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Lymphadenectomy - removal of the lymph nodes in melanoma

lymphadenectomy for melanomaLymphadenectomy - an operation to remove the affected lymph node cancer. Some of them are located near the surface of the body, while the other - deep in the abdominal cavity or around organs such as the heart or liver. Removing lymph nodes in melanoma was performed to resect the tumor, and smote them, and prevent further metastasis.

If the malignant melanoma cells in a sentinel node infiltrated lymph nodes in the axilla, neck or groin area, it can control the spread of cancer to other organs. In these cases, melanoma can be cured by surgery lymphadenectomy in the affected area.

Axillary lymph node dissection - removal of the lymph nodes in melanoma

During surgery under general anesthesia removes all lymph nodes and possible swelling in the armpits. After the operation, apply a local anesthetic to ease discomfort.

There are a number of arteries, veins and nerves that pass through the axilla. Axillary lymph node dissection in melanoma is planned and takes place without damage to these important structures.

They can be resected small axillary nerve - intercostal - during surgery. This causes further numbness in the armpits and on the inner side of the arm, often acquiring a permanent character.

The operation usually takes 60 to 90 minutes. At the end of its active set drainage, the removing excess liquid. Removed tissue is sent for analysis, the outcome of which determines the next stage ofthe treatment of melanoma in Israel .

Femoral-inguinal-iliac lymphadenectomy - operation melanoma

If the tumor has spread to the groin area, is carried out resection of the lymph nodes, as well as in the pelvic area. Both procedures are major surgery requiring general anesthesia. After closure of the wound drainage is set, the removing excess liquid. Within 5-7 days after surgery require bed rest. Used medicines that control pain.

Cervical lymphadenectomy for melanoma

This type of surgery involves removal of the affected lymph nodes in the neck, which is an anatomically complex part of the body. Lymph nodes are starting from the ear, go down on both sides of the neck to the clavicle and placed under the jaw.

The degree of removal will depend on the location of the primary tumor and its metastasis. It can be resected some structures, the surrounding lymph nodes. For example, several small nerves that subsequently able to cause numbness in the neck area, ears, upper chest and back, sometimes acquiring a permanent character.

This is a serious operation in melanoma, which requires general anesthesia. Local anesthetic is also used to relieve the discomfort of surgery completion. After closure of the wound is set two soft surgical drainage of cleaning fluid is drained. Removed tissue is sent to the study, the result of which determines the subsequent stage of treatment.

No single answer as dissection affects the duration of the patient's life. According to some doctors, it definitely helps to get rid of the pain, which cause growing tumors in the lymph nodes. HOWEVER, the complete Removal of the lymph nodes of melanoma in Causes quite serious side effects, one's of the which is lymphedema.

This tissue swelling resulting from lymph node dissection due to interruption or blockade of the lymphatic system. Most often affects an arm or leg, but can also affect other parts of the body such as the chest wall, breast. Only a small proportion of patients it becomes long-term. Early diagnosis and the measures taken to help minimize its impact. Use the correct stockings or sleeves, massage, special exercises, antibiotics and diuretics, special skin care.

The decision to lymphadenectomy for melanoma is not easy. On its adoption is affected by such factors as age, location and thickness of the melanoma, sentinel node biopsy, and other possible treatments. These issues are discussed in detail with your doctor.


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