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Treatment of atrophy of the optic nerves in Israel

Treatment of atrophy of the optic nerves in Israel holds the largest medical complex Assuta. The clinic successfully treat even the most complex cases. It contributes to this high level of professionalism of doctors, innovative therapies, revolutionary medicines. Learn how to be diagnosed and get advice leading ophthalmologist, you can call, send a request to the site or send us an e-mail address.

What is the atrophy of the optic nerve?

The optic nerve is a bundle of nerve fibers which carry the images from the retina to the brain. Each fiber is involved in the delivery of the visual information. If the nerves are damaged, the brain does not receive all the attention, vision, and vision becomes blurred.

Atrophy - loss of some or all of the nerve fibers in the optic nerve. This is the death of the axons of retinal ganglion cells that make up the optic nerve. The effects of violations range from the visual changes to blindness.

Symptoms and Causes of atrophy

If you experience one or more of these symptoms, consult an ophthalmologist for a full examination:

  • blurred vision;
  • abnormal peripheral vision, difficulty with peripheral vision;
  • abnormal color vision;
  • reduced visual acuity, decrease the brightness.

Represent a number of reasons why there is a pathology. Interference can be caused by different factors, including:

  • glaucoma;
  • anterior ischemic optic neuropathy;
  • tumor, creating pressure on the optic nerve;
  • optic neuritis, inflammation (swelling) caused by multiple sclerosis;
  • heredity;
  • birth defects.

Atrophy nerve can in any part due to mechanical trauma. However, possible causes also include high pressure, toxic injury, nutrient deficiency.


Since the optic nerve is the conduit of information from the retina to the brain, nerve damage leading to loss of vision. Partial violation provokes loss of vision in the appropriate field. When the adverse symptoms should undergo a complete diagnosis. Find the cause and prescribe the effective treatment of atrophy is difficult. The survey may be involved not only ophthalmologists, but also specialists such as neurosurgeons, neurologists and endocrinologists.

Comprehensive eye examination should determine the cause of optic nerve atrophy. It includes:

  • medical history;
  • assessment of visual acuity;
  • evaluation of color and peripheral vision;
  • Study pupil reaction.

Considering the back of the eye through an ophthalmoscope, an eye doctor may find that the optic nerve looks pale. This indicates a loss of nerve fibers. In some situations, to get a complete picture and purpose of treatment of optic nerve atrophy in Israel carry out additional procedures, you must:

  • MRI of the orbits and brain;
  • blood tests;
  • CT;
  • X-rays of the skull;
  • electroencephalogram.

These methods allow to identify diseases such as brain tumor, which in turn can cause nerve atrophy. Detailed examination of Israel will make a complete picture for the development of future therapies.

Treatment of atrophy of the optic nerves in Israel

Unfortunately, until recently there was no effective treatment for optic nerve atrophy. It was assumed that after nerve fiber die, a recovery occurs. However, early diagnosis and therapy of the major causes atrophy of the optic nerve can help prevent further damage. In Israel, this approach with all responsibility on all stages of the disease. Due to this attitude, it is possible to stop the pathological changes and return patients to live a normal life.

In some cases surgery is used to prevent further complications. In some cases it is recommended to use a decompression chamber (hyperbaric oxygen chamber) to deliver pure oxygen at high pressure in the optical nerve cells to promote normal functioning.


Usually, severe damage to the optic nerve can lead to vision loss and possible blindness. The prognosis for recovery of good, if the condition of occurrence of disorders associated with this cause, as the pressure in the eye tumor of the optic nerve, and not heavily damaged. Other reasons, such as vascular and degenerative disease, trauma or toxins typically create permanent damage. In some cases, full vision can rapidly return at neutralizing the main root cause of the anomaly.

Complications arise if there is more than one cause of atrophy. Delay in seeking the causes and treatment of the factors in this case can be costly, as the onset of irreversible blindness is likely. In this regard, do not pull the trip to Israel for treatment of optic nerve atrophy, do not neglect the squeak of a professional in a medical environment. Otherwise, the result can be intimidating.

An innovative approach in the treatment of optic nerve atrophy in Israel

Despite the fact that the treatment methods are used, which are only able to slow or stop the pathological changes, the Israeli medicine does not stand still. There are developed and applied products based on fetal stem cells. With the optic nerve lesion situation occurs when the body does not have enough resources for the regeneration of nerve fibers and replacement of dead nerve endings new.

Special preparations based on embryonic stem cells contain millions of neuroectodermal stem naturally occurring cells that are precursors of neurons, the nerve endings are building, including the optic nerve. After injection, the stem cells form stable structures which reproduce offspring a half years to supply the body with the necessary materials.

Fetal stem cells have not yet reached the age at which a formed body's own immune system, so they are perceived by the patient's body as its own. rejection of foreign agents does not occur. This treatment leads to the restoration of the optic nerve. In a number of severe pathologies of the positive results achieved by the long term. If treatment is started early, there is a fairly rapid progress in restoring vision. Therapy easily tolerated by patients, has no side effects. Often combined with the main traditional compensation programs. In general, the injection period depending on the degree of violation takes 2 to 5 days.

cost of treatment

The cost of treatment in the clinic Assuta is considered one of the most democratic in Israel. The sum on diagnosis and therapy with a similar medical approach will come to 30% less than in Europe and America clinics. The official price list posted at the hospital. The approximate price of the treatment of optic nerve atrophy in Israel:

  1. medical consultation from $ 500.
  2. Urine and blood samples from 300 $.
  3. CT from $ 490.
  4. MRI of $ 710.
  5. Angiography from $ 295

We obgovarivayem advance all the conditions of stay in hospital and discussing an amount equal to the contract insuring all the possible risks for the patient. Just give us a call or write a letter.


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