. MRI - 1470 dollars.

Surgical treatment of epilepsy in Israel

Drug therapy can When not completely control seizures, and they recur despite receiving three or more drugs, or the side effects are very serious and affect the quality of life, it is carried out by treatment of epilepsy surgery. Contraindications are heart disease and oncology.

Removal of abnormal brain formation

The indications for surgery: low-grade astrocytoma, cortical dysplasia, a local area atrophy, cavernous angioma. The operation is performed removing lesions if they are located outside of the temporal lobe, with a small segment of the adjacent cortex. This makes it possible to achieve complete remission.

For the most part, if only removed directly formation, the optimal result is not achieved. If the tumor is localized within the temporal lobe, its removal is carried out in conjunction with temporal lobectomy. This type of surgery in the treatment of epilepsy gives good results in eighty percent of cases.

Temporal resection in the treatment of epilepsy in Israel

In the course of the anterior temporal resection removed anterior temporal lobe with midline structures. Most of resections captures all the temporal lobe. Start your this type of epilepsy treatment operation takes from classical anterior temporal lobectomy. Surgical intervention can be performed under general anesthesia with or without electrocorticogram.

According to research, the majority of recurrent seizure occurs when temporal lobectomy is performed without resection of the hippocampus. Therefore been developed, and surgical techniques are used, reducing the volume of the operated of the cortex of the temporal lobe, and removes the amygdala and hippocampus.

  1. Operation anteromedial temporal lobectomy with amygdala-gippokampektomiey, in the course of which decreases resection area of ​​the temporal lobe and expands gippokampektomii zone.
  2. Selective amygdala-gippokampektomiya - surgery, during which carried out the removal of the medial structures using microsurgical approaches to reduce trauma of the temporal lobe and reduce the risk of neurological deficit.

If properly conducted diagnosis, data surgical techniques give good results in the treatment of seventy five - eighty-five percent of cases.

Ekstratemporalnye resection in the treatment of epilepsy in IsraelIsrael treatment of epilepsy

This type of operation is performed rarely, it involves resection of the frontal lobe of the brain. Applies detailed kortikografiya (intra - and post-operational) with the mapping of the brain. Resection of the frontal lobe can capture volume fraction segments from the local to the front lobectomy, the range is calculated individually.

In more rare cases held occipital and parietal resection. They can be successfully applied if there is an exact localization of the fire.

Hemispherectomy in the treatment of epilepsy in Israel

The indications for this type of operation are: congenital hemiplegia, chronic encephalitis, hemi-megalentsefali, Sturge syndrome - Weber. Patients with these disorders tend to suffer from severe epilepsy with multiple foci. Epileptic activity in the affected hemisphere is often spread on unaffected.

If the patient has a hemiplegia and hemianopsia, only in this case the operation is conducted in the neurological status. Another complication after 8-10 years can be superficial cerebral hemosiderosis, occurs in 25% of patients.

To avoid this complication is now used functionally complete Hemispherectomy in which are stored the occipital and frontal lobes, but are stopped neuronal connections. This type of operation and its variants can achieve the best surgical results in the treatment of epilepsy in Israel. In 85% of patients improved the disease, 60% - cramps disappear. Also improved behavioral reactions.

Kallezotomiya in the treatment of epilepsy in Israel

Kallezotomiya - surgery, during which the corpus callosum is cut. This type of surgery in the treatment of epilepsy hemispherectomy used as alternatives. Indication for it - epilepsy with congenital hemiplegia, when there are severe structural and functional damage to the hemisphere, generalized convulsions and independent bilateral epileptic foci in the frontal lobes of the brain.

Best results are achieved when "drop attacks", a sharp drop attacks associated with a decrease in muscle tone. In patients with focal seizures marked decrease in their number, but 20% - increase. "Drop attacks" and generalized seizures disappear completely in rare cases. The most common complication - the constant feeling of hunger (transient abulia).

Subpialnye multiple incisions in the treatment of epilepsy in Israel

This type of operation is an alternative to the cortical resection for patients in whom there is clearly a complex localized focus of epileptic activity. It is used very often, but it helps those patients who have previously been recognized inoperable.

This surgery allows vertical communication bark leave intact and prevent the spread of convulsive discharges horizontally.

In the postoperative period there may be some neurological deficit, satisfactory control of seizures of about - 70% of patients.

Stimulation of deep brain structures (DBS) for the treatment of epilepsy in Israeltreatment of epilepsy surgery

Currently, this trend in the treatment of epilepsy developing successfully.

Basic components of the device for DBS:

  1. The electrode is implanted in the brain.
  2. Nerve stimulator (pulse generator) implantable beneath the skin on the chest.
  3. Connecting cable.

The indication for this method is the drug-resistant epilepsy, which can not be controlled drugs, there is no possibility of any other surgical operations.

These may be patients:

  • with bilateral epileptogenic foci which operate independently;
  • with primary generalized seizures;
  • without a clearly localized areas;
  • with focal epilepsy, the focus of which is located in functionally important area of ​​the brain, which means the impossibility of surgical intervention, because it will lead to serious neurological disorders.

With electrodes made stimulation:

  1. Amigadaly and hippocampus.
  2. Anterior thalamus is sound.
  3. Posterior hypothalamic region.

This technique allows to reduce the frequency of seizures in the range from 30 to 93%.

Electrodes are implanted under full or local anesthesia, a neurostimulator - under general anesthesia. Before and after the implantation process is performed in the operating room MRI. During surgery performed neurophysiological diagnosis and control of electrical pulses for setting the optimum position of the electrodes. They are placed in the area that is responsible for the pathological process.

High-frequency stimulation of the target structures makes it possible to prevent the development of seizures, and the patient's return to normal life.

The advantages of the method of treating epilepsy in Israel include the reversibility of manipulation, preservation of brain structures, individual selection parameters for neurostimulation.

Due to the high level of medicine, accurate diagnosis of epilepsy, the use of innovative technology and modern medical equipment to hospitals in Israel, 70 percent of patients can not completely get rid of the seizures.

Reviews for the treatment of epilepsy in Israel

Nina E., 55 years old

At 25, my son started seizures, and the deterioration of his state of his, he slowly began to fade. He stopped driving, he could not take care of themselves, and so moved us. He had 2 or 3 seizures per day. I was afraid that he might hurt yourself and consult a doctor, but we have in the city was difficult to find a good specialist, and those that were, especially anything could not help. We decided to appeal to the Israeli doctors. Caught in Assuta, where he underwent diagnosis and treatment. We have appointed new drugs, and in some - the time and operation. Our neurosurgeon said that the problem in the right temporal lobe, which made it an ideal candidate for the surgery. Thank you doctor! All went well and after surgery seizures did not recur. Big thanks to all the doctors. They brought me my son!


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