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Removal of melanoma: surgery, consequences and follow-up treatment

removal of melanomaPhysicians in the clinic Assuta at later stages of the disease, offering surgery as a treatment option, explain the operation target, the potential benefits and risks.

Metastatic melanoma - surgery

If diagnosed with melanoma metastases to distant organs - the brain or the lungs, to cure the disease by means of operation is hardly possible. Even when using CT or MRI reveal one or two secondary chamber, there is a high probability of having smaller that do not display imaging techniques.

When metastatic melanoma apply operations to control the disease, and not cure. Deleting detected metastases prolongs the life of patients and improve the quality of, alleviates the symptoms. Some patients with this type of surgery ensures good health for months and even years.

Removal of melanoma - the consequences

General risks of surgery to remove the melanoma include scarring, bleeding, the probability of infection, skin graft rejection or graft.

One of the serious adverse events in melanoma surgery - lymphadenectomy - is lymphedema, a disease of the lymphatic system. The risks of this surgery include:

  • infection;
  • gray (accumulation of fluid at the surgical site);
  • numbness, tingling and pain in the surgery.

The lymphatic system circulates lymph, here made its purification from bacteria, foreign substances. Operation blocks or interrupts the system, causing swelling as a result of stagnation of this type of connective tissue. In most cases, lymphedema occurs in the limbs, but may appear in the chest wall, the breast.

It is important to identify this negative effect as soon as possible and to take corrective actions. The latter include:

  • the use of compression hosiery;
  • special massage;
  • exercises;
  • To prevent injuries that can cause infection;
  • receiving antibiotics and diuretics.

Reconstructive surgery melanoma in Assuta

Side effects associated with certain types of surgery for melanoma is a change in function of the body, such as nerve damage or even loss of mobility, significant skin scarring.

That's why Assuta Hospital offers the possibility of reconstructive surgery to improve the appearance and health of patients. Plastic surgeons Medical Center are highly skilled in performing recovery operations, including, for skin grafts and plastic skin flaps. However, most patients do not require reconstructive procedures.

  1. skin grafting is used when wide excision leaves a wound is too large to staple the edges. Skin taken from another part of the body (usually from the thigh or buttocks) and used to cover the wound.
  2. Plastic skin grafts suggests involvement of adjacent tissue to a wound for transplantation while maintaining the pedicle, for example, forehead skin is used to cover a wound on the nose. The advantage of this procedure is to match the color and texture of the skin, accelerated healing by maintaining the blood supply.

Melanoma after surgery

Indicator likelihood of recurrence of melanoma varies depending on the stage of the disease from 15 to 70%, it is caused by the penetration depth, the spread of metastasis in the surrounding tissue and organs.

Melanoma treatment in Israelafter the operation in the second and third step is assigned in order to prevent a relapse. It is called adjuvant therapy. Absolute evidence for the efficacy of this treatment is not, so it is carried out within the framework of clinical trials. Applied chemotherapy or biological therapy. The latter involves the use of high doses of interferon in the second stage of disease, but this treatment is accompanied by serious side effects, which can not handle many patients. In addition, it can be recommended for other drugs to reduce recurrence in clinical trials.

In some instances, irradiation is used as adjuvant therapy after surgery for removal of melanoma in lymph nodes.


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