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Laparoscopy umbilical hernia

Laparoscopy umbilical herniaUmbilical hernias are acquired and congenital.

The emergence of an umbilical hernia in adults contribute to obesity, physical stress, post-surgical scars, constipation, ascites, pregnancy, prolonged cough. In children, the appearance of an umbilical hernia associated with delayed fusion of umbilical ring constipation. As a result of the above causes in the umbilical ring or oil seal includes bowel portion that is shown herniation, disappear or decrease in a horizontal position.

Diagnosis of umbilical hernia in Israeli hospitals is performed using ultrasound, herniography, gastroscopy.

Treatment of umbilical hernia surgery. The goal of surgical treatment in Israel - plastic umbilical ring.

In the clinic, the operation is performed Assuta gentle manner using modern mesh implants.

Laparoscopy umbilical hernia (laparoscopic hernia repair) is performed under local anesthesia by patient indications used general anesthesia.

On the anterior abdominal wall performed small incisions trocar. They entered through the surgical instruments and a laparoscope. Surgeons audited abdomen. Is selected and the hernial sac is dissected. The contents of the hernia (omentum, bowel loop) plunges into the abdominal cavity.

Gryzheplastika performed. In children, the umbilical ring sutured. Adults can use the mesh implant that eventually germinate connective tissue and eliminates the defect of umbilical ring. After the operation is performed suturing the incision.

The duration of laparoscopic umbilical hernia -20-40 minutes. Hospitalization is not required.

Advantages laparoscopy umbilical hernia front open hernia repair method: sparing surgery with minimal risk of complications, shorter rehabilitation period and good cosmetic effect.

Postoperatively, the patient is advised to limit physical activity for the prevention of recurrence of umbilical hernia.


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