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Restoration of peripheral nerves in Israel

Restoration of the peripheral nervesDamage to the peripheral nerves of the upper limb can occur as a result of gunshot wounds, injuries, cuts, excessive tension, burns, fractures, removal of the tumor. These causes can lead to rupture of the nerve trunk and divergence of all peripheral nerve for a considerable distance.

Symptoms of peripheral nerve injuries

The victim, in case of damage of the radial nerve, can not actively straighten the fingers and hand, there is loss of sensation on the back surface of the I-III fingers and wrist.

If the ulnar nerve is damaged, the sensitivity for fading half IV finger ulnar and palmar surface of the finger V arises paralysis small muscles of the hand. Gradually, there are various brush deformation.

For injuries and damage to the median nerve is observed elevation muscle paralysis of I thumb lost sensitivity on the palmar surface of the I, II finger and half of IV fingers. As a result, violated all the basic types of seizures with bilateral involvement of I finger.

Diagnostics in the clinic Assuta

Patients with peripheral nerve pathology services in Israel conducted a comprehensive examination: magnetic resonance imaging, electroneuromyography, sonography, radiography, laboratory diagnostics.

Restoration of peripheral nerves in Israel

Modern microsurgical techniques and highly skilled neurosurgeons enables to successfully treat patients in Israel with damage to the peripheral nerves of the upper limb and hand.

When fresh peripheral nerve injury operation is performed. The following techniques are used to restore peripheral nerves in Israel Assuta Hospital:

  1. Mobilization. The ends of the nerve are found to separate them from the surrounding tissue, restore the integrity of the interrupted nerve by imposing epineural and endoneurial seams.
  2. Move peripheral nerve new bed. For example, moving the ulnar nerve in the antecubital fossa.
  3. nerve ends are sewn at the maximum bent at the elbow of the upper limb. After the formation of the scar, after 3 weeks, the dosage is carried traction (tension) nerve - the gradual extension of the limb, with its fixation with plaster splint.
  4. In those cases, if the restore the damaged nerve is not possible, it is performed reinervatsiya: in the peripheral part of the damaged nerve central end is sewn at least functionally significant nerve.

When irreparable damages of peripheral nerves or no effective surgical treatment, Israel neurosurgeons perform orthopedic surgery: transposition autoplasty tendon or nerve.

To restore the ulnar and median nerves are using thick single transplants or grafts a little thin. When nerve defects larger than 1 cm neyroautoplastika performed. Undeteriorated peripheral nerve, appropriate to their anatomical characteristics, functions and are located side by side, is used as the donor nerve.

When the main trunk of the plastic radial and median nerves in the clinic Assuta used 4-5 nerves - donors, collected in the form of a beam. To reconstruct nerves brush requires a transplant (donor).

In parallel with the restoration of damaged nerve limb performed plastic damaged vessel - revascularization.

After treatment in Israel in patients recover motor function and protecting the sensitivity of the damaged limb.

The duration of the operation to restore the peripheral nerve in Izraile- 120-300 minutes. The patient is under the supervision of experts for 2 days.


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