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Gastric banding surgery in Israel

Gastric banding surgery Nowadays, many people are obese, it is not surprising that Bariatrics is very popular.

Bariatrics - branch of medicine that deals with the treatment of obesity. Various techniques are used: psychotherapy, diet, medication, surgical weight loss methods. Surgery is an effective weight loss.

Diagnosis during surgery gastric banding

For the successful surgical treatment of patients should undergo the necessary research:

  • Chest X-ray
  • gastroscopy
  • electrocardiography
  • A blood test for hepatitis
  • Assay for syphilis
  • The HIV
  • blood chemistry
  • coagulation
  • General clinical tests

Indications for surgery adjustable gastric band

The indications for bariatric intervention is BMI - body mass index. It is defined by the formula and depends on the height and weight of the person.

The clinics in Israel surgery gastric banding and gastric bypass are considered the gold standard for surgical treatment of obesity .

The choice of surgery also depends on a number of social, household and medical factors. For example, a hereditary predisposition to obesity, unsuccessful conservative treatment of overweight, obesity in childhood, type 2 diabetes.

Based on the recommendations of the World Society of Bariatric Surgeons, there are a number of factors, evidence in favor of the choice of the laparoscopic gastric banding:

  • body mass index (BMI) over 35 kg / m. square;
  • Abdominal obesity;
  • disorders of blood clotting (thrombosis or tendency to bleeding);
  • patient's weight over 180 kg.

The purpose of gastric banding - a decrease in organ size and, accordingly, absorbed by food.

Contraindications for surgery gastric banding

This surgery is contraindicated in pregnancy, diseases of the cardiovascular system, respiratory system, esophagus, pancreas, liver and in cirrhosis of infectious diseases.

What is the band and its species

The device of modern bands following. Silicone ring constitutes one of the component parts. It has a special lock fastening device around the stomach. Inside is located a hydraulic cuff ring, which is filled with sterile water, reducing its lumen. The amount of water will depend on the lumen of the gastric band. The apparatus is filled with liquid via the adjusting port specific small size, it is combined with water rezeruarom via silicone tubing 20 cm long.

The Israeli hospitals also use an electronic system for the adjustable gastric band surgery. This device is a Swiss company with a special induction receiver, replacing the adjustment port. In order to activate it, the patient is connected to an electronic device for controlling the skin. But the most common are the usual bandages, production of French, American, Austrian and Swiss companies.

How is the operation gastric banding?Banding in Israel

Laparoscopic surgery in Israel performed under general anesthesia, through small access to the anterior abdominal wall.

On the upper part of the stomach superimposed silicone ring body imparts an hourglass shape. Due shroud (annulus) created "small stomach", volume of 10-15 ml. A small amount of food falling from the esophagus into the reduced body stretches its walls, causing a feeling of satiety. Thus, and achieved the desired effect - a person begins to lose weight.

Silicone ring diameter can be adjusted postoperatively to solid food delayed over the ring in the "ventricle", and the liquid passes freely into the small intestine.

Banding positive thing is that the operation does not violate the integrity of the body.

After reaching the desired effect - silicone bandage painlessly removed. With insufficient resulting banding or dissatisfaction with the quality of life of the patient, banding is easily replaced by another operational bariatric procedure. For example, gastric bypass surgery.

The duration of this operation in the clinic Assuta - 30-60 minutes. Hospital period - 0-1 days.

With this operation, the patient loses 50-70% of excess weight for 1-1,5 years.

Side effects of surgery gastric banding

It noted the following statistics. In 20-30% of patients within ten - fifteen years, there is a need to re-surgical treatment due to the band wear.

In 10% of the operated occur following complications:

  • incorrect position of the band, its displacement;
  • gastritis due to irritation of the stomach tissue;
  • psychological problems.
Assuta Hospital surgeons perform quality and safe operations with the complete absence of side effects, or the minimum amount.


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