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astrocytoma treatment in Israel

Israel is recognized as a leader in the treatment of brain tumors. More and more people are turning to the services of medicine in this country.

Benefits astrocytoma treatment in Israel:

  • Accurate diagnosis determines the type of tumor, tumor grade and stage of the disease.
  • Excellent quality surgical aid, which consists of skill surgeons, medical infrastructure (hardware) - the application of the microscopic techniques, etc. neuronavigation.
  • Individual approach - with a choice of tactics of therapy the physician has the ability to combine different treatment protocols astrocytomas.

astrocytoma treatment in IsraelNeurosurgeons of Israel, which includes the world's elite, engaged in treatment of brain tumors in Assuta:

  1. Uriel Wald - Head of the Department of Neurosurgery at Assuta Hospital;
  2. Zvi Ram - head of the neurosurgery department at Ichilov;
  3. Shlomi Constantini - Head of the Department of Neurosurgery at Children's Hospital "Dana" and Ichilov.

Prices for treatment of astrocytoma

The cost of therapy will depend on the stage of the disease and of course difficulty. If you wish to be treated in Israel, and you are interested in prices, below is a selected list of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures:

  1. Oncologist Consultation - $ 600
  2. Biopsy - $ 610
  3. Blood tests (biochemical, detailed, coagulation) - $ 80
  4. neurosurgeon Consultation - $ 600
  5. MRI - $ 1470.
  6. Craniotomy - 35800 $.

Find out the exact cost of the treatment of astrocytoma your case, you can apply through the website.

About the disease

Brain and spinal cord make up the central nervous system (CNS). The brain controls various functions of the body, mind, senses, movement and so forth. Messages are sent from the brain through the spinal cord to the rest of the bodies and vice versa.

The cells in the central nervous system in the course of growth follow a certain order. If the process gets out of control, the cells continue to divide and form a tumor that may be benign or malignant. In the first case, the tumor grows in size, but does not extend to other areas, the same malignant invades surrounding tissue and destroys them.

Astrocytomas - the type of glioma that develops in the glial cells that support and protect the neurons (nerve cells in the brain).

Astrocytoma fairly common type tumors, they originate in stellate cells which are called astrocytes and constitute about 70% of highly malignant tumors of the nervous system. Mainly they affect the brain, but sometimes the spinal.

This type of tumors develop at any age. In adults in the cerebral hemispheres and the risk of their occurrence increases with aging. Tumors of the cerebellum mainly occur in children and young people.

The causes of cancer are not known, but research and treatment of astrocytoma in Israel continue.

Graduation brain astrocytoma

When studying the cells under a microscope neoplasms evaluated their appearance, determines the type which gives an idea of ​​how the tumor grows. There are four types depending on the degree of malignancy (1-2 - low, 3-4 - high).

Astrocytoma low-grade grow slowly and do not spread. Astrocytoma 1 degree surgically removed, wherein there is a low probability of relapse. Tumor grade 2 can be resected, but with a higher risk of return.

Astrocytomas High-grade grow rapidly and cover other parts of the brain. After treatment, relapse, so we need further therapy.

Other names for these tumors. Low-grade astrocytomas - pilocytic and diffuse, high - anaplastic astrocytoma and multiform glioblastoma .

Pilocytic astrocytoma grows at a slow speed and often contains cysts. Primarily affects children and young adults. People with neurofibromatosis have an increased risk of developing this type of tumor.

Diffuse astrocytoma is developing at a slow speed, penetrates into the surrounding brain structures and has the potential to become malignant. Observed mostly in young adults. Li-Fraumeni syndrome increases the likelihood of developing this type of tumor. Types of diffuse astrocytoma: fibrillar, gemistotsitarnaya and protoplasmic.

Anaplastic astrocytoma brain - neoplasms III grade. On average, diagnosed in '41.

  • The cells of these tumors are abnormal in appearance, and they are growing fast.
  • Low-grade astrocytoma progresses to anaplastic.
  • Anaplastic astrocytomas have a tendency to progress to glioblastoma.

glioblastoma multiforme

It is a tumor of the 4th grade. Mainly develops in adults is 50-60% of astrocytomas and 12-15% of all brain tumors. Diagnosed in the age group 45-70 years.

  • Cells in these tumors are abnormal in appearance.
  • Glioblastoma multiforme has a tendency to rapid growth and penetration of surrounding tissues.
  • Develops in one place or several at once.

Brain stem glioma

A hotbed of localization is the brain stem, these tumors can be low - and highly malignant, from 1 to 3 degrees. These tumors rarely occur in adults, mainly in the age group of thirty to forty years.

Symptoms of brain astrocytoma

The symptoms of astrocytomasSymptoms of the disease can develop slowly or rapidly, due to the speed of the tumor and its location.

Sometimes the first symptom is a pressure increase. The reason may be a blockage ventricular filling the liquid space of the brain that triggers the accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid. Precipitating factor can be swelling around the tumor. The manifestations of this condition - headaches, nausea (vomiting), blurred vision.

Common symptoms include headaches and seizures (fits).

Other symptoms caused by the brain area:

  • The defeat of the frontal lobe can cause gradual changes in personality, mood, weakness or numbness of one side of the body.
  • The tumor in the temporal area provokes difficulties in the coordination process, speech and memory.
  • Tumors in the parietal lobe can cause weakness, numbness of one side of the body, difficulty with writing.

Diagnosis of brain astrocytoma in Assuta

Doctors figure out the maximum information about the type, position and size of the tumor in order to plan treatment of astrocytoma in Israel. It may be performed several different surveys.

The doctor will make inspection, perform tests, aimed at checking the nervous system - reflexes and strength, sensation in the hands and feet and examines the optic nerve. If it is swollen, it indicates increased pressure in the brain. blood tests will be appointed, whose purpose - to check the overall health of the kidneys work.

CT or MRI of the brain performed to find the exact location and find out the value of the tumor.

CT uses X-rays to create a three-dimensional image of the test body. It can be applied or injected contrast solution, so that certain areas of the body acquired a higher luminance and sharpness. This check takes approximately 30 minutes and is painless.

MRI uses a magnetic field to build a detailed picture of specific areas of the body. In order to improve the image using dye injection. examination duration is about half an hour.

To diagnose this type of cancer usually need a small sample of tissue. A biopsy involves the operation. The neurosurgeon makes a small hole in the skull, and using a thin needle extracts sample. CT accompanies the procedure, the surgeon can see the exact area of ​​the mass. The doctor will explain in detail whether a biopsy is needed in a particular case and conduct some operations assumed.

The process of diagnosing astrocytoma in Israel is about 3-4 days.

astrocytoma treatment in Israel

therapy program will depend on a number of factors:

  • The tumor is slow - or growing, low-grade or high.
  • The values ​​of neoplasms.
  • Its location.
  • The general health of the patient.

a team of doctors (neurosurgeon or neurologist, oncologist, nurses) will plan a treatment program astrocytoma in Israel. The patient explains in detail the goals of therapy, advantages, disadvantages and risks. A mutually accepted solution, which procedures are suitable in this particular situation.

If there is increased intracranial pressure, it is important to reduce it to the beginning of the treatment of astrocytoma in Israel. Assuta doctors prescribe steroids to reduce swelling around the tumor. If the cause is the accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid pressure can be set shunt to remove excess liquid.

The patient signs a consent form that gives permission to start treatment clinic staff.

We consider therapy options for various types of astrocytomas.

Low malignant brain astrocytoma

If this diagnosis is possible during active surveillance, where a doctor monitors the patient's condition and the development of tumors, for this purpose used MRI. As methods of treating these neoplastic activated surgery (both basic and primary method for treating the recurrence), external radiation therapy (to remove any remaining abnormal cells after surgery, with contraindications to surgery, therapy for recurrence).

Anaplastic astrocytoma brain

  1. Surgery. If the operation can be carried out, it is the primary treatment of astrocytoma in Israel, to remove as much tumor as possible. This is followed by radiation therapy with / without chemotherapy.
  2. Radiotherapy. Irradiation is carried out after operation with / without chemotherapy. Either operate as the primary treatment, when surgery is not considered as a variant.
  3. Chemotherapy is used in combination with radiation therapy after surgery. Indicated for the treatment of recurrent anaplastic astrocytoma. More often than prescribed temozolomide (Temodal). Among other drugs noted carmustine, lomustine, cisplatin, procarbazine, vincristine. PCV - - procarbazine (Natulan), lomustine (CCNU) and vincristine (Oncovin) a combination of cytotoxic drugs is often used.

glioblastoma multiforme

Perhaps the use of these therapies.

  1. Surgery. If the operation can be carried out, it becomes a primary treatment removes the maximum amount of tumor. After it may appoint radiotherapy with / without chemotherapy.
  2. External radiation therapy is used after surgery, in combination with or without treatment with cytostatics. If the operation is not considered as an embodiment, the irradiation may be the main treatment.
  3. Chemotherapy is carried out with radiation therapy after surgery. Apply with recurrent glioblastoma multiforme. During surgery for certain indications introducing implant comprising cytostatic carmustine, in a place where the tumor was removed. The most common chemotherapy drugs is temozolomide (Temodal). In the treatment using carmustine, lomustine, cisplatin, procarbazine, vincristine. Often turn to komibinatsii PCV.
  4. Biological therapy for the treatment of glioblastoma multiforme involves bevacizumab (Avastin).

Brain stem glioma

  1. Surgery is used, if the tumor is localized (non-extended). Most of gliomas invade different areas of the brain stem, and they can not be removed by surgery.
  2. Radiation therapy is prescribed, if a person says a lot of symptoms.
  3. Chemotherapy is carried out when the glioma progresses after irradiation.

Consider generally therapies of the disease.

Operations in cerebral astrocytoma

When possible, surgery is the first step in the treatment of astrocytoma in Israel. The purpose of the operation - to remove abnormal tissue without damaging the surrounding brain tissue.

Depending on the size and position of tumors, it is that it is impossible to completely resect the tumor. Then, radiation, and chemotherapy are recommended after surgery.

Astrocytoma of the cerebellum of the first degree is removed during surgery.

Astrocytoma grade 2 can resect. After the operation, regularly conduct an MRI to check for tumor growth.

In astrocytoma grade 3 and 4 are usually administered after surgery radiotherapy and chemotherapy sometimes.

Astrocytoma brain radiation therapy in Assuta

Radiation therapy to destroy abnormal cells uses ionizing radiation. It is often carried out after the operation to remove the remaining tumor cells. Irradiation prescribed as monotherapy for the treatment of astrocytomas in Israel or in combination with chemotherapy, if the operation is not possible.

Side effects of radiotherapy

The doctor will tell in detail about the possible undesirable consequences of treatment. Under the influence of radiation the patient feels tired, and it may take several weeks or longer after its completion. It is important to have a rest. The skin in the treatment area becomes red or darkened, there is itching and hair loss in that area. Usually the hair grow back again after 2-3 months. The nurse will care recommendations for the scalp.

Radiation therapy, which applies to the entire brain, can in the long run provoke some changes in memory and thinking. New ways of radiotherapy at Assuta deliver a higher dose to the tumor and less impact on the surrounding healthy brain tissue.

Chemotherapy brain astrocytoma

Chemotherapy - a method that applies antineoplastic (cytotoxic) drugs to destroy cancer cells. It is prescribed as a monotherapy for the treatment of astrocytomas in Israel or in combination with surgery and radiation therapy.

Chemotherapy drugs enter the body intravenously, orally, and by implanting implants containing cytostatics in the brain. The procedure is performed during the implantation surgery to remove or reduce the tumor. The clinic use Assuta implants Gliadel ®, similar to small plates or disks, in which the chemotherapy drug is carmustine. In a place where a tumor was located to 8 plates. The implant dissolves slowly, gradually releasing the drug. This method is only suitable for patients with high-grade tumors.

Side effects of chemotherapy

The patient explains the doctor, any adverse effects of treatment of astrocytoma brain can be expected. Prescribe medications to reduce certain side effects. The doctor advises that it is necessary to work on the side effects. One of the serious adverse events - risk of infection. Under the influence of cytostatics decreased number of white blood cells that help fight infection. Other side effects will depend on the drugs used and may include nausea, inflammation in the oral cavity, hair loss.

maintenance therapy

Maintenance therapy is used to treat symptoms caused by astrocytoma.

For this purpose is used anticonvulsant drugs (anticonvulsants) that prevent seizures. The most frequently used phenytoin (Dilantin).

Corticosteroids are prescribed to reduce the cerebral edema (fluid accumulation). The most common drug is dexamethasone.


These preparations involve to reduce swelling around the tumor. They improve the condition of the patient. At high intracranial pressure directly prescribe steroids.

Steroids taken in pill form. Some side effects of the medication include: upset stomach, weight gain, anxiety, agitation and sleep disturbance. If you experience other symptoms, it is important to inform your doctor about it. Reduce disorders of the digestive tract can be due to steroid use during meal time. It is important to carry out the doctor's recommendations.

Some patients after treatment need rehabilitation support. Helps physiotherapist, doctor of occupational therapy, speech therapist and a psychologist if necessary. After therapy requires regular inspection.


Alisa, 22 years old

"At age 25, my husband first fell ill, he began to have severe headaches. The hospital of Tomsk he was examined, he was told that there is nothing serious, assigned medication. When that did not work, the doctor sent a CT of the head. It is and showed a large tumor in the brain biopsy before surgery revealed a class II astrocytomas are slow growing neoplasm But he immediately had to be removed, however, surgeons have not agreed -.... partly by insisting that it is necessary to wait for worsening symptoms Allegedly. a tumor that can not be removed. Do not even become a time to lose in this hospital, because every minute was on the bill. Phoned with the Assuta was asked a selection of doctors for the treatment of such problems. In 3 hours got her up. We chose a doctor, read about it . in addition to the Internet to ask - whether great chance to get to it so it happened Cure husband was engaged professor Zvi Ram is the best neurosurgeon, which we believe like himself I remember how the diagnosis before surgery..... We were warned that the operation is complicated. But the fear was absent. What could scare a person more than the fear of death. Viktor removed a tumor. It turned out that it had with the class III, more aggressive. After last 6 weeks of treatment in Israel astrocytoma radiation. Do not forget care clinic doctors, their warm care. After radiation was chemistry, but we survived. I want to thank the doctors Assuta, the entire staff. We went here in the depressed state, but this place is truly magical, a little like a hospital with unhappy patients. Once in the hospital, you know that you are in the best hands that to health within reach and this step will certainly be made. Today, we enjoy each other, raise our daughter, going to live happily ever after! ".


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