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Spinal surgery in Israel

Spinal surgery in IsraelHeld back surgery in Israel after a thorough examination. The clinic Assuta patient himself can choose a doctor, first studying his experience, practice, patient testimonials. This prerogative is only available in a private hospital.

Once in a state institution, the patient falls under the jurisdiction of the physician, which he was given in accordance with the degree of congestion of a specialist. This can be a beginner spinal surgeon, and can be a doctor with experience. Clarity on this issue comes at a time when the patient lies on the examination and subsequent surgery.

Surgical treatment is carried out in the presence of degenerative changes of the spine, as well as in the case of congenital abnormalities.

The Assuta experts operate surgical industry, internationally recognized professionals. Using sparing recovery technology, the latest generation of artificial limbs, innovative equipment and consumables, they conduct surgery in the most comfortable for the patient mode, under the influence of anesthesia individually selected.

To hold back surgery in Israel price comparable with the prices of the leading elite Russian clinics, but lower than in the United States and other Western countries. The professionalism of the doctors of Israel, especially the development of infrastructure of hospitals, equipping hospitals is always on top. Contributes to the rapid recovery of patient care staff, relentless attention to emerging needs in the treatment process. Considerable importance is the mild climate of Israel, the proximity of the healing of the seas. Often, surviving spinal surgery, patients are sent to rehabilitation in a sanatorium on the shore of the Dead Sea, where the complete course of treatment abroad.

Spinal surgeons Israel

Among experts in spinal surgery without fail it is worth noting the following specialists:

  • Izhar Flyuman- engaged in orthopedic surgery for children and adults, the therapy of the spine tumors, infectious lesions, removal of herniated discs, adjust the curvature of the spine. Basic education doctor - Hebrew University. Trained in the United States, increased skills in Wiseman University. He worked as an orthopedic surgeon leading the clinic at Hadassah Hospital Assaf ha-Rofe. Today is the chief physician of the profile in the private Assuta center. Published in scientific journals, is involved in the production of textbooks for higher educational institutions.
  • Eli Ashkenazi - professor, deputy director of the center spine surgery. Carrying out of operations of the spine of any type. Experience spinal surgery more than 35 years. Basic education - University of Jerusalem medicine. After the end of ten years, he served as a military surgeon, then operated in the center of Hadassah, and then headed the profile department in a public hospital Assaf ha-Rofe. Several years probation in the United States (York New).
  • Rotan rafael - MD, a world-class by expert. Treats back pain and surgery minimally invasive nature . Basic training - the Hebrew University. Later - Internship at the clinic Asaf ha -Rofe. He trained in Canada. Developer copyright spine surgery techniques.
  • Ilya Baking- headed the department of surgery of the spine Meir hospital, Assuta operates in. Doctor of the highest category, which is treated by most of the stars of Russian show business. Basic education - 2nd Moscow Medical Institute, Tel Aviv University. He is fluent in Russian language. One of the best vertebrologists world. A monthly basis over 60 spinal operations.

Do not despair if you or your family back problems - correct the situation back surgery in Israel, the value of which you can find by using a query form by entering our room or by sending the information to an email address.

Spinal surgery - reviews, innovation

Reviews of Israeli medicine affect those aspects that they reflect. They often emphasize the innovative products of Israeli manufacturers in the field of surgery back. One of the most striking discovery was the NLT-spine technology, when in step spinal surgeon uses miniature implants, take the desired shape in the body of the patient. Small tools provide minimal tissue trauma, as for the implantation of the implant sufficiently cut a little more than 2 cm.

Of interest is the ultrasonic scalpel Bonescalpel - tool capable dissect bone matter without damaging the nerve fibers, vascular formation, muscle and tendon tissues. Thanks to him, you can cut the vertebrae without damaging the spinal cord. Demand among Russian-speaking population uses robotic system O-Arm, which gives the treated area during the intervention dimensional X-ray image.

The cost of spinal surgery in Israel

On the question of how much spinal surgery in Israel, difficult to answer unequivocally. Every clinical case has its own characteristics. However, average prices are as follows:

  1. MRI - $ 1460
  2. Blood test - $ 290
  3. Advisory welcome neurosurgeon - $ 550
  4. Coagulation - $ 80
  5. The detailed formula is a blood test - $ 250
  6. Operation of partial or total removal of the herniated disc (discectomy) - $ 29,700
  7. Receiving physician orthopedic surgeon - $ 560
  8. Discectomy of cervical spine - 35 $ 400
  9. Lumbar discectomy - 16 $ 300
  10. The lumbar laminectomy - 32 $ 200
  11. Correction skolioza- 31,755 $

Every year thousands of people from Russian-speaking countries travel to Israel. medical level here does not require advertising and marketing promotions. Glory about innovation and about how people with complex diseases put on the foot itself at odds on the Internet, thanks to a satisfied patient reviews:

"I Went to the operation to the doctor Pekarsky Once fell off the horse, thinking that walking can not forecast in Russia were also disadvantaged upload photos doctor about which many heard and read soon received a reply -.... Come - there is a chance. Today, I walk, sit, sparing doing sports. This miracle is difficult to describe in words. She was treated at Assuta hospital, where everything is done for the convenience of patients. I met here compatriots with maintaining relations to this day. everybody is happy with the result. Inga, 35 years old "

Spinal surgery for tumors in Israel

spinal surgery in Israel costsNeurology and neurosurgery Israel successfully carry out diagnostics, conservative and surgical treatment of diseases of the spine.

Among tumor formation, affecting the spine, isolated, primary and secondary, benign and malignant nature.

  1. Benign growths that develop from bone - osteoblastoma, osteoma. Of the cartilage occurs osteoblastoklastoma and osteoma. There are also vascular neoplasms - hemangioma. Of nerve cells occurs neurofibroma from connective tissue cells - chordoma of peripheral nerves - nevrilemmoma.
  2. Among the malignant tumors are most common osteoid osteoma, osteosarcoma, chondrosarcoma, malignant osteoblastoklastoma.

Secondary tumors - metastases is, more often than breast cancer, prostate, lung, ovarian, thyroid, kidney.

The neoplastic process involved vertebral body and appendages. With the defeat of several vertebrae occur pathological fractures.

Diagnosis of tumors of the spine

For diagnosis in the Assuta doctors refer to the following procedures:

  • History and physical examination.
  • medical imaging tests - MRI, CT, PET, PET-CT, chest X-ray.
  • A biopsy of the tumor.
  • Blood and urine tests.

Treatment programs in the clinic Assuta

treatment plan is developed after clarifying the nature of the tumor, its location and size, patient comorbidities.

Assuta Hospital doctors use the most modern equipment, because the medical center has the opportunity to purchase the latest medical and diagnostic equipment. Surgeons are actively using minimally invasive and sparing approaches.

The operation on the spine will provide the opportunity to:

  1. Completely remove the tumor.
  2. Conduct its histological diagnosis.
  3. Tsitoredutsiruyuschuyu perform surgery for subsequent chemotherapy and radiation treatment in case of impossibility of complete removal of the tumor.
  4. To carry out a quick and adequate decompression of the spinal cord.
  5. Conduct stabilization of the spine.

This type of surgery can be divided into three groups:

  1. Minimally invasive surgery (vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty).
  2. Decompressive.
  3. Decompressive-stabilizing.

Decompressive-stabilizing operations

Their main goal - to remove the pain, arrest neurological symptoms, stabilize the spinal segment. Surgical intervention is palliative. It improves the quality of life of the patient and provides the opportunity for further treatment.

To stabilize the adjacent vertebrae fusion method is used - and implanting the artificial bone grafts to create immobility vertebral segment. Vertebra affected by tumor, replace the endoprosthesis.

It can be used:

  • bone autograft extracted from the patient's iliac bone;
  • allografts - transplanted bone fragments from another person;
  • metal plates and / or dentures, made from stainless steel or a polymer plastic.

The operation to stabilize the spine (Spinal Fixation) is performed using endoscopic techniques using general anesthesia. During surgery, a special metal structure holds the damaged vertebrae. Vertebra and replace cartilage implants and grafts. Thus, stabilize the spine portion which loses mobility. Removing design fastening spine is performed.

decompressive surgery

how much back surgery in IsraelSurgical decompression means removing structures that compress the spinal cord.

Minimally invasive spinal surgery

Benefits include such surgical interventions:

  • minimal trauma (for small incision surgery);
  • lower risk of infection;
  • small blood loss;
  • the use of local anesthesia;
  • less pain;
  • possibility of movement within a few hours after surgery;
  • the absence of large scars;
  • the use of advanced laparoscopic and endoscopic equipment.

Among the most effective minimally invasive techniques vertebroplasty and kyphoplasty is isolated, which eliminates fractures decompression.

  1. Puncture percutaneous vertebroplasty fixes the vertebral body through a special bone cement (special plastics). It is recommended for pain syndrome, when there is a threat or a fracture of the vertebral body in relation to the type of osteolytic lesions. Vertebroplasty consolidates and stabilizes damaged vertebrae using bone cement, against a background of benign and malignant tumors, osteoporosis, trauma. The main result - improved quality of life and reduces the pain. The surgery is performed under X-ray or CT control. The patient lies on his stomach, and is under the influence of local anesthesia. On the skin of the pathologically changed vertebrae make a small incision. The needle is introduced into the vertebral body through which cement is injected into the fracture. When hemangiomas bone cement not only strengthens the vertebra, it has a cytotoxic effect on the tumor.
  2. Kyphoplasty is recommended for compression spine fractureswith chronic pain. The reason they can be: osteoporosis, benign (hemangiomas) or malignant neoplasms. Kyphoplasty reduces or eliminates pain in the back, prevents subsidence fractured vertebra, retains the normal posture. During operation in a vertebral body fractured administered tube-conductor, through which the fracture is located in a special balloon filled with pressurized fluid. As a result, the geometry of the broken vertebra is restored, inside the body cavity is created. The balloon is then deflated and removed from the tube conductor. Bone cement, which hardens after a few minutes, fill the cavity. The average duration of the operation - 90 -120 minutes. Over 2-7 days after surgery the patient is in the hospital under medical supervision.

And laser technology (Nb-YAG-laser) is used to remove tumors of the spine in Israel.

In addition, it is possible to carry out operations on the spine in the Assuta with a medical robot. Surgery may involve implantation of clamps, correction of scoliosis in children and adolescents, the removal of benign tumors.

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