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Retinoblastoma Treatment in Israel

Retinoblastoma Treatment in Israel is based on a thorough diagnosis, the use of traditional and innovative therapeutic regimens, the competent organization of the rehabilitation process. Treatment depends primarily on the age, tumor location (impressed 1 or 2 eyes), the extent of cancer cells to other organs and tissues.

Retinoblastoma Treatment in Israel

Retinoblastoma Treatment in IsraelIsrael's largest medical complex - Assuta Hospital- invites to treatment. Hospital doctors have repeatedly proven their skill and professionalism. It does not refer to cancer as an incurable disease. Here know - an anomaly can be successfully treated.

Ophthalmic artery chemotherapy

Chemotherapy ophthalmic artery is a standard one for the treatment of cancer in the clinic Assuta. The method involves the introduction of drugs directly into the blood vessel leading to the eye. To conduct general anesthesia is used.

Technology minimizes the impact on the body of medicines, reduce side effects. The average number of treatment sessions +/- 3 for each eye. Session held from 3-4 week intervals. In the future, you may need:

  • Laser therapy;
  • cryotherapy;
  • radiation treatment;
  • Intraocular injection.

Wires and classic intraocular chemotherapy when the drug is injected directly into the eye. Procedure manifests itself well in the treatment of tumors of small fragments, which are torn off from the main formation.

laser therapy

This non-invasive method of treatment of retinoblastoma in Israel, in which the laser effectively destroys small tumor formation. This type of processing is performed by focusing light through the pupil at the tumor and surrounding the diseased tissue developed.

Beam slowly heats the affected areas, destroying them. Treatment is carried out under general or local anesthesia. As a rule, does not cause post-operative pain and discomfort, so it does not require prescribing analgesia.


Cryotherapy - cold treatment and ultra-low temperatures. In other words - the frost pathological formations. Used for treatment of small size tumors. The probe, similar to a handle placed on the outer layer of the eyeball near the neoplasm, freezing it. The procedure is performed under local or general anesthesia. One session is usually enough. Each other should be some procedures for the successful destruction of abnormal cells.

After cryotherapy eyes and swollen eyelids. It lasts from 1 to 5 days. Sometimes the child can not even open my eyes. It looks scary, but such effects are harmless to health. Swelling reduces the use of specialized drops or ointment recommended by your doctor.

systemic chemotherapy

Retinoblastoma Treatment in Israel, the pricesHere the drug is administered through a vein, into the bloodstream and penetrate into the tumor. Otherwise, the procedure is called himioreduktsiey. It serves to reduce the size of tumors, but rarely cure retinoblastoma themselves. Chemistry System is used with a single drug in newborns until they grow up a bit for the ophthalmic artery chemotherapy (at least up to 3 months and weight 6.5 kg).

The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis every month. Professional clinics, doctors Assuta carefully approach to determining dose for the administration of the baby. Exact calculation helps prevent the side effects.


During the enucleation of the eye is removed surgically. The procedure is performed under general anesthesia. Resecting the entire eye with a portion of the optic nerve. Then, the resulting material is sent to pathology for examination under a microscope. After the procedure, eyebrows, eyelids and eye muscles are left in place.

Blinking, lacrimation, movement eyebrows are not violated. The operation takes less than an hour and is not painful. The child is sent home the same day. The next day in the clinic to inspect, parents are given postoperative care instructions.

Prosthetic replacement

At formed after enucleation placed place ball of plastic, rubber or coral, shape and size corresponding orbit withdrawn from apple. After healing tissue slot looks like inside the inner part of the lips. The child is prepared to prosthetics, in which is installed an artificial eye.

radioactive plaques

They represent a radioactive material discs. The first samples have been developed back in 1930 for retinoblastoma irradiation. Nowadays, however, science has leaped forward. In the treatment of retinoblastoma in Israel apply individual patches on the basis of iodine or ruthenium components designed individually for each child.

The child is hospitalized. He held two separate transactions. The first - to insert the plaque, the second - three days to withdraw. Long-term side effects can be expressed in bleeding, visual disturbances.

Other treatments

External beam treatment - used in the 1990's as a way to keep an eye and eyesight of the child. Retinoblastoma is sensitive to radiation, and treatment with it is often successful. It is held on an outpatient basis 5 days a week for 3-4 weeks in a row.

Treatment of metastatic retinoblastoma is quite rare. However, the tumor can metastasize and spread to the brain, central nervous system, bone. In these cases, a systemic chemotherapy through the blood vessels to the brain or within a few months or years after diagnosis of metastatic disease. Currently, innovative medicines are used in Israel, giving excellent results.

The cost of treatment of retinoblastoma in Israel

retinoblastoma treatmentExact prices in Assuta for correction of cancer pathologies of the eye mark difficult. As noted above, the choice of the therapeutic strategy depends on many factors - the child's age, localization of the tumor, the extent of its spread, the disease state of disuse. It anticipates the preparation of a treatment program an exact diagnosis of the state.

It is worth noting that the cost of treatment in Israel is lower than in the US and Europe by 30-40%. This is a substantial amount, so every year here goes more and more patients from all over the world. Technologies and therapies, innovative discoveries and the quality of service here is at a height. View the official prices clinic Assuta can be in the price.

  1. Chemotherapy (session) - $ 1080
  2. Medications - $ 360
  3. Cryotherapy - 3800 $
  4. Hospitalization - $ 600

To clarify what procedures will require you to call or email the clinic.

Pay attention to patient testimonials, revealing the specifics of stay in the medical complex. This will help make the decision. We value your opinion and would be happy if you are after a course of treatment will write about their experiences and leave a review.

Irina Konstantinova B, 37 years old

"When retinoblastoma discovered her daughter, was a shock. As a doctor I know that we can not waste time. They appealed to the Israeli Assuta hospital. Look, there are own practice and operate with the best doctors in Israel. Prices are quite organized . Michaels came to the doctor. In total, Israel was 2 months. Then he returned home. We passed a complex set of procedures. Pobochki certainly were, but doctors have adjusted the program, reducing them. I want to thank the doctors clinic by parents Lizonka B. She feels fine, vision was restored. "


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