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Cataract Treatment in Israel

cataract treatment in Israel in the clinic Assuta by the best doctors, there sought by patients from different countries. Cutting-edge technology, innovative methods of diagnosis and therapy, individually composed rehabilitation programs - all this created for our patients. Do you want to be treated by the leading ophthalmologists of Israel? Call for details. We will find you a plan of correction of violations that you think has always been clear.

Cataracts - the world through the lens of imperfection

Cataract is a cloudy or opaque area in the lens of the eye. Depending on its size and location it interferes with normal vision. Cataracts mostly occurs in people older than 55 years, but sometimes it occurs in infants and young children. Typically, once the violation affects both eyes, but the diagnosis of one eye can see it is worse than the second. Early symptoms of cataracts include:

  • blurred vision;
  • glare;
  • difficulty reading.

The disease progresses very slowly, and the operation may not be needed for many years. In some cases, the periodic change of glasses and contact lens fitting to stabilize the situation. But if you want to get rid of unpleasant symptoms, treatment of cataract will return you to see without interference and restrictions. There are no preventive measures that can prevent the development of cataracts. The only way of treatment - surgical removal of the natural lens of the eye and its replacement implant.

Types of cataracts

There are three types of cataracts: nuclear sclerotic, cortical and posterior subcapsular:

  • Nuclear sclerotic - the most common type of age-related cataract, due to yellowing of the lens. Gradually, the central portion of the lens becomes cloudy, the lens over time acquires a brownish tint. It develops slowly, over the years.
  • Cortical cataract - changes in the water content of lens fibers creates a crack from the outer edge of the lens toward the center. Appeared white cloud forms a kind of "Clear" at the sight, blurred vision, glare, changing the depth and contrast perception of reality. This cataract in most cases occurs in people with diabetes.
  • Posterior subcapsular - begins with small opaque haze on the rear surface of the lens (a lens capsule). This type of disorder interferes with reading and creates gallograficheskie effects around light sources. It develops aggressively can become noticeable in a few months.

If you are going to undergo treatment of cataracts in Israel, it is important to understand that this is not a tumor or abnormal tissue growth. This education is a kind of "film" on the lens, which Israeli doctors successfully eliminated by replacing the natural lens of the artificial.

Cataract surgery

The surgical approach is used to remove the lens of the eye which has undergone changes. Is replaced by an artificial lens component, which is constant, requires no maintenance and can significantly improve vision. The new lenses are capable of naturally focus vision that allows to see well at a distance and up close.

In ophthalmology department clinic Assuta cataract - one of the most frequently performed operations. It is an outpatient procedure that takes less than an hour. When two lesions cataract eye carry out two separate operations. In most cases, to perform medical manipulations in the treatment of cataracts in Israel is sufficient local anesthetic so that the patient feels comfortable and at ease. Skill of doctors is so perfected that surgeons can compare only to that of skilled jewelers, skillfully perform their jobs.

There are two types of classical surgery:

  1. Shallow surgery - with minimal incision to the side of the cornea (transparent outer shell eyes) and the introduction of a miniature probe operated area. The probe emits an ultrasonic wave attenuating and breaking the lens into thousands of microscopic pieces which are later pumped special equipment. This process is called phacoemulsification. The surgeon removes the cataract, but leaves most of the thin outer membrane (lens capsule) in place. The incision is so small that stitches are not necessary to complete the procedure.
  2. Extracapsular surgery - a slightly larger incision of the cornea, the lens nucleus to the doctor could remove the whole thing. This method of treatment used, when a cataract reaches the limit at which the can is held phacoemulsification.

After removal of the doctor puts on the formed transparent plastic intraocular lens (IOL). It can focus the light on the back of the eye and improve vision.

Innovative treatment of cataract in Israel

In addition to the classical surgery in a clinic Assuta practiced carrying out a revolutionary new technologies and methods of treatment of cataracts. Among them - a femtosecond laser, which had previously been used only for vision correction. Modern equipment allows the laser to carry out an independent formation of the notch and the destruction of the lens. Advantages of a laser lies in the fact that the split lens through the cornea takes place, without damage to the latter.

Need to use surgical instruments is not in operation, which reduces the risk of complications. Besides, and the laser beam itself has an antiseptic effect, which allows simultaneous execution of cuts to machine the work area. Gentle effect and 100% result makes it possible to use laser in complex cases and when burdened anamnesis - corneal dystrophy, congenital pathologies, subluxation of the lens, and other similar states.

Prices of cataract treatment in Israel

The cost of treatment in Assuta is low, despite the fact that the largest private medical complex has one of the best ophthalmic departments of the country.

In 2016, for the treatment of cataracts in Israel Assuta Hospital in price significantly different from the value of European centers of medicine. Resection cataract here cost from 5500 dollars, the replacement of the lens - by 5.8 dollars (including implants).

It successfully applied new methods of treatment, eye microsurgery techniques for children and adults. Doctors Hospital of the right to open a new milestone in the prevention, diagnosis, treatment of eye. This was most clearly evidenced by the feedback Assuta patients:

Portun Igor, 56 years old

"I had an operation to remove a cataract in the left eye 11 September 2015. A month later, I went through the same procedure for the right eye From left everything was fine -. A standard lens, a substitution which took no more than 10 minutes. the next day, the vision was blurry, but after a few days there was a noticeable improvement in vision. But after 2 weeks I have seen everything. In the right eye after surgery were glare and light stripes, which I and my doctor corrected special glasses. As a result, all recovered, the band disappeared. I began to see much better than before the operation. This is especially noticeable by color, contrast, brightness of objects. "


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