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lateral sphincterotomy

sphincterotomyAnal fissure - is a painful ulcer on the longitudinal wall of the anus. This defect mucosal damage occurs as a result of the anal canal for constipation, diarrhea, due to mechanical injury. Predispose to the disease chronic digestive diseases: proctitis, hemorrhoids, colitis, cholecystitis, peptic ulcer disease.

risk factors for anal fissure are infant and old age, Crohn's disease, childbirth.

Crack anus seen burning, long-lasting pain, spasm of the sphincter, "stuloboyaznyu" and constipation, bleeding from the rectum during defecation.

To identify possible disease c via finger examination of the rectum and anoscopy (using analgesics gels).

For acute fractures typical of smooth and straight edges, slit-like shape, and the depth it reaches the muscle of the anal sphincter. Treatment is carried out comprehensively. With timely treatment to the doctor to the patient manage to avoid surgery.

In the long process of edges and bottom of anal fissure covered with granulation, become dense and much more difficult to conservative treatment.

Lateral sphincterotomy in clinic Assuta

The Israeli hospitals performed surgical treatment of chronic anal fissure - a lateral sphincterotomy. Eye scalpel performed wedge resection of the ulcer, areas of granulation tissue and surrounding skin. Partial dissection of the internal anal sphincter effectively and quickly removes sfinkterospazm. On the outside of the wound superimposed catgut sutures.

Surgical treatment in Israel is carried out under local or general anesthesia.

Duration of dosage lateral sphincterotomy clinic Assuta - 20-30 minutes.

After surgery, the patient during the day is in a hospital under the supervision of doctors. In the postoperative period for 7-10 days the patient ambulatory appointed bandages, painkillers, ointment application, warm sitz baths. Ability to work is restored within two weeks.


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